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water hydration

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

How to repair water hydration

Hard wash face, if in the daytime make up will first and hard unload a makeup to hard wash face again.Homework that will in earnest do hydration after.Can spread one to hydrate an emergency mask, if feel that the skin is very dry, can before hydrating an emergency mask clap great skin water combine up hydrate essence, so the effect is a little bit better.The emergency mask can massage for skin after, acceleration blood circulation and metabolism, after again paint to hydrate the best cream in effect.We all probably know, skin in the nighttime absorbs nutrient effect is the best, therefore the nursing in evening wants to hard do, uses much somely possibly and makes the skin absorbed nourishment and humidity more.

There are 0.5 premium on currencies running off from the skin surface every day

Our body’s 70%ly constituting part is water, the containing of the most outside layer periostracum amount of water usually only 15%.Generally speaking, the body will have every day 0.5 rise of the humidity run off from the skin surface, in winter or the aridity windy environment in autumn in may attain 0.8~1 rise.

A day 1.5 rise the amount of drinking maintenance body to revolve

We only drink to 8 glass waters every day, so 1.5 rise or so amount of water then can attain to maintain normal body of the standard needed.

Water can regulate hormone inside the body to secrete

If your body environment aridity is short of water, will release a more pressure hormone inside the body at this time and make the pimple circumstance more added severity, water can help to regulate the hormone in the body to secrete this time, equilibrium body function, much drinking water more can alleviate a sudden pimple phenomenon.

Come in spring, in in winter thinking of the previous chill that necessarily not a few mms all have a little ennui, for example feel that doing an emergency mask is very cold.Now can move care once beautiful muscle, need not worry, 6 greatly protect a skin to use technique can help your skin to become water delicate transparent.Below follow a small plait to see together.

The usage of noodles frost has been already paid attention to:

We all know that noodles frost is a cent sooner or later of, is also say that use in the daytime of noodles frost use with evening of noodles frost completely can not reverse and imply the effect of hydration more in noodles frost in daytime, while noodles frost in nighttime then regards repair and maintenance type as principle.

Endanger the biggest cosmetics:

Carefully use foundation cream, we all know many foundation creams all have a lead content, so will not only hurt our skins, but also also make it continuously obscure next go, so must choose that the big brand implies natural composition while choosing foundation cream.Be just unlikely like this is beautifully throwing health again in the meantime.

Protect a skin article most worthlessly:

Various water water.Great skin water, soft skin water, delicate skin water, bright skin water, the astringents etc. is various water, the composition is basic consistent, is all distilled water of above 95%, 5% leaving is alcohol and spice, the mixture of dye.As for inside for commitment of the effect is real effective of the composition has how much, only the manufacturer just know.

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Tax maybe cut for small cars

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

OWNERS of vehicles with engine capacity below 2.0 liters would pay less vehicle tax under a draft law discussed at a meeting of the Standing Committee of China’s top legislature in Beijing yesterday.

    According to the draft law, taxes on vehicles with engines smaller than 2.0 liters — which account for 87 percent of China’s cars — would be reduced and vehicle owners would have to submit tax certificates to qualify for a road-worthy certificate.

    The tax rates for cars with engines between 1.0 and 1.6 liters would be reduced to between 300 yuan (US$45) and 540 yuan a year from the present 360-660 yuan, while the tax on cars with engine capacity between 1.6 and 2.0 liters would be lowered to between 360 yuan and 660 yuan from the present 660-960 yuan, according to the draft. Taxes for cars with engine capacity below 1.0 liter would remain unchanged at between 60 and 360 yuan.

    The draft law would also impose a yacht tax according to the length of the vessel.

    The revision is aimed at standardizing taxation, and promoting environmental awareness and energy efficiency, lawmakers said. China’s 199 million vehicles are now subject only to a regulation on vehicle and vessel tax that took effect in 2007.

    During the session, lawmakers will also read an amendment to the Criminal Law and a new law on intangible cultural heritage protection.

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disappear for 32 years

Friday, February 18th, 2011

The American buys a bread to disappear for 32 years
Man Huo Di Si Wu in New York, the United States leaves its on July 25, 1969 the dwelling of area in Wu Brooklyn, originally is prepared to left for to purchase a bread, but he unexpectedly would just return in home in 32 years!

According to the ocean net report way, what to hard to understand BE, he doesn’t remember at these more than 30 years at all, the  once went to which places, he was as well hard to believe leisurely long the years like this and lightly once floated, he still thinks the Ni gram is lousy to is still American president and Vietnam to still fight, debarkation the moon was still news.When now already the year the Huo with 57-year-old Di Si again returns to originally live of stone house, the new inhabitant spent a few host whom the hours just persuade him to be no longer this house.

Expert also to the disappearance affairs of Huo Di Si 100 think not get its solution, the police of full-time processing this case catatonia expert said, Huo Di Si of nearby none of persons clear he these in the last yearses actually went to very a  place, the police once carried on to him many mental test, affirm he didn’t fabricate his own situation, even if make him get into hypnosis, he can not speak he to once arrive where, once did some matters of Shi  be as homing as how to return.But, Huo Di the individual case of the Si in more difference usually of place BE, the clothes that he wear while going home, while unexpectedly being his many year agos to leave home the Zhao worn, he even still takes a bread to arrive family, this bread with it that year leave home the homology for buying wanted.The year was only 25 years old when Huo Di Si disappeared and left wife and two young kids, after he disappear, it wife’s time looked for him not to get, after 12 years, its wife declared he has been already died on the law and connected Zhao then digamous.

The Huo Di Si sees after a rightness of the sons and daughters who has already grown up an adult now, and is hard to believe in the moment is a rightness of kid whom he leaves home, he says:”I blundered away to witness the opportunity that they grow up, this was to make the person feel most sorry.”

This seeming is suggesting people of this world, another timespace really exists, and this is the explanation of unique reasonable.

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BE sentenced

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Wu Shu curiosa month wear the stripe to take Xing
BE sentenced for 17 years and 6 months, start taking Xing on the 18th of this month
Prosecutors’ office in Kaohsiung sent out notification recently and requested wife Chen Shui Bian3 , Wu Shu Zhen, to appear at court to keep to execute criminal a period on the 18th, Wu Shu Zhen because Long Tan bought a ground of etc. corruption be sentenced for 17 years and 6 months.According to know, then she will be sent to jail in Taichung to attach to establish the Pei virtuous hospital to take Xing.

In December, last year, the Taiwanese superior court makes to Wu Shu Zhen and carries out for 17 years the verdict of 6 month imprisonment for a specific terms, but Gao Jian Shu3 in Taiwan and prosecutors’ office decision in Taipei, because Wu Shu Zhen’s body the condition isn’t quite right and send to its jail in Taichung to attach to establish the Pei virtuous hospital to take Xing, from prosecutors’ office performance in Kaohsiung.According to understanding, the Pei virtuous hospital has already collected various circumstance of Wu Shu Zhen’s body condition, and work well to let her the measure of”smooth Xing”.

According to know, after living into the Pei virtuous hospital, the Wu Shu Zhen’s authority will diagnose its body condition and confirm her personal can the degree and scope of independent activity.

The prosecutor means that if Wu Shu Zhen can maintain a basic life at the Pei virtuous hospital, will leave to take Xing.If appear at the Pei virtuous hospital hard take care of ~ for oneself a living circumstance, will also let her medical parole by law, or the appointed setting is at the appropriate dwelling place.

In December, last year, “superior court” in Taiwan certain Wu Shu Zhen and Chen Shui Bian3 keep to execute criminal a period homology.

“Superior court” in Taiwan announces verdict, ahead in the personnel case of 101 president Chen Mins, Chen Shui Bian3 and Wu Shu Zhen is each to sentence for 8 years, imprisonment for a specific term, and fine money 5,000,000 NT$s, buy a ground of corruption at Long Tan in, 2 people are each to be sentenced for 11 years, and fine money 150,000,000 NT$s.Wu Shu Zhen washes money offense to sentence for 7 months at what Chen Min’s personnel case develops.”Superior court” assurance in Taiwan 3 offenses of Wu Shu Zhen merge to carry out, it is 154,000,000 dollars to totally fine money for the NT$.
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