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The woman gets married a front to definitely and first want to like these five matters
1.Choose to love own men more importance

Choosing the man then can open a hymeneal gateway, the woman has to experience this process.

It is a hymeneal square one to know to understand a man.The woman doesn’t want to easily throw in feelings, completely can release to understand a man, can not only extend the noodles of getting in touch with the man, but also can pass comparison to understand oneself to actually need what kind of man in the meantime like this.

Real man not from the outward appearance can see out.Woman in addition to want to choose in addition to the man’s outward appearance, also want to understand story, friend’s type of the man’s growth career, growth, love, processing attitude, dream etc. with future man of problem, come to the moral qualities, will and potential of overall judgment man.An in the mood for ambition moral qualities in the meantime again very diligent man, though at that moment of the condition isn’t very good,the man like this has much of a potential and is like a potential, the man like this should become chemisette first.

Choose a loves own men than choose that 1 loves by himself/herself of the man is more important.The man all naturally likes to become hunting a hand, it is what will resist from the heart bottom in man to let the man become an affective captive.The woman has no necessity to do a silly matter like this, but a lot of women Be it happened that to do like this, hence had a lot of sad stories.This isn’t necessarily a man of wrong, but the chemisette is silly.

2.Learn the family member whom the high regard accepts a man

From the thou up to now, the old woman daughter-in-law’s world is to be full of self-contradict world, this is a regulation of iron.The woman who probably has will say that himself/herself and mother-in-law relate to very well of the words of type, but learn to come up to say from the statistics, old woman daughter-in-law’s fighting is universal, also normal.While getting other people’s son, the woman learn to handle a good relation with the man’s elder, that kind of persistently blame how other people are how can make the woman drop into affective of quagmire, finally get hurt of is the woman him/herself forever.The wise woman should learn to terminate such of old woman daughter-in-law antinomy, because oneself one day may also become a mother-in-law.The academic association high regard mother-in-law can also exterminate the Gu antinomy like the sister-in-law.In fine, learned to respect the man’s family member, actually create a good environment by himself[herself] for woman.Certainly the woman says:With what request the woman the family that accepts a man?Because a lot of men in the reality are all trying to please woman and its family, the man hardly has affair occurrence like this.

3.Accept the man’s personality

The personality that accepts a men to mean to accept this man accepts this man’s a lot of things of existence.Although it is said exist don’t necessarily reasonable of, but want the characteristics that wants to change a men through a love is very difficult.A woman who has a propensity for cleanness requests a man to wash hands for many times every day, the man is very tired of and live a new life an a lot of complaints.Persistently request a man by own standard to is selfish.The true love chemisette man will go to and change the own on his/her own initiative, but completely change oneself to cater to chemisette, can be a chemisette crazy idea.The woman has to have mental state preparation like this before matrimony.

4.Revise own personality

The together the above problem is similar, this problem just in view of chemisette angle how make the husband and wife’s life been getting more harmonious.Everybody will have his/her own personality or say a characteristics, but, is associating with man and living process in, the woman should learn to revise his/her own personality.Just think if the men and women’ses all request the other party to adapt to himself/herself, the men and women like this aren’t likely to live together.In fact the marriage are the characteristics that the men and women give up an oneself but looks for to hand over to gather together to some extent and hand over to gather more many, the marriage adds harmony more.But, this not is say that the woman completely gives up himself/herself but attracts a man, but the woman needs to revise he or she to win stable harmonious marriage.The woman is such, certainly the man is also such.

The woman needs to undertake the result of this kind of choice, in love of time, if woman can in consideration of this problem, I think that a lot of women will choose work to prop up my own possibility of pathetic life.This is rational, is also what woman should do.The work isn’t only a man but also a chemisette backs.Certainly, a lot of women expect to pass the husband of rich man to carry out his/her own rich and honored dream, this is no serious mistakes committed.Just the woman needs to undertake the result of this kind of choice.

5.Handle good marriage relationship with work

The in love is fine, the marriage is lifeless.After the wedding ends, the love arrived at to°from the heaven ground up, the romance is also gradually replaced by the reality.

The realistic marriage needs to use paying of reality pillar to support an affective stability.Facing the woman can not exceed of pregnancy, teach son and hold to run a household a duty, the woman morely will love with energy and offer to the family and the man.The man is morely looking for and practices the opportunity of development.Hence, the of the man’s development and woman’s stagnation produced antinomy, the lifeless life and man faced of the world of temptation produced an antinomy.Face an antinomy like this, a lot of women always the victim of reality marriage, probably the woman will scold the man’s conscience to eat for dog, but like this feeling for universal compassion of feelings let out to call not to return to the mind that the man derails.The love faced to collapse or had been already collapsed, chatelaine what to prop up himself/herself?

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