Have that lay before worrying about the sorrow of parting

Have that lay before worrying about the sorrow of parting
The friend is entered after autumn to leave this city, just a few days ago.

She spreads the flash and tells me that will leave the city of more than nearly 30 years of this her life, arrive to another strange city, let me help her to make the matters which pay attention to the house. I stare at flash, know, go back anything, answer a word conveniently: OK The ones that unloaded for one day are busy, see the flash carefully, one feels sad and rises of itself, another friend has walked from my side, I am busy with dialing the telephone and making an appointment to have a meal for her, very strange, know for many years, joke each other, but in the night, there is no laugh in the past again in not laughing always, having a chat about she, I, having our friendship, the air is a bit deep.

Next day, whether I ask that need to send off, she needn’t give to speak, it is more unwilling to leave that someone gives to me. Words this like this autumn has set in it general, have cool feeling, bottom of heart to touch me. I know she wants to carry some things and leave, I have made dash for her, after opening the door, she silent to sit in there, I have language, I feel and kinds of things of one that can’t speak form attack suddenly, I think that shouts before worrying about. Wonder who has broken the quiet air first, no one goes to mention that heaviness of departure.

I have never been at the railway station newly constructed, resume and have a look, so magnificent, the grand one stands on the large level land, it was lonely, lonely but I saw itI like platform of train, it can obliterate, shed by everything at the moment us in twinkling of an eye, do not give us thin taking leave of. A lot of persons on the square, wait to get on the bus the place which they should go, send the expression in one’s eyes that other people do not give up off. Too much, too much, I am a bit dizzy, so many contents are packed with my eyes in eyes, I am unable to understand.

Will get on the bus, I have no a word to say, the curling up of smog makes me fuzzy. Some things are soul that can occupy you in the twinkling of an eye, can touch your nerve in the twinkling of an eye, whom train start in a flash, I understand friend go from me far soon, I tell her to push the window open, but can not take out of the mouth, she leans out the head, I have thumbed up to her, she has held the fist, unwilling to put down for a long time. The car has raised speed, the wind has lifted my clothing angle, she disappears in my visual field, I leaving tears quietly, walking quietly at platform, who accompany me buy drunk in night when I am sad? Who listens attentively to when I need to pour out?

Go out of the platform towing the heavy step, the poor and messy mood so as to be calm to smoke to sit down. In this busy and real environment, how long have not all of us contacted the friend? Even one simple greeting wait, become luxurious, we give friend the word too many pretexts and excuses, perhaps there is one day like today, we find the friend leaves us, we remember, I had this friend originally! We are due to friends, we need the friend, a cup of black tea, several sentences of truth, it has been already enough.

Not far from station, there is my friend, I have called them, for a moment, they will come over, I say the friend has left, they say: Pack up your heart apt to be sentimental. I say if you have left one day, I can never see you off. The friends all smile, then make an appointment and have supper, leave each.

Sea wind very heavy, I should this from worry the sorrow of parting leave out, into wind, go get place that it should go.


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