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Designing a style is low:Although the decoration in China processes already at present through had equal level and ability, , the Kui of local and excellent jewelry designer lacks and becomes another important factor that the baffling Chinese pearl brand heads for world.Chinese geology university vice- director in the college of jewelry allows into the Doctor thinks, one of the Chinese pearl profession production value low main reasons is product design Be tended to similar, the product form is almost identical, therefore the price is cheap and difficult to ascend the hall of big friendship.The Chinese pearl profession wants to get away from the situation of cheap product deluge, but begs a development, have to take out to have personal status, have a creativity, high quality of exquisite article.

Is an excellent jewelry jewelry designer, not only want to acquaint with the production line of jewelry jewelry, even need uncommon design principle and superb design level, not only want to be familiar with history cultural content of pearl, also need to cater to a market, creative principle, the mental need of thorough research consumer, on the other hand beg to take to”revive old customs” from culture precipitate of magic power with faraway, also want to take orders the spirit of “subversion tradition” on the other hand, marry the chemical element of connecting the vogue, give to revive old customs with the interesting imagination dint outside of new meaning, but guide current.However have the jewelry the designer’s profession and intelligence, then can create the biggest value combination.

The brand is worth of low:Chinese pearl of so appeared the strange phenomenon that”one basket one basket” full avenue sells, the its important reason still lay in the brand affixture that we can give it the value is too low and didn’t go deep into exhumation and refine pearl culture, and carry on the brand programming of science, how study the consumer’s mental desire, infuse into “innate intelligence” brand chemical element for pearl, have become urgent matter of the moment.

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“Five low phenomenons”s cause “the bright pearl loses Hui”

Make Chinese pearl low(file), Lian(price), old(spirit), over(be suffused with) main reason, we can induce for”five low phenomenons”s, namely:The product quality is low, the design style is low, the brand be worth of low, creative the ability is low, management the visual field is low.Go before it’s lame to are mutually accompanying with this”five low phenomenons”s in, what we hear is majority of local pearl business enterprises to keep the realistic portrayal of shouting”the profits requites low” today.

The product quality is low:Chinese pearl although yield Gao, the production value is low and result in this phenomenon of the direct reason lie in, in the pearl farming, the parts of pearl business enterprise executive and bead agriculture can make profit a benefit for the sake of quickly pursuing short date, the cost of the unilateral consideration shell seedling is cheap, but neglects a superior quality to grow the production of the seedling and the seed selection of the good species and resulted in pearl farming the close relative breed serious, grow quality degeneration early Shuai, the female shell grows slowly and lives dint and weakens, death rate Gao, the bead grain is small bad with bead quality.In the meantime, the super density farming of majority of farm waters, the place is aging, the ecoenvironment is worsen and also made the bead shell absorbed not enough, the death rate is high, the pearl quality is bad.And the big part planted pit personnel to once haven’t yet strict training, plant a pit to contain lowly technique, is also make a bead led low discards bead many important factors with, with the result that very parts of pearls could not reach international standard and become Chinese check and supervision pearl Be made final bid to a direct factor of international market.

To develop Chinese pearl jewelry have to commence from the source head, the farm of carefully selected high-quality fluid matter, control farming scale, carry on a professional and good enough training to the worker of farming, teach a shell towards putting a pit, and open bead etc. the work preface draw up strict standard, according to international usual practice strict pair of quality pass.

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