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Audit an office:Hu high speed railway in the city discovers that the 7 greatest problems transfer a funds 187,000,000
Hu high speed railway in the city is the our country”four Zongs four horizontal” railroad passenger transportation special line south the north go by way of Peking, Tienjin and river north, Shandong and Anhui, Jiangsu and Shanghai to the main framework 4 save 3 cities, all of the positive line grow 1318 kilometers of, design soon 350 kilometers of, the budget estimation always invests 217,630,000,000 dollars and formally starts work in April, Treat Eczema2008.Hu Mass Rapid Transit incorporated company(Jing Hu company) in the city that railroad department belongs to is item construction unit, follow line each

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The Chinese building city local government is responsible for this city inshore advertise for ground to dismantle to move a work, advertise for ground to dismantle to move expenses to make price to join from partnership a Jing Hu company.

Up to June, 2010, the whole line total amount provides permanence to use ground 63030 acres of, the completion dismantles to move 7,239,000 square meters, line descend engineering basic completion of work.The total amount completes to invest 138,400,000,000 dollars and shares 85% of planning 163,300,000,000 dollars, among them, the engineering invest 105,000,000,000 dollars and advertise for ground to dismantle to move to invest 33,400,000,000 dollars.

According to 《the People’s Republic of China audits a method 》of rules, audit an office in May, 2010 to July to Hu Mass Rapid Transit(call Hu high speed railway in the city as follows) in the city construction the item carried on a stage to follow audit.At this time grow to 2 months of on the trail of audit in, audit an office and totally discover seven greatest problems:

Enter a field to start work in advance

A, the Nanking great victory engineering soil in pass Yangtze River Bridge sets up and superintendency 1 mark, the city Hu high speed railway consults a business,allergic rhinitis the Nanking south station to meet an emergency engineering soil to set up and superintendency 1 object invite bids time are July, 2006 respectively, December, 2007, December, 2008, but medium iron big bridge bureau, medium iron 13 bureaus, iron engineerings in the section hospital(Peking) consult limited company in etc. before marking unit March, 2006 here, February, 2006, March, 2008 already respectively enter the field begin to work and involve contract amount of money 4,446,000,000 dollars.

In June, 2009, the railroad department engineering designs consultation center and releases quasi- the station going into a railroad guest repairs and decorates and the act wall engineering starts construction after recording business enterprise, Jing Hu company at song Fu east, often state north etc. station engineering invitation to bid in record with inside iron sets up work group limited company, in iron constuct group limited company 2 business enterprises sign a station and repair decorate the engineering contract is 6 and rejected a latent bidder and involved amount of money 490,000,000 dollars.

Transfer funds falsification the generation open invoice

Two, individual construction unit and personal 187,000,000 dollars and other related problemses that transfer and appropriate public funds and constuct a funds, Be suspected of illegally disobeying Ji.

Three, medium iron one bureau, three bureaus, four bureaus, eight bureaus, 11 bureau, 12 bureau, 13 bureau, 17 bureau, 18 bureau, 19 bureaus and 24 bureaus and Peking set up work group, medium set up incorporated company, medium hand over fourth engineering office limited company in the highway, medium hand over the road bridge northern engineering limited company and electric power engineering in Shandong to consult etc.16 construction units in hospital to anticipate businesses, such as purchase and equipments leasing…etc. in the freestone in, the usage falsely open, assumes name or counterfeit of invoice 1297 enter in ledger, the amount of money adds up 324,000,000 dollars.Such as March, 2008 to July, 2010, medium iron 17 bureaus, 18 bureaus and 19 etc.3 construction units in bureau to purchase the invitation to bid and invoice examine a work not strict, make 6 individual suppliers obtained by forging the industry and business business license etc. Distinguish betweenmethod freestone to anticipate supply business, again with forge, generation development ticket 386 enter in ledger, the amount of money adds up 216,000,000 dollars.

In the above-mentioned unit, in iron one bureau, three bureaus, four bureaus, 12 bureaus, 24 bureaus and medium hand over fourth engineering office limited company in the highway, medium hand over northern engineering limited company of road bridge 7 units discover a similar problem when 2009 audits and checked deceitful invoice again last year 365, the amount of money was 53,129,500 dollars.

Have never started work to settle accounts wages first

Four, Jing Hu company’s engineering in hasing not carried out carry out engineering style balance of accounts and involve amount of money 56,080,700 dollars.Among them:Help the south yellow river big bridge dike dam to reinforce corpus engineering to audit vogue don’t carry out, Jing Hu company with medium iron one bureau and parties concerned the fourth quarter degree settled accounts all 12,306,600 dollarses according to the contract payment in 2009;Shanghai seals strand river the course of river change to move engineering to just start starting construction in October, 2008, but Jing Hu company and Chinese transportation construction incorporated company and parties concerned the degree pressed the contract price to settle accounts an engineering style in the 1, 2th quarter of that year 43,774,100 dollars.

Five, the Jing Hu company have never pressed the contract engagement to button up to return to the supplies supply contract performance bond 55,587,400 dollars.To June, 2010, December, 2007’s Hu company organization in the city signs of 363 A provides the supplies purchase the contract in, existence 13 second parties didn’t press the phenomenon that the contract fulfills contract.These contracts fulfill contract to lead to 22% on the average, lowest fulfill contract to lead only 0.8%,recipe for treatment the Jing Hu company has never pressed the contract engagement to button up the performance bond of accepting the 11 among those in homes mark company 55,587,400 dollars.

After audit points out the above-mentioned problem, the fulfilling contract of parties concerned protects a letter expiration already or is sent back by the Jing Hu company, above-mentioned funds already hard recover.

The engineering superintendency not good enough environment destroys

Six, parts of engineerings contain not good enough superintendency.Among them:Superintendency unit Shanghai sky in arched bridge station in Shanghai blesses engineering to consult limited company and Shanghai to set up a section construction superintendency to consult limited company and has 37 superintendency personnel’s titles or keeps industry qualifications to not agree with to match to bid to promise request;The match Rui Si international engineering in Peking consults limited company when the station station engineering item in the west of Tienjin is at the superintendency the commitment sends the deluxe title in a superintendency personnel, in the class title, Asthma can be curedsuperintendency teacher(engineer) have 47.4%, 52.6% and 84.7% respectively and physically and only have 15%, 25% and 40%;Help the south west stands of superintendency unit Shandong help 9 superintendency personnels of iron engineering construction superintendency limited liability company, in the meantime at two mark segments undertake a superintendency work;The soil sets up 2 mark the superintendency unit China iron engineering consult a limited liability company to start construction to the part unit enter field the equipments didn’t carry on an examination.

Seven, Nanking vital point the engineering didn’t press the initial design request, will 1,670,000 sign a square rice to leave soil to hand over to Nanking City to unify a processing, among them, 640,000 squares is used for to fill to turn on water a pond and low-lying and damply, 190,000 square is filled to put mud pond among the mountain, the rest is filled to put marsh land gutters among the mountain and influenced local Water and soil environment.In addition, because of doing not influence a written report batch the view design that replies to request to complete to cross cow head Zu hall scenic area in time and influence the implementation of the tunnel environmental protection measure of Han Fu Shan according to the environment.

According to understanding, auditing the office will start constucting item to carry on to Hu high speed railway in the city for new year following audit in June, 2011.This year will particularly check last year the audit check whole wrong change a circumstance, the concern recruits to bid, equipments material purchase etc. system of sound and implementation circumstance

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