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Insist paying attention to real results

Group the members speak of, business enterprise once starting, vivid be go to pass importance of, they point out, starting a business the entrepreneur has to keep liberal mindset and adaptability, which afraid appear some anticipate outside of circumstance.Give examples to say, Daniel Sen speaks of, fact enunciation, Zipcar the main customer of the company is university, city hall and hope by the hour to lease the business enterprise of car brigade, not company the partner at the beginning think of personal customer.For this, the company orders but adapts to this variety through the claim of changing its market marketing.

However, keep vivid not to mean to lose center.As the one who be full of passionate environmental protection doctrine, the tile Lai is beautiful ·Davis(Valerie Davis) and the cooperation of Ao Si Ting of others at Texas established Enviromedia Social Marketing company, the customer of in aid of and public section and privately owned section establishes a better public relations plans for his environmental protection items.”It is exactly this inside heart to make us have been staying in this realm.”She speaks of.“如若不然,我们很可能就与街边的一般公共关系机构一样了。”The company passes to establish “washing is green” index number(Greenwashing Index)(also be called “the Piao green index number”)-use to measure to review the reliability of advertisement that enounce environment’s assertion-but developed an additional nich market for oneself.Now, include 《Newsweek (Newsweek)》and 《forum report (Chicago Tribune)in Chicago 》at inside of the main medium all adopted this index number.Davis speaks of, although the company useds for the budget of green market marketing have been being compressing in recent years, however, the healthy common sense advertisement from government organ makes the business of company remained popular, include among them the healthy common sense linked to the dismay of last year pig flu advertises, these developments that the business helped a business enterprise.

The Si Luo is second while being absorbed in the mission of small sum investment company and target customer, also always at excellent turn an InVenture business model.She believes that the connect personal investor with new nation to start a business entrepreneur of organization, should not be just depend on making a contribution to and present a style, should look for support still from the privately owned section.This kind of mixture the mode make InVenture company while insisting a practical viable business model, can also pursue “the public welfare starts a business”(social entrepreneurship)(also be called “the society starts a business”, point personal under the stiring up of social mission, aid the professional style of using the business realm in the non- earnings realm, pursue innovation, efficiency and social effect, create new style in the competition fighting for kind funds, doing public-spirited business into 1 can keep on development of, have the entity of competition ability.-Translate to note)of mission.When the investor is in economic overcast period”the Lei tight belt” of time, for the sake of the encouragement”many raise”(crowd funding)(point to make use of network or other on-line tools to collect funds and other resourceses, in order to is the way that others or organization provide pecuniary aid.-Translate to note), the Si Luo is second have been keeping lowest investment quantity in smaller level.”The economic condition helps we built up this kind of business model.”She speaks of.

No matter how economic weather is, start a business the entrepreneurs all hope to acquire sense of achievement from see the quick growth of oneself’s business enterprise in person.But, a company at the beginning should how make sure growth speed?Although the female who discusses a group how hold the rhythm that the business enterprise scale extends each difference of views, however, they unanimously think, the growth strategy of the business enterprise should depend on profession.

Give examples to say, Zipcar Daniel Sen of the company speaks of and need the company that the great pen technique invests probably should a little bit early expand large-scale, not will increase devotion gradually hereafter.When Zipcar the company meet with latent investor, Daniel Sen uses 10 years that PowerPoint displays a company, the target is to own 580, 000 customers of time, have some investor break into laughter voice.Now then sky, Zipcar the operation of the company already longer than 10 years, the customer of company also more than 60 myriad peoples.”There is no the target of initialization, we can’t the big pen throw in on the technique.” Daniel Sen speaks of.”In consideration of this is really count for much and develop because of the technique of devotion high get astonishing.”

But, to Susan Ni · of living vogue business enterprise to say, in advance and quickly offending into market is then more more important than extending business enterprise scale.”The speed is that you push a product toward the key to market.”She speaks of.”Once you got into a market ……you would own enough resources to work out the problem of business enterprise scale.”Susan Ni ·took 6 months to make Weardrobe website opened movement.But very quick, website because the discharge leads big but beginning again and again collapse, Susan Ni ·know, now is to expand large-scale of time.

Group the members speak of, this is a tough problem, because once extend quickly may place a company at the dangerous situation, or will make the companies need and cut the situation of the scale as soon as possible.When exceed of the business enterprise increase to 35 employees of time, she feels, business enterprise already deviate core business Be getting farer too much, this core business is to closely cooperate with customer.”The work done by me is scarcely what I like to do.”Exceed add to speak of, afterward, she narrowed the scale of company to 10 employees level.

Exceed think, her experience announced to public to be start a business the entrepreneur is to 1 of pass importance:Start a business the entrepreneur not necessarily don’t  want to do business enterprise to greatly, after become now a business enterprise to become 1,000,000 rich mans;The lying in of importance feels happy.”Everybody of this group spoke of their hearts of fasten, that be:Don’t make to start a business entrepreneur, but really create some things.”Exceed point out.” Start a business the entrepreneur Be just 1 will they of the viewpoint lead toward the tool of market.So, the scale not necessarily means huge.You have been needing to carry out of the heart being you pursue.”

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