Familiar female

Familiar female advice:Let go of a shelf

If you are unfortunate to belong to this kind of men and rather examine oneself once:Rich person very much, young and beautiful also all however tremendous several years not would not° until wait solitude to the old age realize:The sense of superiorities that originally much satisfy all arrive however a women, who nearby accompany you, so, let go of a shelf from the real in the mind, learn equal act towards people.

A little bit more generous

Suggest this kind of men wants this more:The girl friend dresses beautiful, the girl friend has ambition, the girl friend is appreciated, is all my honor, so, I should much go out for her to show to put beautiful, go out to work, go out drive the opportunity for appreciating, oneself also the face have light ah!So, please a little bit more generous.

Fungi moon cake man

Tribe characteristic:Love the beguilement”fungi moon cake” characteristics:Gold and jade it the outside old cotton wool is among them

The love is love, don’t love is love not, made a woman in the outside be made a woman, clearly romantic become sex but still counterfeit purely really, toward a woman to say:”I love your one person and have no other.”Even still die not to recognize a debt after being exposed, must make a lawsuit that parents and children authenticates come just on the whole rendered speechless.

This kind of man is good at beguilement, is that the woman is deeply bad painful unique of object.The big man has to be open and aboveboard, romantic should be person it often sex, admitting can’ting die, either, on the contrary will make the woman more with deliberation treat.Romantic go to beguilement again be since romantic and mean.

Rather silent

Don’t packing again to pretend is hard, or rather remains mum, none of majority of women wishes to be seen as the fool, after all”mental reservation always lead beguilement”

Break false idea.

After getting married, the life really became reality many, but only continuously develop similar premarital of the romance, ordinary of the life would produce fun, then can the body flavor arrive the human life from the life tedious of happiness.Be been devoted to to life trifles everyday otherwise, will gradually make the person produce to feel sick of emotion, like this and then make”the matrimony is the grave of love” corroborated.

Learn common creation the freshman live.

Many opportunities to arrange some amusement items and exchanges feelings in the home lifes, because this not only only is the demand of consolidation and development bed and board, also in the meantime is to adjusting of busy nervous work, make people able to set free from the nervous work, with the prosperous energy and the abundant physical strength, continue to work and study.

Don’t always miss own dignity.

Husband and wife should not joke who Be getting more active, who get face etc..Because active and enthusiasm oneself is a kind of respect and dependence to the lover, if the other party laughs at with this, be not don’t know good man’s heart?

Increase harmony of sex life.

The harmonious sex life is 1 kind that enhances husband and wife’s feelings to glue to match.If the husband and wife lives in sex in had an obstacle, must look for specialized science instruction.All once would be mid-degree in pained and sufferings for several decades in the whole life otherwise.

The exactitude knows “he-man”.

Real he-man, should be since understand big righteousness, again the detail manage;Current seven feelingses are six desires and properly carry on an expression again.That kind of lack tender feeling of, cold of the man is actually the man of mental state ill-health.

Pickle take fish of man

Tribe characteristic:Cold type”pickle take fish” characteristics:The emotion is withered and dissipate of old gamey smell

They lack enthusiasm, the facial expression is apathetic;They don’t love any little animal and mention a ruthlessness affair unconcerned;They for you of the friend close relatives stop one’s ears and even connect to hear that you got sick all to just throw a to you”you go to hospital!”

In fact, they not only to you such, to their own friend family also are such, in their worlds, however have other worth concern oneself of, is all next in importance.Woman at young girl ages, probably will blindly fancy this kind of to look like very”cool” man, but will discover that the enthusiasm and concern is what importance along with own gradual maturity, who can’t hope that own another half puts over there like ice-cubes and makes all heats been as low as zero, either.

Familiar female advice:Become to°from the ice fire

Need to be known, the woman is what water does, water can be burned heat by the fire, so want to want to find favour in chemisette’s eyes, only make oneself become to°from the ice fire.Rather try some considerate actions that you once enjoyed, warmth once and nearby of woman, probably will discover to pass by have never acquired of big repay.

Hydrogen ball man

Tribe characteristic:Proud type”hydrogen ball” characteristics:Ego inflation, fly highly, but fly not and far

There is a kind of men in this world, the facial appearance is good, family background good, income Gao, the identity contains all top-grade position, but it happened that always standing alone, having no woman dare associate with him over a long period of time, not he livings for the playboy’s destiny, but another phrase is predominating his to lose, that be:Proud.Probably you will feel, excellent persons will have some arrogant?So please listen to their words:”I admit this world everyone is equal, but compare, I really have to be a little bit noble than you.””I am always disdained to to dispute with woman, because all of your womans are funny blindnesses animals.”……This kind of words probably listens to once twice you can’t care, but all day long appear and even also continuously mention in front of the woman whom they fall in love, who can can be subjected to?Probably money and position enjoy to let the woman at that time obey, but low three next 41 generation son, which woman can be subjected to?

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