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Love of two fireworks

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Love of two fireworks
He and she, is two fireworks.

They crowd in a case with other varicoloured flowers, have one’s own anxiety each.

He, does not fall over each other to crowd forward like other fireworks, wants to show one’s own beauty in the night sky. He thinks, after the transient splendour, the paper tube that only has one left to burn tatteredly, does not know and leave there, who can remember oneself again? Then, when other fireworks are crowded to the hand, he always sinks and sinks, sink again.

She, has been observing him, she notices he is out of the common from the beginning. Gradually, she is fascinated by him, has been attracted by self- that kind of calm one of hers. Then, each time when someone fetches the fireworks, she will avoid that hand, and to the drawing close bit by bit at one’s side of him, until lying with him in the bottom of the case shoulder to shoulder.

But she, wholehearted, confined by the thick coat, it is unable to tell one’s own worry to the other side.
In this way, two fireworks lean together quietly, experience the other side’s temperature, say no word.
Will not know a lot of days, perhaps to mankind, just one festival is so long, and to two fireworks, specially for her, seem to be so long all one’s life. She remembers a word heard: The remotest distance in the world, not because grow and die, but I stand in front of you, but you do not know I love you  . ?

In fact, he has noticed her too, and her nearer and nearer health. However, he thinks: How about can having? He can give nothing to her. Then, he put and did nothing to see, even moved bodies away some of.

At last, she was unable to stand such a day again, on an ordinary day, she has made a decision: People’s few oneself, tell him that she loves him with the life, then disappear from his life forever.
Then, at such a sunny one night, a lot of people saw a piece of fireworks is being lighted, spend, burst forth generally among night sky. Certainly, that is her ~~~~She show one’s own beauty to him hard, flower open first and one, and announce her emotion to the whole world loudly ~~~~Can say loudly at last, she felt as if relieved of a heavy load.
He looked at her, can promote her, suddenly thought hollow heart around hollow. Yes, is the meaning in which the fireworks exist to burst forth? Can burn together with loved person, do not wait to live in a fool’s paradise more meaningful in the bottom of the case than forever?

Thinking of here him has one kind of feelings of freeing too, then he flies to the night sky, respond her with the likewise loud sound, respond her with the flower likewise beautiful. Two fireworks in full bloom, petals cross each other, embrace in the black night sky each other, the world around seems not to exist, only the splendour of the love is being burnt.

At that moment, have one young lover lift hair at the same time on the ground whom them illuminate in sky, the boy points to the sky joyfully: | Look at, what beautiful fireworks it is! The girl nestles by the boy, which child ‘s shoulder to depend on the head, two people ten mean and deduct.

They all hope to become eternity in a moment.
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