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Love of a tree

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Love of a tree
A tree, young, tall and big, the branch and leaf is luxuriant, like enormous green torch, the ones that burnt are warm and lonely.

A tree, it is unable to move, unable to talk, as the faithful son of nature, it never plans to move or betray. A tree has one’s own thoughts, it often feels happy sorrow, happiness of pain.
In the heart of the tree, is hiding a secret publicised, about the love.

How is the love of a tree? Perhaps very special, perhaps very usually, but one point can confirm whom it experience one real love at least, sincere and loyal and steadfast, never consider that is ceasing to be faithful midway. But a serious one is, what it loved is not another tree, but a girl.

What kind of one girl is these, such as well that flowed two times bright eyes, earlobe like the water droplet, small and exquisite nose, goodlooking tooth, dark to send flag wave generally, often have equally sad look of a kind of snow. Since see girls at the first sight, this intelligent tree can’t fall in love with her halting, love dogged stubborn, make it feel one sharp permanent pain often.

This is because the girl has already had a boyfriend.

The girls all reach with her boyfriend under this tree each time, the girls all come under the tree early each time, * waits for the boy’s arrival on tree gently. The tree can feel the girl’s body temperature, smell girl’s on one’s body faint perfume. The tree is so excited as to shiver because of being so close to girls, the leaf gurgles and sounds continuously ——-Certainly the girl will think it was the cause that the wind blew. Then the boy arrives, two people say some words with continuous affection, very unhappy that the tree has been heard, but it has not made noise. The tree loves girls very much, but it understands the true essence of the love, loves her, make her happy. See girl’s happy appearance, the tree has a kind of unusual happiness that fills the air in the heart too.

If is autumn, when the shade is thinner and thinner, the appointment of girl and boy changes to get to the room, tree see girls while being very much difficult. Tree often but serious disease, at midnight wake up, in watery moonlight, a burst of coughs, the yellow leaf of a digitalis has fallen.

Have passed for three years in this way.

Tree remember girl that time come, the sun shine body to reach it yet clearly, the insects are still sleeping soundly. What the girl cried for is very sad, curse boys ceaselessly. There is a kind of wonderful soul reaction between tree and girl ——The tree is known, just last night, the boy boarded the plane to foreign country, leave girl a letter, propose saying good-bye in the letter. See girl’s sad appearance, the regret very much of the tree. Originally the impression on the boy is very good on the tree, handsome general, very kind to the girl, but he betray swearing an cath of enduring fidelity in the past in this way, go, go back. The tree thinks of here, has signed gently, several drops of dewdrop are dripped and fallen down from leaf, like the tear.

The tree was not expected, the girl rowed to one’s own wrist with the sharp razor blade unexpectedly! The red blood is spattered out, such as the peach blossom falling from outer space, shocking. Tree.

The girl has been rescued over finally, leave a thin scar on the left wrist.

Later, the girl left, before leaving, the girl carved one on the tree ” Hate ” Word. Iron plate row body to enter tree, tree feel one silk metal ice-cold and saline taste of rust, blue and green juice flows out, the tree experiences the deep and eternal one pain, the tree is known, it may have no chance to see girls again. See the girl going far gradually, end to having no mark indifferently, the tree thinks that there are iron plates that have been rowed from heart, covered with the scars of cockscomb structures immediately in the heart.

Later, the tree often tells girls to the little grass, the sound of vicissitudes was full of memory to a person.

The tree has not been expected, the girl will also appear once again, in its tired out eyes. The elegance is just the same as before, a bit higher, a bit thinner too, and the tree grows more luxuriant now, countless birds sing among one, full of luckiness in song: Their wings, let the tree have aspiration hovering: The small nest, let the tree strong in the middle school of the trials and hardship. Tree wish eagerly bird come own end of the branch, the tree trembles happily because of the landing of the bird.In fact, on the day that the girl leaves, just because of the company of the bird, the tree is unlikely to feel particularly loneliness. Wish eagerly the bird comes, let one’s own end of the branch have song every tree, even if that sharp and hard beak will peck and ache one’s own heart.

The girl stroked trees on one’s body ” Hate ” The word, and then see the thin purple scar on the wrist, the ones that smiled are a bit miserable and bleak. Scar has already healed, but difficult to wear away, proving that section of really penetrating love.

Girl can in have evening in moonlight often, rest the head on the trunk, is singing the pleasant love song in a low voice. Song is sad, the watery sorrow soaks the heart of the tree, make it dedicated and difficult to sleep. A lot of people getting up early will all find, are covered with the tear stains the leaf of the tree.
It is autumn. Seem extremely sad to fall on the tree which loses the leaf. Winter later, this piece extraordinarily arid cold in winter, tree feel a kind of despair unable, root and heart of it of it stock completely cold in this winter, lay hard branding on it. Snow, afford to float mood of tree. Tree think will it be spring next year, girl will certainly also can come, the faith give tree to be warm one o’clock more or less. The fact proves, this point is warm and essential, good multi-trees are all because arid and cold this winter to die, have not woken up again.
Having had in spring, a too impatient a tree flower in full bloom of tree. Before this, oneself is a tree that can bloom that the tree is not known —–Though it is intelligent, it is unable to understand from that mysterious genetic code of the parent. Glad that the tree can obviously open the flower of this tree for oneself, but it does not know, that flower beautiful is exactly that it moves towards the depleted omen ahead of time.

The girl really comes under the tree again, but the one that came with her is a very fierce man. Set up and does not like him at all. This man’s hair is in a mess, the one that smoked is very fierce, speak the coarse language. In tree’s view, all these are shortcomings that can’t be tolerated. What furthermore made the tree angry is, this man’s rule very in front of the girl, a pair of hateful dirty hand federations touch to girl’s sensitive position consciously or unconsciously, make girl poverty-stricken very much. But the man very sociable, one tree listen to beautiful lie (some lie also beauty at all) ,The girl is very happy when hearing, intoxicated in the happiness of this nihility.

At one night, the drunken man kisses girls rudely, tear the girl’s clothes. The girl is frightened terribly, exert oneself to push the man away. The man is angry, scold a girl hypocritically, say he has heard for a long time the girl and a small white face are well, it is not any good thing early, put the fair maiden in front of him yet. The girl is so angry as to shiver, has made a slap on the face of man ruthlessly, the man has been made crazy, make and return a slap on the face to girls, then stalk off.

Several days, the girl has not appeared, the tree is very anxious.

The girl has stood under the tree for a long time, very patient appearance, does not move at all. The man has come, the girl asks whether he is from loving her wholeheartedly, man says very shamelessly, the woman who he has played has a dozen, how can like girl such a rotten goods. The tree is very angry, shiver all over, the flower has fallen in a place, then the tree sees a blood flame more magnificent yet than the flower, have flown out from the man’s brisket ——The girl injects the sharp dagger his chest. Oneself has been in the heart so low and low as to let that hear the tree.

Corner of the mouth of girl appear one wipe cruel smile, tree see heart a burst of is chilly, then it hears the sound that one’s own heart is broken.

The next day, people find tree flower complete the tomb one night in surprise.

In spring of second year, people find trees without waking up, have not woken up either another tree. The tree is never known, another tree is loving it deeply too, is keeping an eternal hopeless love.
A carpenter cuts down it with the sharp axe, wants to make a set of nobly furniture with it, find tree heart eat insect hollow already, carpenter has to whether own daughter make a small bed with it. The carpenter does not know, his daughter is very like the girl.

The hopeless love of a tree makes people dispirited
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