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Kim Jong-il

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

The card is firm thin heel Kim Jong-il very likeness’ once offering to buy a pit to play toward the chairman of hair be positively refused
The contents hints:The card ties thin I among international politics, not by the convention card, this is like Kim Jong-il very much, but he ratio Kim Jong-il come of more of the drama turn.He once tried development nuclear weapon machine.Japanese potato cookChinese heel Libya before having diplomatic relation, at that time the No.2th person of Libya was also a card to tie thin under of Gu Lu De, a military officer like this he ever the secret visited China.At that time hair Ze east chairman still just a life time, requested to purchase ° from China nuclear weapon machine, but was positively refused by China, because China cut off impossibly to any other nation output nuclear weapon machine.This undertaking also makes card firm thin provoke to anger very much, therefore the establishment of diplomatic relationses of China and Libya still keep comparing an affair in night.

Explication:Face the large-scale military operation that NATO aims at Libya, Libya leaders card firm thin don’t the least bit want the meaning for stepping back.Contrary still more fight more brave, the Shi wants to contend for the length of the first with west nation.In fact card firm thin this determination is personal tough is gifted, he from small poverty, the parents are all analphabetic, the father depends rent camel to keep body and soul together, he is an unique home boy, there are three elder sisters in home, when young of card firm thin once dropped out of school, afterwards then can get into Su Er under the pecuniary aid that relatives especially of a primary school studies.

But he has to be strong very much, the study works really hard.In 1961, the card is firm thin enter the Libyan university history fasten, he usually listens to the phonic program of Egyptian broadcasting station, Cairo over there, allow thought and reform policy of the Na match running before of Er of Egyptian president, deeply influenced young card to tie thin, let him have explicit one of political ideal, the formally in the wake of Na match Er builds up a new society in Libya and tie for this card thin join the army, Japanese diet cultureturn to the class add study military in the west college of military.After graduating, he is been sent to British Sanders college of military to receive training.

After returning to country in 1966, the card is firm thin formally became a soldier.1969 yearends in waited until to start revolution of inning, the card firm thin led several hundreds of brave soldiers and captured first broadcasting station, and then take over of city in the Li wave outside of antiair troops, this with weak win strong coup, afterwards be always said by the Libyan person true lord to their close Lai, also again fulfilled current trend of events to build hero a say.At as long as 42 years of governance period, the card is firm thin never would like to be called a president.Because say with his own words, the president system is a limited period of, once 45 years change, but he would like to even be called revolution to leader.

The leadered to return a creativity uniqueness in the world of world third theories.He puts forward Libya to neither is a capitalism nation nor is a socialism nation, but an Islamism principle and the spirit- based socialism nation.But the socialism nation with a Libyan special feature is under the violent attack of NATO, can also walk how far, we also can wipe eyes in order to wait for.

He Liang:If say last year in the world leadering of small country, most is paid attention to of is Kim Jong-il’s words of Korea, beyond all doubt this year of, at least up to now, that is card in leadering of Libya to tie thin.As for card firm thin we at just of film in see, be he is in fact subjected to Egyptian president Na match Er of influence very of deep.So when the card ties thin coup success and become after Libya leader, he saw the idol Na match Er of his heart.

Na match Er said some kind of words to him, he said Mu exceed Er, you make me think of my own youth ages.Some kind of words like this, let Mu exceed Er ·the card is firm thin have a boiling passion, he feels that I can sit on a cake of with own idol, and the idol sees into I an incarnation in his youth ages is by myself.

Differ with the ruler of ordinary people

He Liang:The card ties thin this person very of with meaning, his identity is diverse.Then his personality also differ with a person, these all caused the situation in Libyan today, or say if his future final outcome will be a tragic destiny, the all theses all have relation with his multiple identity.I say what are his this multiple identitieses ?First he is to come from a Libyan smaller tribe, he is the son of a tribe.Libya the young man contains a parlance like this now.He says the card firm thin these people, they chase desert as their cultural source, but desert which have culture, culture is in the city, this is the viewpoint of Libyan youth person.

But he is the son of a tribe that comes from desert, this is that he is very important and an identity first.The second identity, he is an Arab.The third identity, his right and wrong continent person, because of Libyan right and wrong continent the most flourishing nation of economy.There is also the fourth, but isn’t a most.But is also a very important identity, he is a Muslem.You see these identities puts together, make the card firm thin colonel, he has never promoted own soldier title, if he seals oneself as the words of commander-in-chief, I think that the other people also have no way objection.

It has been more than 40 years since this colonel rules Libya, he that kind of differ with ordinary people of manage a method.On the other hand we see Libya have already become Africa, at least person all the tallest nation of income.Libya in fact the welfare of whole country is fairly good.The free house that the all families lives, the people enjoy free education, free medical treatment, the nations all have a great deal of subsidy to the food, gasoline.

But on the other hand, the margin of of thing department, the antinomy of of special tribe, in recent years day by day of is turning worse.The card is firm in the meantime thin I among international politics, he not by the convention card, this he is like Kim Jong-il very much, but he ratio Kim Jong-il come of more of the drama turn.Especially you see his name used to be heel some support terrible activity embroiled of, be like he supports a Dublin soldier and supports the ETA sB of Spain, another he heel base organization the but again is mutual, again is sworn enemies.He made a Luo gram to compare crash again, this everyone knew.Then he once tried development nuclear weapon machine again.In fact speak here, we should start to recall, Chinese heel Libya before having diplomatic relation, at that time the No.2th person of Libya was also that the card is firm thin under of Gu Lu De, a military officer like this he ever secret interview China.At that time hair Ze east chairman still just a life time, requested to purchase ° from China nuclear weapon machine, but was positively refused by China, because China cut off impossibly to any other nation output nuclear weapon machine.

This undertaking also makes card firm thin provoke to anger very much, therefore the establishment of diplomatic relationses of China and Libya still keep comparing an affair in night.Can also see from here come out, the card is firm thin have madman of the aspect of personality Be placed to his other versatile news, including beauty bodyguard etc., these are getting noer wonder.But what I think most BE, he is this several heavy identities, make him don’t have an affair can attain.

On the other hand he makes the people of Libya already lead last a life of stability.But on the other hand a nation of North Africa like this in Libya is that a Yi Si orchid is national, and then is an Arabia nation, and then is an African nation, although he is in Africa to have some friends,Once upon a time in fact he at the enemy of everyone’s noodles or is oppose his person Be getting more more.

So several of his heavy identities can not help him.Say with his identity of Muslem, because he usually at domestic own position as for true lord on, this making not only is Muslem in Libya, but also make the large Muslem of the Yi Si orchid world to his 1 kind like this greatly go against the way of doing of way not, very dissatisfied.Make so he is in the Arabian world, the whole Yi Si orchid the world all sank into isolated.

Still have on the other hand is the nation in Arabia, Arabia nation we see, although he and the relations of Egypt are all not bad and once united as well, afterwards again separate.But Arabia nation is in the middle those are more conservative, be be like a sand especially of royal house, be like Arabia unites a Tribal chief country of royal house, this some more conservative rulers, they very disgust card firm thin, and also take precautions against very much to him, because their of course not would like to see their own nation also hasing youth military officer like this to get up to rebel and overthrowing royal house.

The card is firm thin although provided in Africa not a few help,after all have no mainly big country to would like to support him in Africa, be him as a real ally, and is a friend in adversity of that is far Wei Si in checking of Venezuela in Western Hemisphere,check Wei Si currently for thus of a kind of, next weekthe card ties thin stroke of thunderbolt ten thousand soldiers encountered and in fact check Wei Si is also have no way to help him, and check Wei Si to still need to consider oneself’s circumstances.

Audit an office

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Audit an office:Hu high speed railway in the city discovers that the 7 greatest problems transfer a funds 187,000,000
Hu high speed railway in the city is the our country”four Zongs four horizontal” railroad passenger transportation special line south the north go by way of Peking, Tienjin and river north, Shandong and Anhui, Jiangsu and Shanghai to the main framework 4 save 3 cities, all of the positive line grow 1318 kilometers of, design soon 350 kilometers of, the budget estimation always invests 217,630,000,000 dollars and formally starts work in April, Treat Eczema2008.Hu Mass Rapid Transit incorporated company(Jing Hu company) in the city that railroad department belongs to is item construction unit, follow line each

Related company stock trend

The Chinese building city local government is responsible for this city inshore advertise for ground to dismantle to move a work, advertise for ground to dismantle to move expenses to make price to join from partnership a Jing Hu company.

Up to June, 2010, the whole line total amount provides permanence to use ground 63030 acres of, the completion dismantles to move 7,239,000 square meters, line descend engineering basic completion of work.The total amount completes to invest 138,400,000,000 dollars and shares 85% of planning 163,300,000,000 dollars, among them, the engineering invest 105,000,000,000 dollars and advertise for ground to dismantle to move to invest 33,400,000,000 dollars.

According to 《the People’s Republic of China audits a method 》of rules, audit an office in May, 2010 to July to Hu Mass Rapid Transit(call Hu high speed railway in the city as follows) in the city construction the item carried on a stage to follow audit.At this time grow to 2 months of on the trail of audit in, audit an office and totally discover seven greatest problems:

Enter a field to start work in advance

A, the Nanking great victory engineering soil in pass Yangtze River Bridge sets up and superintendency 1 mark, the city Hu high speed railway consults a business,allergic rhinitis the Nanking south station to meet an emergency engineering soil to set up and superintendency 1 object invite bids time are July, 2006 respectively, December, 2007, December, 2008, but medium iron big bridge bureau, medium iron 13 bureaus, iron engineerings in the section hospital(Peking) consult limited company in etc. before marking unit March, 2006 here, February, 2006, March, 2008 already respectively enter the field begin to work and involve contract amount of money 4,446,000,000 dollars.

In June, 2009, the railroad department engineering designs consultation center and releases quasi- the station going into a railroad guest repairs and decorates and the act wall engineering starts construction after recording business enterprise, Jing Hu company at song Fu east, often state north etc. station engineering invitation to bid in record with inside iron sets up work group limited company, in iron constuct group limited company 2 business enterprises sign a station and repair decorate the engineering contract is 6 and rejected a latent bidder and involved amount of money 490,000,000 dollars.

Transfer funds falsification the generation open invoice

Two, individual construction unit and personal 187,000,000 dollars and other related problemses that transfer and appropriate public funds and constuct a funds, Be suspected of illegally disobeying Ji.

Three, medium iron one bureau, three bureaus, four bureaus, eight bureaus, 11 bureau, 12 bureau, 13 bureau, 17 bureau, 18 bureau, 19 bureaus and 24 bureaus and Peking set up work group, medium set up incorporated company, medium hand over fourth engineering office limited company in the highway, medium hand over the road bridge northern engineering limited company and electric power engineering in Shandong to consult etc.16 construction units in hospital to anticipate businesses, such as purchase and equipments leasing…etc. in the freestone in, the usage falsely open, assumes name or counterfeit of invoice 1297 enter in ledger, the amount of money adds up 324,000,000 dollars.Such as March, 2008 to July, 2010, medium iron 17 bureaus, 18 bureaus and 19 etc.3 construction units in bureau to purchase the invitation to bid and invoice examine a work not strict, make 6 individual suppliers obtained by forging the industry and business business license etc. Distinguish betweenmethod freestone to anticipate supply business, again with forge, generation development ticket 386 enter in ledger, the amount of money adds up 216,000,000 dollars.

In the above-mentioned unit, in iron one bureau, three bureaus, four bureaus, 12 bureaus, 24 bureaus and medium hand over fourth engineering office limited company in the highway, medium hand over northern engineering limited company of road bridge 7 units discover a similar problem when 2009 audits and checked deceitful invoice again last year 365, the amount of money was 53,129,500 dollars.

Have never started work to settle accounts wages first

Four, Jing Hu company’s engineering in hasing not carried out carry out engineering style balance of accounts and involve amount of money 56,080,700 dollars.Among them:Help the south yellow river big bridge dike dam to reinforce corpus engineering to audit vogue don’t carry out, Jing Hu company with medium iron one bureau and parties concerned the fourth quarter degree settled accounts all 12,306,600 dollarses according to the contract payment in 2009;Shanghai seals strand river the course of river change to move engineering to just start starting construction in October, 2008, but Jing Hu company and Chinese transportation construction incorporated company and parties concerned the degree pressed the contract price to settle accounts an engineering style in the 1, 2th quarter of that year 43,774,100 dollars.

Five, the Jing Hu company have never pressed the contract engagement to button up to return to the supplies supply contract performance bond 55,587,400 dollars.To June, 2010, December, 2007’s Hu company organization in the city signs of 363 A provides the supplies purchase the contract in, existence 13 second parties didn’t press the phenomenon that the contract fulfills contract.These contracts fulfill contract to lead to 22% on the average, lowest fulfill contract to lead only 0.8%,recipe for treatment the Jing Hu company has never pressed the contract engagement to button up the performance bond of accepting the 11 among those in homes mark company 55,587,400 dollars.

After audit points out the above-mentioned problem, the fulfilling contract of parties concerned protects a letter expiration already or is sent back by the Jing Hu company, above-mentioned funds already hard recover.

The engineering superintendency not good enough environment destroys

Six, parts of engineerings contain not good enough superintendency.Among them:Superintendency unit Shanghai sky in arched bridge station in Shanghai blesses engineering to consult limited company and Shanghai to set up a section construction superintendency to consult limited company and has 37 superintendency personnel’s titles or keeps industry qualifications to not agree with to match to bid to promise request;The match Rui Si international engineering in Peking consults limited company when the station station engineering item in the west of Tienjin is at the superintendency the commitment sends the deluxe title in a superintendency personnel, in the class title, Asthma can be curedsuperintendency teacher(engineer) have 47.4%, 52.6% and 84.7% respectively and physically and only have 15%, 25% and 40%;Help the south west stands of superintendency unit Shandong help 9 superintendency personnels of iron engineering construction superintendency limited liability company, in the meantime at two mark segments undertake a superintendency work;The soil sets up 2 mark the superintendency unit China iron engineering consult a limited liability company to start construction to the part unit enter field the equipments didn’t carry on an examination.

Seven, Nanking vital point the engineering didn’t press the initial design request, will 1,670,000 sign a square rice to leave soil to hand over to Nanking City to unify a processing, among them, 640,000 squares is used for to fill to turn on water a pond and low-lying and damply, 190,000 square is filled to put mud pond among the mountain, the rest is filled to put marsh land gutters among the mountain and influenced local Water and soil environment.In addition, because of doing not influence a written report batch the view design that replies to request to complete to cross cow head Zu hall scenic area in time and influence the implementation of the tunnel environmental protection measure of Han Fu Shan according to the environment.

According to understanding, auditing the office will start constucting item to carry on to Hu high speed railway in the city for new year following audit in June, 2011.This year will particularly check last year the audit check whole wrong change a circumstance, the concern recruits to bid, equipments material purchase etc. system of sound and implementation circumstance

Familiar female

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Familiar female advice:Let go of a shelf

If you are unfortunate to belong to this kind of men and rather examine oneself once:Rich person very much, young and beautiful also all however tremendous several years not would not° until wait solitude to the old age realize:The sense of superiorities that originally much satisfy all arrive however a women, who nearby accompany you, so, let go of a shelf from the real in the mind, learn equal act towards people.

A little bit more generous

Suggest this kind of men wants this more:The girl friend dresses beautiful, the girl friend has ambition, the girl friend is appreciated, is all my honor, so, I should much go out for her to show to put beautiful, go out to work, go out drive the opportunity for appreciating, oneself also the face have light ah!So, please a little bit more generous.

Fungi moon cake man

Tribe characteristic:Love the beguilement”fungi moon cake” characteristics:Gold and jade it the outside old cotton wool is among them

The love is love, don’t love is love not, made a woman in the outside be made a woman, clearly romantic become sex but still counterfeit purely really, toward a woman to say:”I love your one person and have no other.”Even still die not to recognize a debt after being exposed, must make a lawsuit that parents and children authenticates come just on the whole rendered speechless.

This kind of man is good at beguilement, is that the woman is deeply bad painful unique of object.The big man has to be open and aboveboard, romantic should be person it often sex, admitting can’ting die, either, on the contrary will make the woman more with deliberation treat.Romantic go to beguilement again be since romantic and mean.

Rather silent

Don’t packing again to pretend is hard, or rather remains mum, none of majority of women wishes to be seen as the fool, after all”mental reservation always lead beguilement”

Break false idea.

After getting married, the life really became reality many, but only continuously develop similar premarital of the romance, ordinary of the life would produce fun, then can the body flavor arrive the human life from the life tedious of happiness.Be been devoted to to life trifles everyday otherwise, will gradually make the person produce to feel sick of emotion, like this and then make”the matrimony is the grave of love” corroborated.

Learn common creation the freshman live.

Many opportunities to arrange some amusement items and exchanges feelings in the home lifes, because this not only only is the demand of consolidation and development bed and board, also in the meantime is to adjusting of busy nervous work, make people able to set free from the nervous work, with the prosperous energy and the abundant physical strength, continue to work and study.

Don’t always miss own dignity.

Husband and wife should not joke who Be getting more active, who get face etc..Because active and enthusiasm oneself is a kind of respect and dependence to the lover, if the other party laughs at with this, be not don’t know good man’s heart?

Increase harmony of sex life.

The harmonious sex life is 1 kind that enhances husband and wife’s feelings to glue to match.If the husband and wife lives in sex in had an obstacle, must look for specialized science instruction.All once would be mid-degree in pained and sufferings for several decades in the whole life otherwise.

The exactitude knows “he-man”.

Real he-man, should be since understand big righteousness, again the detail manage;Current seven feelingses are six desires and properly carry on an expression again.That kind of lack tender feeling of, cold of the man is actually the man of mental state ill-health.

Pickle take fish of man

Tribe characteristic:Cold type”pickle take fish” characteristics:The emotion is withered and dissipate of old gamey smell

They lack enthusiasm, the facial expression is apathetic;They don’t love any little animal and mention a ruthlessness affair unconcerned;They for you of the friend close relatives stop one’s ears and even connect to hear that you got sick all to just throw a to you”you go to hospital!”

In fact, they not only to you such, to their own friend family also are such, in their worlds, however have other worth concern oneself of, is all next in importance.Woman at young girl ages, probably will blindly fancy this kind of to look like very”cool” man, but will discover that the enthusiasm and concern is what importance along with own gradual maturity, who can’t hope that own another half puts over there like ice-cubes and makes all heats been as low as zero, either.

Familiar female advice:Become to°from the ice fire

Need to be known, the woman is what water does, water can be burned heat by the fire, so want to want to find favour in chemisette’s eyes, only make oneself become to°from the ice fire.Rather try some considerate actions that you once enjoyed, warmth once and nearby of woman, probably will discover to pass by have never acquired of big repay.

Hydrogen ball man

Tribe characteristic:Proud type”hydrogen ball” characteristics:Ego inflation, fly highly, but fly not and far

There is a kind of men in this world, the facial appearance is good, family background good, income Gao, the identity contains all top-grade position, but it happened that always standing alone, having no woman dare associate with him over a long period of time, not he livings for the playboy’s destiny, but another phrase is predominating his to lose, that be:Proud.Probably you will feel, excellent persons will have some arrogant?So please listen to their words:”I admit this world everyone is equal, but compare, I really have to be a little bit noble than you.””I am always disdained to to dispute with woman, because all of your womans are funny blindnesses animals.”……This kind of words probably listens to once twice you can’t care, but all day long appear and even also continuously mention in front of the woman whom they fall in love, who can can be subjected to?Probably money and position enjoy to let the woman at that time obey, but low three next 41 generation son, which woman can be subjected to?

Being Happy A Choice Giving Being Together King Solomons Mind

Insist paying attention

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Insist paying attention to real results

Group the members speak of, business enterprise once starting, vivid be go to pass importance of, they point out, starting a business the entrepreneur has to keep liberal mindset and adaptability, which afraid appear some anticipate outside of circumstance.Give examples to say, Daniel Sen speaks of, fact enunciation, Zipcar the main customer of the company is university, city hall and hope by the hour to lease the business enterprise of car brigade, not company the partner at the beginning think of personal customer.For this, the company orders but adapts to this variety through the claim of changing its market marketing.

However, keep vivid not to mean to lose center.As the one who be full of passionate environmental protection doctrine, the tile Lai is beautiful ·Davis(Valerie Davis) and the cooperation of Ao Si Ting of others at Texas established Enviromedia Social Marketing company, the customer of in aid of and public section and privately owned section establishes a better public relations plans for his environmental protection items.”It is exactly this inside heart to make us have been staying in this realm.”She speaks of.“如若不然,我们很可能就与街边的一般公共关系机构一样了。”The company passes to establish “washing is green” index number(Greenwashing Index)(also be called “the Piao green index number”)-use to measure to review the reliability of advertisement that enounce environment’s assertion-but developed an additional nich market for oneself.Now, include 《Newsweek (Newsweek)》and 《forum report (Chicago Tribune)in Chicago 》at inside of the main medium all adopted this index number.Davis speaks of, although the company useds for the budget of green market marketing have been being compressing in recent years, however, the healthy common sense advertisement from government organ makes the business of company remained popular, include among them the healthy common sense linked to the dismay of last year pig flu advertises, these developments that the business helped a business enterprise.

The Si Luo is second while being absorbed in the mission of small sum investment company and target customer, also always at excellent turn an InVenture business model.She believes that the connect personal investor with new nation to start a business entrepreneur of organization, should not be just depend on making a contribution to and present a style, should look for support still from the privately owned section.This kind of mixture the mode make InVenture company while insisting a practical viable business model, can also pursue “the public welfare starts a business”(social entrepreneurship)(also be called “the society starts a business”, point personal under the stiring up of social mission, aid the professional style of using the business realm in the non- earnings realm, pursue innovation, efficiency and social effect, create new style in the competition fighting for kind funds, doing public-spirited business into 1 can keep on development of, have the entity of competition ability.-Translate to note)of mission.When the investor is in economic overcast period”the Lei tight belt” of time, for the sake of the encouragement”many raise”(crowd funding)(point to make use of network or other on-line tools to collect funds and other resourceses, in order to is the way that others or organization provide pecuniary aid.-Translate to note), the Si Luo is second have been keeping lowest investment quantity in smaller level.”The economic condition helps we built up this kind of business model.”She speaks of.

No matter how economic weather is, start a business the entrepreneurs all hope to acquire sense of achievement from see the quick growth of oneself’s business enterprise in person.But, a company at the beginning should how make sure growth speed?Although the female who discusses a group how hold the rhythm that the business enterprise scale extends each difference of views, however, they unanimously think, the growth strategy of the business enterprise should depend on profession.

Give examples to say, Zipcar Daniel Sen of the company speaks of and need the company that the great pen technique invests probably should a little bit early expand large-scale, not will increase devotion gradually hereafter.When Zipcar the company meet with latent investor, Daniel Sen uses 10 years that PowerPoint displays a company, the target is to own 580, 000 customers of time, have some investor break into laughter voice.Now then sky, Zipcar the operation of the company already longer than 10 years, the customer of company also more than 60 myriad peoples.”There is no the target of initialization, we can’t the big pen throw in on the technique.” Daniel Sen speaks of.”In consideration of this is really count for much and develop because of the technique of devotion high get astonishing.”

But, to Susan Ni · of living vogue business enterprise to say, in advance and quickly offending into market is then more more important than extending business enterprise scale.”The speed is that you push a product toward the key to market.”She speaks of.”Once you got into a market ……you would own enough resources to work out the problem of business enterprise scale.”Susan Ni ·took 6 months to make Weardrobe website opened movement.But very quick, website because the discharge leads big but beginning again and again collapse, Susan Ni ·know, now is to expand large-scale of time.

Group the members speak of, this is a tough problem, because once extend quickly may place a company at the dangerous situation, or will make the companies need and cut the situation of the scale as soon as possible.When exceed of the business enterprise increase to 35 employees of time, she feels, business enterprise already deviate core business Be getting farer too much, this core business is to closely cooperate with customer.”The work done by me is scarcely what I like to do.”Exceed add to speak of, afterward, she narrowed the scale of company to 10 employees level.

Exceed think, her experience announced to public to be start a business the entrepreneur is to 1 of pass importance:Start a business the entrepreneur not necessarily don’t  want to do business enterprise to greatly, after become now a business enterprise to become 1,000,000 rich mans;The lying in of importance feels happy.”Everybody of this group spoke of their hearts of fasten, that be:Don’t make to start a business entrepreneur, but really create some things.”Exceed point out.” Start a business the entrepreneur Be just 1 will they of the viewpoint lead toward the tool of market.So, the scale not necessarily means huge.You have been needing to carry out of the heart being you pursue.”

Pillow fight Higher education students Diabetic patients China’s Hunan reports H1N1-related death

Japanese crab

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Kentucky reiterated a gold crab yesterday the Dou was used to anticipate for spend a crab the expert called in really Japanese crab
The seafood of Kentucky new is small to eat “gold crab Dou”, exactly what material is what to use ?Kentucky authorities once declared that what to use is carefully selected”fresh East China Sea was purelywild to purely spend a crab”;But through survey, experienced marine products companies all mean, using of crab Dou’s anticipating is in fact cheap”miscellaneous crab”.

Yesterday, Kentucky authorities beat for this report to call words, again using of the pronouncement”gold crab Dou”‘s anticipating really is purely “fresh East China Sea waswild to purely spend a crab”;The crab Dou stops selling in parts of door in the region stores because”sell too very out of stockly”.

Later on, the reporter consulted an expert of province ocean in Zhejiang and fishery bureau.See after the crab Dou, this expert said, the original material of crab Dou was “Japanese crab”.This is a kind of small seafood of East China Sea, will never spend a crab.

Kentucky again reiterates:

What to use is purely wild to spend a crab

To this report previous survey and net friend of query, the Kentucky limited company public relations department manager of Hangzhou was once quick to beat for reporter to call yesterday words, give response.

Once quick again reiterated, the food of “gold crab Dou”‘s anticipating really was purely “carefully selected and fresh East China Sea waswild to purely spend a crab of meat”:”The gold crab Dou is purely meat that seafood small food is that carefully selected and fresh East China Sea is wild to spend a crab, Be placed to complete crab Dou in, bind again with loose frailty bread powder, strictly according to creation the process with meticulous care boil to make but become.”

The net friend queried “ate a complete fish bone in that product” recently, once young lady said, Kentucky deep concern, examined process to carry on to the product’s creation and the quality check’s confirming in”gold crab Dou” completely don’t probably sneak into a fish bone.Kentucky has already issued to reply in home page in the official site on February 25 and sincerely hopes that that net friend contacts on his/her own initiative, so that he/she understands a detailed circumstance.But this net friends didn’t have connection Kentucky up to now.

As for parts of door in the region stores stops selling “gold crab Dou”, once quick say, isn’t “off-the-shelf”, but”selling out”.

“The gold crab Dou is a short date to promote products, rather than long-term product, a lot of places log out of the reason is to sell too goodly, out of stock in advance, the activity also ended.”She tells a reporter, big parts of stores in the door in Hangzhou still have sale currently, the customer still can purchase.

But on the home page of official site, gold crab the advertisement of the Dou still kept occupying very important people position.Advertise a contents to suggest, the movable date of “gold crab Dou” from from February 14, 2011, the national sale amount is about 16,220,000 and sell out.

Save ocean and expert in the fishery bureau:

This crab Dou not is spend a crab is a miscellaneous crab

For clearing up the real material of “crab Dou”, the reporter carried on to consult to province ocean in Zhejiang and the fishery bureau yesterday.An expert of Department of Fisheries means after seeing the crab Dou that this will never spend a crab.Its scientific term calls Japanese crab, is also a wave rather”miscellaneous crab” that the person is so called, very familiar in East China Sea.

This expert says that the economic value of”Japanese crab” is very low, the general market price is in 10 dollars|the catty is or so.This kind of crab he acquaints with very much, oneself still once cooked.”Its meat is specially delicate and contained in the mouth to turn, very soft, the nothing important chews a strength.”

“The head that spends a crab has to be taller than it, the color is thinner, the dead color is a grey color, there is still on the body brown spot, the hull is thinner, the meat quality is also harder than Japanese crab.”The expert says that see from these characteristicses, the using of crab Dou anticipates affirmation not is spend a crab.

“The Japanese crab belongs to a wild crab, not ability farming, water namely die.”The expert said that if ate a dead crab, harmful to human body, ” the crab is clay-cold, the protein in the body will resolve, slowly will have a kind of bad smell of An.”

more importance

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

The woman gets married a front to definitely and first want to like these five matters
1.Choose to love own men more importance

Choosing the man then can open a hymeneal gateway, the woman has to experience this process.

It is a hymeneal square one to know to understand a man.The woman doesn’t want to easily throw in feelings, completely can release to understand a man, can not only extend the noodles of getting in touch with the man, but also can pass comparison to understand oneself to actually need what kind of man in the meantime like this.

Real man not from the outward appearance can see out.Woman in addition to want to choose in addition to the man’s outward appearance, also want to understand story, friend’s type of the man’s growth career, growth, love, processing attitude, dream etc. with future man of problem, come to the moral qualities, will and potential of overall judgment man.An in the mood for ambition moral qualities in the meantime again very diligent man, though at that moment of the condition isn’t very good,the man like this has much of a potential and is like a potential, the man like this should become chemisette first.

Choose a loves own men than choose that 1 loves by himself/herself of the man is more important.The man all naturally likes to become hunting a hand, it is what will resist from the heart bottom in man to let the man become an affective captive.The woman has no necessity to do a silly matter like this, but a lot of women Be it happened that to do like this, hence had a lot of sad stories.This isn’t necessarily a man of wrong, but the chemisette is silly.

2.Learn the family member whom the high regard accepts a man

From the thou up to now, the old woman daughter-in-law’s world is to be full of self-contradict world, this is a regulation of iron.The woman who probably has will say that himself/herself and mother-in-law relate to very well of the words of type, but learn to come up to say from the statistics, old woman daughter-in-law’s fighting is universal, also normal.While getting other people’s son, the woman learn to handle a good relation with the man’s elder, that kind of persistently blame how other people are how can make the woman drop into affective of quagmire, finally get hurt of is the woman him/herself forever.The wise woman should learn to terminate such of old woman daughter-in-law antinomy, because oneself one day may also become a mother-in-law.The academic association high regard mother-in-law can also exterminate the Gu antinomy like the sister-in-law.In fine, learned to respect the man’s family member, actually create a good environment by himself[herself] for woman.Certainly the woman says:With what request the woman the family that accepts a man?Because a lot of men in the reality are all trying to please woman and its family, the man hardly has affair occurrence like this.

3.Accept the man’s personality

The personality that accepts a men to mean to accept this man accepts this man’s a lot of things of existence.Although it is said exist don’t necessarily reasonable of, but want the characteristics that wants to change a men through a love is very difficult.A woman who has a propensity for cleanness requests a man to wash hands for many times every day, the man is very tired of and live a new life an a lot of complaints.Persistently request a man by own standard to is selfish.The true love chemisette man will go to and change the own on his/her own initiative, but completely change oneself to cater to chemisette, can be a chemisette crazy idea.The woman has to have mental state preparation like this before matrimony.

4.Revise own personality

The together the above problem is similar, this problem just in view of chemisette angle how make the husband and wife’s life been getting more harmonious.Everybody will have his/her own personality or say a characteristics, but, is associating with man and living process in, the woman should learn to revise his/her own personality.Just think if the men and women’ses all request the other party to adapt to himself/herself, the men and women like this aren’t likely to live together.In fact the marriage are the characteristics that the men and women give up an oneself but looks for to hand over to gather together to some extent and hand over to gather more many, the marriage adds harmony more.But, this not is say that the woman completely gives up himself/herself but attracts a man, but the woman needs to revise he or she to win stable harmonious marriage.The woman is such, certainly the man is also such.

The woman needs to undertake the result of this kind of choice, in love of time, if woman can in consideration of this problem, I think that a lot of women will choose work to prop up my own possibility of pathetic life.This is rational, is also what woman should do.The work isn’t only a man but also a chemisette backs.Certainly, a lot of women expect to pass the husband of rich man to carry out his/her own rich and honored dream, this is no serious mistakes committed.Just the woman needs to undertake the result of this kind of choice.

5.Handle good marriage relationship with work

The in love is fine, the marriage is lifeless.After the wedding ends, the love arrived at to°from the heaven ground up, the romance is also gradually replaced by the reality.

The realistic marriage needs to use paying of reality pillar to support an affective stability.Facing the woman can not exceed of pregnancy, teach son and hold to run a household a duty, the woman morely will love with energy and offer to the family and the man.The man is morely looking for and practices the opportunity of development.Hence, the of the man’s development and woman’s stagnation produced antinomy, the lifeless life and man faced of the world of temptation produced an antinomy.Face an antinomy like this, a lot of women always the victim of reality marriage, probably the woman will scold the man’s conscience to eat for dog, but like this feeling for universal compassion of feelings let out to call not to return to the mind that the man derails.The love faced to collapse or had been already collapsed, chatelaine what to prop up himself/herself?

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