Levi’s campaign

The latest Levi’s campaign to re-brand the dying apparel company leaves us frustrated and a little angry. A campaign by Plate Heat ExchangerWieden+Kennedy that was supposed to target Generation O seems to have ignored all the participation and multi-culturalism that this Obama-era is supposed to represent. The clothes have zero durability and fail, season after season, to evolve beyond A&F’s bland aesthetic. The marketing campaigns, which at  their best were emptily provocative, have changed even less. They’ve gone beyond desensitizing us to naked torsos; they’ve actually made them boring. And the company, loathe to tarnish its air of exclusiveness, openly resists markdowns. You have to ask yourself: If the recession doesn’t weed out a retail brand like this, what will it cut down?Instead, we find lone white young men and women running through the hills and towards waves reflecting a misplaced interpretation of freedom.

Probably the most appalling ad in the campaign is the one where a young girl runs through a meadow by the words “This Country Was Not Built By Men In Suits”. Abercrombie and FitchNow, some of us here (me) didn’t spend a lot of time studying US history but I know that the people who built this country couldn’t even run freely in the fields. Agency Spy spotted graffiti daubed on the ad in New York’s subway  which spells out who a little more clearly: “By Slaves”.But Dean’s story, beyond inciting moral fury, gets to the heart of why A&F is no longer viable in the long term: it has battered itself into irrelevance. Levi’s and its campaign don’t connect with the great things that are happening in this  country, the radiant mix of cultures evolving within it nor the reality of its past.                          hezuohuoban tianhuangdilao

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