BE sentenced

Wu Shu curiosa month wear the stripe to take Xing
BE sentenced for 17 years and 6 months, start taking Xing on the 18th of this month
Prosecutors’ office in Kaohsiung sent out notification recently and requested wife Chen Shui Bian3 , Wu Shu Zhen, to appear at court to keep to execute criminal a period on the 18th, Wu Shu Zhen because Long Tan bought a ground of etc. corruption be sentenced for 17 years and 6 months.According to know, then she will be sent to jail in Taichung to attach to establish the Pei virtuous hospital to take Xing.

In December, last year, the Taiwanese superior court makes to Wu Shu Zhen and carries out for 17 years the verdict of 6 month imprisonment for a specific terms, but Gao Jian Shu3 in Taiwan and prosecutors’ office decision in Taipei, because Wu Shu Zhen’s body the condition isn’t quite right and send to its jail in Taichung to attach to establish the Pei virtuous hospital to take Xing, from prosecutors’ office performance in Kaohsiung.According to understanding, the Pei virtuous hospital has already collected various circumstance of Wu Shu Zhen’s body condition, and work well to let her the measure of”smooth Xing”.

According to know, after living into the Pei virtuous hospital, the Wu Shu Zhen’s authority will diagnose its body condition and confirm her personal can the degree and scope of independent activity.

The prosecutor means that if Wu Shu Zhen can maintain a basic life at the Pei virtuous hospital, will leave to take Xing.If appear at the Pei virtuous hospital hard take care of ~ for oneself a living circumstance, will also let her medical parole by law, or the appointed setting is at the appropriate dwelling place.

In December, last year, “superior court” in Taiwan certain Wu Shu Zhen and Chen Shui Bian3 keep to execute criminal a period homology.

“Superior court” in Taiwan announces verdict, ahead in the personnel case of 101 president Chen Mins, Chen Shui Bian3 and Wu Shu Zhen is each to sentence for 8 years, imprisonment for a specific term, and fine money 5,000,000 NT$s, buy a ground of corruption at Long Tan in, 2 people are each to be sentenced for 11 years, and fine money 150,000,000 NT$s.Wu Shu Zhen washes money offense to sentence for 7 months at what Chen Min’s personnel case develops.”Superior court” assurance in Taiwan 3 offenses of Wu Shu Zhen merge to carry out, it is 154,000,000 dollars to totally fine money for the NT$.
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