Spot Boiler Rooms

The North American Securities Administrators Association management estimates that unwary investors lose billions a year to investment fraud. Self-employmentcompany formation scams and high-tech schemes are among investments most recently heavily promoted by online. This tip sheet is designed to provide investors with self-defense tactics to fight off the promotion of investment scams by “boiler rooms,” the high-pressure phone sales operations from which sales people call to promote abusive and fraudulent deals.
Shaw Capital tips on Boiler Rooms and How to Spot a “Boiler Room” Scam and fraud:
High-pressure sales tactics. Salesmen and the management may make repeated calls and even become abusive, questioning, for example, the intelligence of anyone who would pass up such a “sure thing.”
Demilitarize Jammu Kashmir and Surrender Sovereignty to Kashmiris!

India’s terror advantage in continued occupation of Jammu Kashmir stems from the presence of an “elected”singapore company formation puppet government in JK which is not allowed to wage a freedom struggle or join the JK main stream movement, of course by New Delhi (or nuclear Delhi) bosses. In stead of leading the freedom struggle, these pro-India people depend entire on the so-called “separatists” for leading the banner of sovereignty struggle. This peculiar, rather hypocritical situation created by pro-India elements has been used extensively by New Delhi to pursue its own agenda in the UN and world at large and has made success, notwithstanding a favorable world opinion in support of the JK freedom struggle.

Whenever a foreign dignitary visits New Delhi, Indian leaders shamelessly force them to support Indian cause in notorious UNSC and brute occupation of JK. Indians bluff that Kashmiris are Indians and they don’t want to go to Pakistan. Indians do not even know that occupied JK is not in Pakistan. When US Obama visited Delhi, the regime had presented Hindu leaders from Jammu and select pro-India Kashmiri leader to prove that Kashmiris are with India and they support and promote Indian occupation and genocides. In fact Indian strategists and highly paid lobbyists around the world could manipulate election of Asian countries to elect a terror Indian to quench its fanatic desires for the notorious UNSC.

A key failure of both Palestine and Kashmir freedom struggles for sovereign states to defend themselves from the terror attacks and massacres of the Indo-Israeli terror occupiers is a deliberate disunity among the peopleoffshore company formation themselves. While the Fatah group is pro-West, the struggle of the Hamas faction to get rid of Zionist occupation and holocaust operation is not really gaining momentum since Israelis have upper hand because they occupy, because they have solid weapons, because they have created blockades around Palestine, denying even the minimum life to the Palestinians, because the both Fatah and Hamas have not realized their folly in continued animosity even in the face of continued Zionist massacres.

Similarly, some freedom groups led by Hurryiet continue to struggle for freedom while the pro-Indian elements are offering Indian occupiers enough scope for illegal occupation and genocides of patriotic Kashmiris by holding bogus polls by unleashing military tactics. Both Palestinians and Kashmiris are being controlled by forces that do not want to let the Kashmiris and Palestinians establish their independent nations and live freely like human beings w with dignity. Fatah and pro-India groups are guilty of deceptive politics, as much as Israeli and Indians are guilty of massacres of Muslims. Can so many freedom groups with their own minor agendas succeed in forcing power regimes to surrender sovereignty?

Bulks of Indians are made to believe through vicious media campaigns that Jammu Kashmir was a part of Pakistan which India had invaded in 1947, skillfully annexed and brutally occupied, killing Muslims there in a sustained manner.virtual office Now the Indian paid terrorists in secular-democracy uniform kill the Pakistanis, and not exactly Kashmiris. This false hood is similar to US killing Afghans, Pakistanis and Iraqis as “terrorists”. When Kashmiris from the other side of divided Jammu Kashmir come to India occupied JK, India intelligence and their media blast the news that “Pakistani terrorists” have sneaked into “Indian Kashmir”. This is indeed ridiculous and false. India was almost sure that Pakistan would retain the part of JK it got from the war and let India continue to occupy JK. Whose lands and who shares and occupies brutally?

India is also keen to escape any possible punishment for the massacres and destructions in JK. After annexing Jammu Kashmir, Indian leaders changed the nomenclature of the nation by making it Jammu and Kashmir. That was a political gimmick played by Indian with support form British masters. So long as Kashmiris accept the Indian notion Jammu and Kashmir, they also accept the fact that there was never a united Jammu Kashmir. All Pakistani and pro-Pakistani people in JK seem to accept the division by calling J&K, instead of JK. terbbgju hkoythfn hrtedjnfdujtru

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