I have lost the love

I have lost the love
In the bustling with activity crowd, but without place that my sight freezes, the old one lives a long life together, young billing and cooing, company in extremely lonely shade that I am elongated only with oneself by the street lamp, the one terrified and unable to carry on even for a single day gallops at all speed among the crowds.

With the tender years of the game unruly, I have ever injured fragile hearts of so many girls, bitter cry that the people loving I and me to love are all injured in my so-called individual character and responsible attitude letting the hair down. A deep one remember, have pieces of girl, in one my resolute and decisive saying and saying good-bye under love for month of beginning, the girl asks me the reason painfully, but I can not answer; I deep to remember girl that fall in love at first sight until telephone complain to me tearfully eve in wife for people soon: I still love you, but I hate that extremely sad sound of complaining tearfully of yours even more; I hold her child’s scene for me to see for mothers of people’s woman after still remembering many years, there is a word of my name in the child’s name, she tells me; After being old, I will tell our thing to him, I say you can take me and educate your son as the negative example which serves as a lesson, tell him how irresponsible man is I in young time. She smiles but in silence. At night, she gives me a flash: You are a good person. In short, four word, let I tears wet pillow towel, sleep one night.

Talk about young people and does not understand the love at all. Not that I think. We were only the love that simple needs were simple at that time, billed and cooed, amidst flowers and in the moonlight, a solemn pledge of love, thought that there was the whole world,that was so bright and pure and simple one-sided wish. Known their sour and astringent bitterness of centre and cruel helplessness that reveal by the love road which is paved with thistles and thorns! It is I that give up, or give up, give up because I love you perhaps because I feel negligible because of fearing responsibility perhaps. All if the cigarette is dissipated, each have homes, but I still pray in the heart quietly your pardon. For this reason, even this computer of mine still lets friends apply for and chat tools blindly, leave on it: Love people of me and people that I love just the same as before in I ”  The deep one loves you ”  ,You still good of bottom of heart. Many years ago, I injured you, lost you.

Self- to separate, I never pray for your pardon, however, you forgive me at the time of our coincidence connection when the identity is changed many years later, there is more or less memory to that time once passing by together to banter more or less, the ones that let me fell too ashamed to show one’s face were less than my animosity correctly in view of your body, I mean habits and acquired characteristics you go animosity so that year, I have what qualification go animosity those deceive I, utilize people of me ever? I learnt from then on tolerantly. Thanks, person that I once loved deeply and person of I of love, it was you that brought happiness to me in the past, now, it is understanding that you made me clear, treasure for now.

In 2008, I lose me again and is regarded as the last love by oneself. I thought I wanted to collapse, I thought I will be as decadent as before. The changes of affairs of human life, time brings great changes to the world, time of half a lifetime, half a lifetime accident, now, everything is so dull. Roll that I submit to already contract in palm of god of destiny, accept one’s fate unwilling to open eyes, think these love, only when unfolding the body once in a while, with the hoarse song behind being drunk of the friend of Third Five-Year Plan Period, sing, have one’s mind filled with, feel ashamed and regretful, sing sad helplessness to the limit, sing, reach eyes are blurred by tears. After wine wake up, very hollow, a sound of sighs!

I catch one tears and let it fall into sea, then I go around in salty astringent sea looking for lost tearing all day, carefulness and carefulness so looked for, but does not know the tear is in that corner, I chock water debarks, place soul for the large sea.

I have lost the love, look for earnestly, but already been out.


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