Japanese crab

Kentucky reiterated a gold crab yesterday the Dou was used to anticipate for spend a crab the expert called in really Japanese crab
The seafood of Kentucky new is small to eat “gold crab Dou”, exactly what material is what to use ?Kentucky authorities once declared that what to use is carefully selected”fresh East China Sea was purelywild to purely spend a crab”;But through survey, experienced marine products companies all mean, using of crab Dou’s anticipating is in fact cheap”miscellaneous crab”.

Yesterday, Kentucky authorities beat for this report to call words, again using of the pronouncement”gold crab Dou”‘s anticipating really is purely “fresh East China Sea waswild to purely spend a crab”;The crab Dou stops selling in parts of door in the region stores because”sell too very out of stockly”.

Later on, the reporter consulted an expert of province ocean in Zhejiang and fishery bureau.See after the crab Dou, this expert said, the original material of crab Dou was “Japanese crab”.This is a kind of small seafood of East China Sea, will never spend a crab.

Kentucky again reiterates:

What to use is purely wild to spend a crab

To this report previous survey and net friend of query, the Kentucky limited company public relations department manager of Hangzhou was once quick to beat for reporter to call yesterday words, give response.

Once quick again reiterated, the food of “gold crab Dou”‘s anticipating really was purely “carefully selected and fresh East China Sea waswild to purely spend a crab of meat”:”The gold crab Dou is purely meat that seafood small food is that carefully selected and fresh East China Sea is wild to spend a crab, Be placed to complete crab Dou in, bind again with loose frailty bread powder, strictly according to creation the process with meticulous care boil to make but become.”

The net friend queried “ate a complete fish bone in that product” recently, once young lady said, Kentucky deep concern, examined process to carry on to the product’s creation and the quality check’s confirming in”gold crab Dou” completely don’t probably sneak into a fish bone.Kentucky has already issued to reply in home page in the official site on February 25 and sincerely hopes that that net friend contacts on his/her own initiative, so that he/she understands a detailed circumstance.But this net friends didn’t have connection Kentucky up to now.

As for parts of door in the region stores stops selling “gold crab Dou”, once quick say, isn’t “off-the-shelf”, but”selling out”.

“The gold crab Dou is a short date to promote products, rather than long-term product, a lot of places log out of the reason is to sell too goodly, out of stock in advance, the activity also ended.”She tells a reporter, big parts of stores in the door in Hangzhou still have sale currently, the customer still can purchase.

But on the home page of official site, gold crab the advertisement of the Dou still kept occupying very important people position.Advertise a contents to suggest, the movable date of “gold crab Dou” from from February 14, 2011, the national sale amount is about 16,220,000 and sell out.

Save ocean and expert in the fishery bureau:

This crab Dou not is spend a crab is a miscellaneous crab

For clearing up the real material of “crab Dou”, the reporter carried on to consult to province ocean in Zhejiang and the fishery bureau yesterday.An expert of Department of Fisheries means after seeing the crab Dou that this will never spend a crab.Its scientific term calls Japanese crab, is also a wave rather”miscellaneous crab” that the person is so called, very familiar in East China Sea.

This expert says that the economic value of”Japanese crab” is very low, the general market price is in 10 dollars|the catty is or so.This kind of crab he acquaints with very much, oneself still once cooked.”Its meat is specially delicate and contained in the mouth to turn, very soft, the nothing important chews a strength.”

“The head that spends a crab has to be taller than it, the color is thinner, the dead color is a grey color, there is still on the body brown spot, the hull is thinner, the meat quality is also harder than Japanese crab.”The expert says that see from these characteristicses, the using of crab Dou anticipates affirmation not is spend a crab.

“The Japanese crab belongs to a wild crab, not ability farming, water namely die.”The expert said that if ate a dead crab, harmful to human body, ” the crab is clay-cold, the protein in the body will resolve, slowly will have a kind of bad smell of An.”

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