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Joke with man and woman

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Joke with man and woman
The man was done by the mashed, the woman is that water is made, so the present society seems to be men are afraid there are many women, because the mud has broken up once seeing water.
The women all like being a bride, but fear to be a bride. Because the woman will turn from a girl into a woman overnight after becoming a bride, will be become into a maid servant by the woman one month later.
The woman is of very bad temper and very small too, but it is directly proportional to her love with the man forever.
It is not your fault that the woman is plain, so long as there are makings of style of conversation that still have superstrong glamour; If the woman is born with poorly, the intelligence and wisdom is a sum of considerable wealth. To the woman, so long as willing that always can become a good woman.
Man hope, marry beautiful woman always, woman hope, marry, have social status have money have the right and distinguished and admirable Ti man of Tang always. But the truth of the world is, most women are plain, most men distinguished and admirable either Ti Tang.
In man’s life, there is woman’s life that can’t live calmly, but not woman’s life can’t pass happily.
The woman always likes men to kiss her in public place, in order to reveal the man loves her, but always hope others guard this personal secrets that are not personal secrets for her.
The woman, just like water for man, without her, . the man will be extremely thirsty; Seeking her, the man will be drowned.
The poor woman raises pigs, the rich woman raises dogs; The poor man goes to the field and plants the rice, rich man’s flowerpot grows grass.
Man think wife when poor, study in lover after being rich. The woman thinks of the small white face after thinking when poor the rich old man is rich.
Man’s wife and concurrently secretary when poor, secretary and concurrently wife after being rich. Woman’s husband and concurrently old father when poor, husband and concurrently grandson after being rich.
The woman always hopes that will lose the pie in the sky, does not carve and is not fermenting groundless extravagant hope and fictitious desire when they will not have.
The woman has not wanted to eat sometimes, once stick to hand and want to get rid of getting rid of really just like the bubble gum.
The woman is the man’s decimal point, she marks in life where to influence the man directly. If K’ua Fu has a good woman as the companion, it is unlikely to swell with preposterous self-importance to dying day by day.
Man have, behind the woman, think it is happiness fast for day not to live, like thrown into jail.
The man is a man in front of the weak woman, ” the big number of people ” that glistening The front is that it is difficult for a man.
The women are all good at illusion, the place that the foot can’t be reached, eyes can arrive at full speed; Place that eye can’t arrive, the heart can surmount and arrive.
One know but love own woman chatter man love she always only.
A woman often likes showing off anything, proves what her heart lacks.
The man can not always meet the most loved woman all one’s life, when meeting the most loved woman but can’t get married, meet loved woman most get married, this man most proud reason that good at most to play with extramarital affair.
Even woman’s feature is worse, when the man love her, she is a flower and a piece of uncut jade jade; Even if woman’s feature is better, when the man does not love her, she is just a withered grass and a pile of haphazard stones, even a pile of discredited dog’s dung.
The man looks for the wife like the archaeological studies, the longer times are, the more costly times are; The man looks for the lover and wears the clothes, the shorter time is, the more novel time is.
The woman thought once seeing and riding the man of the white horse it was a prince, hardly realized he was elm hang-up Tang Monk; The man thought once seeing and having the woman of wings it was an angel, hardly realized she was the bird people unfamiliar with affairs of human life.
The feeling that imposes in wife’s hands is always better than being deceived by the lover, the former is sad at most, and the latter is not only sad but also injures the money.
The woman often claims that will stand up and ask liberating, the man often says with feeling that it is difficult to want the well-to-do level to become a man.
Seldom the desperate man to life, but desperate men of a lot of pairs of women.
If time can flow backwards, half a man of general wants to become women generation, because the woman can never go hungry after having cheek and stature beautiful.
Only the single man in the past, there are single women too now. The single woman is not a fault, just have no chance to miss.
The man is that the sand is the cement sometimes sometimes, the woman is water playing a chemical role. When the woman is attractive to the man, the man is the cement, water washes the cement to solidify tighter and tighter; Without appeal, man sand, water wash sand come loose in woman to man.
The man is either born or the talent, it is a talent to only succeed, failing or fool.
The woman is either born or the stupid pig, is only a stupid pig in front of the husband, is princesses in front of parents.
The man likes being a powerhouse, but not so dead; The woman likes being the weak, but does not get good work.
Woman valuable belongings hymen the most, because someone want broken it must produce high price; Man valuable belongings heavy most, it go out, make trouble, consume money soon.
It is like enter restaurant order as friend not to let man woman,etc. whether the dishes one’s owns finish if settling, envy dish where friend order have the fine always.
Crack down on the fake and crack down on the fake, but does not always see the husband cracking down on the fake of the wife cracking down on the fake.
The more comfortably the wine that needn’t spend money drunk; The woman that needn’t take good care of plays and stands up the more smoothly; The less need respected young lady’s bubbles to think yet after finishing.
Marry a good woman, the paradise as above that you will be very happy; Will marry pieces of bad woman, you very quiet strongly fragrant hell the following.
If woman keep restrained to promise man, man will afford to think; If the woman likes a man’s giving the body to him easily to the limit, the man knows to think a little of women cheap, even think she is the low-down goods.
The man is always the progress in corrupting in the officialdom, the corruption in progressing.
The woman seems unusually clever while the man accompanies her to go shopping, see fruits will be said: ” hungry ”  ,See beverages will be said: ” the mouth is thirsty ”  ,See beautiful clothes will be said: ” the foot can’t walk any longer ”  .
The man can’t bring the woman into the grave, but the woman can send the man to the grave.
Many men are what kind of wine all dare to drink now, what kind of money dares the flower, what kind of car all dare to sit, what kind of house all dare to live, what kind of woman all dare to use.
Man to in high-ranking official bow view to be head confused to woman, view eyes flower in the far distance, it is not weak to dabble the foot, it is not messy to cease to be faithful in the place.
The money that the man made an investment in love has nothing to do with the dowry, but involved in future emotion.
Man should marry wife realistic some, because you can marry, get you think perfect woman forever, if you can be married to, then your wife must think you not perfect enough.
Just like the onion head between man and woman, you shell down, will always have slices while making you shed tears.
The persons who fail in love are in pain extremely because the other side’s heart has already been taken back, one’s own heart can not still get in the original place back forever.
The woman getting married might not have given birth to the child, the woman who grows the child might not have got married; Man in father might not participate in, make child, participate in man to make child might not my father of child.
The money can be bought woman’s good mood at that time, but the one that bought and did not go back the woman was wholehearted.
Less than which well many marriages turn better to go now, and stand up badly all with the slightest effort.
A lot of men find diligently all one’s life: He has not got beauties, it is the beauty that has got him. What he has not got is the appearance like the woman Xishi, but it is the mercy like a woman Bodhisattva to get.
It is for the love that the glamour woman hands over to men; It is for showing off that the man hands over to the woman beautiful.
Men and women ten secret agent support last quarrel can understand the other side directly either, because only by quarrelling over both sides can it do not release one’s own deficiency keeping at all.
Bring one’s own wife go shopping, can meet one acquaintance even one day, bring own lover go shopping, will run into several old acquaintances in the first minute.
The woman’s imagination far exceeds men, the present that she wants exceeds what you can bear forever; If you can bear, then the thing which she wants must be known and exceeded what you can imagine.
When a couple began to cheat, they fell in love; When they can be sincere each other at last, they divorce.
Man steal one heart of woman to make extramarital affair whether gluttonous cat take, smell of fish outside, it is engaged in women’s work, psychological research to steal a lot of women’s heart.
The cold one is eaten urgently, unably to sample its taste carefully; Having let the woman walk together fast, the real emotion between very difficult cultivation.
Man pieces of brick, where need piece where bed move right away; Woman drip, where need, quench one’s thirst where does it shed.
The man is the animal spending money innately, under which women’s red-skirt to no matter prostrate oneself, not only it takes the wounded one’s own money earned by hard toil to injure the body wounded and precise yet.
The woman is the machine making money innately, no matter it is an old man or young man to run into, not only must enjoy distinguished and admirably and must compensate.
Unless man for people, for people in woman,why between difference the getting getting more heavy more so?


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