information supporting

All applicants must address each selection criteria detailed below with specific and Hong Kong ba marketingcomprehensive information supporting each item.

Master’s degree in public health, health policy, business, public administration or related field.

Minimum 5 years’ relevant professional experience to HSS and especially human resources for health, project management and administration

Strong English writing, research,Hong Kong Human Resource Management specialist
and presentation skills required and general professional proficiency to speak and read French preferred.

Required expert knowledge of current health systems strengthening issues and interventions as well as in-depth knowledge of human resources for health programs,Hong Kong Training specialist policies, regulations and precedents applicable to development and administration of national/international public health program. A detailed knowledge of GOR health care system and structures including familiarity with MINISANTE policies, program priorities and regulations is also required.

Strong oral and written communications skills to develop and maintain effective, sustainable working relationships with national and international working partners. Hong Kong management and marketingAbility to analyze, understand and discuss new program design, management and implementation approaches, including the development of evaluation designs, use of reliable and valid instruments, and methods for data collection, analysis and reports.

Proficiency with Microsoft Office Tools, especially Word, Excel and Outlook.

The square didn’t act against a Labor Standards Law~do not believe you can beat to ask…(The management will say like this)

During the period of working company Hong Kong Bachelor of business administration (Honours) in marketingusually the top brass work(make a mistake) writes some things that the writing describes

(The title of each company is different)that is also the counter of management~

Some company inside, use management means to force employee to automatically quit of means

Even make the illegal solution attended to look like legal!

Is also draw up file data~let an Hong Kong Business Administration in marketingemployee look like work performance badly,

BE consequently attended to by”proper” solution

If the employee puts forth claim, this data to the company help very greatly!

No matter you physically work to up do have much good

The companies all have enough many of’file data”let you have a liking for

Go to be like heel originally have no at work similar

If all these haven’t forced the employee of walking,

Company now can dismissing of opposite security employee

And don’t need to worry to be subjected to latent lawsuit threat

Want  you only to silently plate heat exchangerwalk person~these companies just will not take care of if aren’t you good to their impression!

The law controls to can not obstruct some company protection self-interests, either

But if can make the employee automatically quit is that they want most !

The company tells you the reason that invites you to walk to isn’t true!

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