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choose a to wait male

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

To a wait female study to choose a to wait male
Come up to see from the history, the woman of second class cleverness plays dead man, near have Lin Hui because of, far have Ci Xi and Wu Ze Tian.No. 3 quality the silly woman is played dead by the man, all ages is numerous people, representative’s person is a Zhang Ai Ling and Du is ten Niangs.More lamentable is four wait a stupid woman, even man’s sides didn’t touch and then be played deadMount Mercy University

But aught, these womans add, return not equal to odd change of one etc. woman’s cleverness, here in the world, only an etc. the woman carried out all chemisette dreams, with oneself lover hoary head arrive old depend on each other for life.

These womans can’t leave name in history, their smartness but banality, be good at conceal at the man of after death.They have never spent to recruit and can’t play a trick, either, but their husband, but have been guarding by the side of the body, never exceed an one step.

If you feel, real loves all will be so, so you are getting wronger and have no which love is can not through effort but guarantee both quality and quantity.A wait chemisette cleverness, is them all effort, all put at marriage of ex- expect-choose a man up.

None of a lot of girl’s sons understands the importance of choosing the man, they feel seldom run into the man whom has a felling, certainly married as soon as possible important.But they forgot, feelings and marriage completely were different things.

Say from a certain meaning, the love is in fact also a kind of process that is subjected to Nue, so be in love, how you get hurt all can.But the marriage is one process of kind enjoy and maintenance, have to rationally do a choice, as far as possible little get hurt.

The meaning of this sentence BE, you can be in love with anyone, there is felling also good, don’t feel also good, whom be in love will make you enjoy a happiness to be subjected to Nue.But you can choose a person gets married, so marriage, and not necessarily is according to the love.Why will there are more and more women marriages failing, because they always mistake marriage for continuing of love.

Because the marriage isn’t a love at all to combine a body, but is exist a common body.Origins beginning from the mankind, marriage of existence be for letting people betterly existence.So consider getting married, the main factor that considers first be, the other party can make you live better and more comfortable.Chose SumTotal

However this kind of chooses, will never be publicizing money worship.The material isn’t a fine your marriage Chong to want a condition.Choose a man first condition, should be a control and anti- control.In two people’s life, there is recessive controller and drive controller.If two people all want to be controller, this kind of marriage isn’t enough to stabilize, two people would like to be controled, and this kind of life also lacks advanced motive.

So before choosing a man, make first understand, oneself wants to control a man, still would like to be controled by the man.Understand this, you know you should choose what personality what family Be from of man.

Then want to see the ability that the other party have enough ability to make oneself living to be better, is also financial power and produce wealth secondly.The choice of end make oneself”call”, namely sex of the opposite sex draw on.

After finishing doing these 3 to choose, can the row is a form and arrange all candidates, after use to eliminate a principle gradually expel, bald-headed of, too old of, region margin big of, family margin big of, voice unpleasant to hear of, knowledge is too high and didn’t take care of ~ for oneself ability ……SumTotal Systems

All conditions can adopt one by one, until surplus the last person.The last point is specially important, you like of the man not necessarily stay at you nearby, man, who only like you, would an a life time keep company with you from cradle to the grave.This was the contrary theory of the marriage and feelings.

mourns you damn fool

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

The terror mourns you damn fool

Once and after friend carelessly gotted hurt, I am while seeing him.My mama suddenly makes a phone call for me to say my maternal grandmother went to hospital, the reason is puzzling and then cry, and eyes be also getting more misty, Qiao of is unexpectedly and my friend is a hospital, after arriving that, I asked the sentence my mother is what is the row, hence my mother tells me to say drive foul stuff ran into and so-calledly hide thing is the ghost that everyone usually saysnational lighting

Inception my mama didn’t see out, afterwards is that she speaks by herself of, my mama feared, presently still had my aunt and I, mama at that time at this time, ,PLED technologies ,
My mother asks at this time she is who, why want to attach to be after the somebody else’s body, shes once says, my mama frightens of whole body cold sweat, because that is my maternal grandmother house neighbor, is commit suicide because eyes want not to open, my mama ask her to want to do what at this time, , , ,My a person is getting more lonesome, wants to seek too much personal keep me company, , after my mama listenned to suddenly stand up loudly of point at my maternal grandmother says you if dare to get my mama to walk, I you of the grave dug, , , ,The department

Eyes said by me see be missing, because while committing suicide by hanging she drive cordage Lei of, so can not open eyes
Have never led 10 minutes, my maternal grandmother like, eyes also saw, at this time my aunt is again missing, be I go out to seek of time see be the doorway that my aunt is squating down at the hospital crying, at that time my pondering affirmation is that to mourn you damn fool and ascend her body, indeed as expected thus again is her, , after my mama advises over there, hateful is how advise all don’t walk, can’t have to make the cousin come, after she came what rubbish don’t say and then scold, , , because of cousin at come of road up run into her of daughter, today is that she dies Issue 5, so her daughter burns paper money for her, ,LED strip light

Ah a day exactly be still not willing to walk, have no way have to and invite a master at be the midnight in night at 12:00 of time just be willing to she send and walk of, have been sending to her houseEase lighting


Is the Red Cross

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Is the Red Cross”10000 dollars meal””drink wine as forfeit two cups” finished?The leather
Red Cross in Shanghai notifies a Lu Wan Qu’s large amount of meal fee survey and processing circumstance, call funds outlet is work business budget, not relief salvage style.Already responsibility become exceed reception standard part of 7309 dollars from personal undertake, and notify critique inside the system at the whole city

Matter till now, whether Lu Wan Qu Red Cross’ a large amount of dining fee is to belong to work business budget and still keep belonging to relief salvage amount of money or not, in fact all not too important.Importance of is the public funds food and drink, super mark consumes, embellish for show the waste has already become plank to up nail of affair, but this obviously deviates from Red Cross spirit and seriously injures Red Cross image, even be to some extent that hurting still be placed in hobble beginning stage, too frail to stand a gust of wind Chinese philanthropic work.LED strip light

As a result, for the survey processing of Lu Wan Qu Red Cross”10000 dollars meal” affairs, should not limits at “more than 7309 dollars renminbi of the official business reception standard part from personal undertake, send back”, and”to the whole city Geneva cross system notification critique”.Have to take out a more and larger sincerity, further”who is eating”, “why to eat” etc. key detail survey implementation clear, and publicly clarify to the society and the public, carry on a serious processing to the related responsibility person in the meantime.Otherwise, it is no less than to is to two injury of public benevolence kind heart and our country philanthropic work.Clothes’ process of manufacture

Change an angle to see, “10000 dollars meal” affairs start just walks into public visual field at”net friend Pu” of, have tremendous contingency and indetermination factor.If still falling into important event and turning to the processing of this kind of affairs is small, the final outcome of “drink wine as forfeit two cups”, that not only can not show rule of law spirit, even anger for suppressing the people of dashing surge, also the slightest have the caution that don’t arrive “follow bad examples by Jing” the function.Believe to necessarily will continue to present to public such as this kind of affairs thus, “have no most a cow, only have more cow”.Blessing words

window way

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Give the mind a window way
Office ground the fifth floor, the hallway is over against the setting sun.Read a book, write time Be getting longer, start to go out, scan widely opposite, the green mountain is verdant, tree branch Han head, the chimney smoke is curling up in the air, creation solemnly silent, the look in the eyes is comfortable however, a send free of mind and happy of heart, the mind and body is immediately light however.Season ahead of time clothes

The house is on the fourth floor, the window way of den over against the sunrise, river opposite shore, far and far stand erect Tashan, slightly neighboring district, the knoll calmness falls.Study, getting to the Internet is tired and lean on pole eyes by the side of the window to take a distant look, village, countryside, car, shadow of human figure, well arranged have a preface, the pole eyes take a distant look, blue sky underneath of creation, Zao quiet have to, locate at a preface, Tashan quiet Mu and dignity, the brook moves from ancient times in the static state midstream of metre, see the east mountain sunrise, swim birds in view water, the world is ten thousand Lais and be full of innate intelligence, heart also light, absolute being also clear, there is such a window way, let person the great heart please the eye, weary and tired decrease.

No matter is a person or a nation, there is no window way, affirmation doesn’t go.National demand and world mutually know, mutually, not shut eyes to fill to listen to, live in isolation;Open a bosom to embrace, and permit combine Xu, political power welcome to send to, was full of source of vitality and vitality to also head for naturally strong, Chinese man Tang so, but afterwards clear pure, closed the border an entrance to a country, hence suffer to fall behind, suffer beating of destiny;Peter’s one a life time of sand emperor Russia , for opening a “toward the window of Europe”, also don’t hesitate to love wars and military exploits, tire the people and waste the resources.The person needs window way, because does it bring you new sense of vision and feeling and otherwise and how can say “outside of world very fascinating”?Emperor’s the sonses in ancient times study, depend window the position of the side is give most highly respectable of the prince stay;The merchandise building in the residence small area, window way scenery condition okay, the price has to be high naturally!Wedding dresses

The person’s mind cans not gets away from window way more naturally, this window displays you of mood.You of spirit feature, manner of speaking qualities, each and every move, once one Pin smile, even each crease, each grey hair, is all window way of your mind, because people pass the related circumstance that they can understand you, you are quiet such as place son, drop water is gastight and by accident peep out of the clues also noiselessly becomes other people to bust you of window way, so those are deceitful of the criminal Be always difficult to escape net in a sky.People also often say “eyes are the windows of mind”, reflecting an eyes are most a life bodies tops the most outstanding internality of typical model deeply shoot a point.

In the meantime, the window way also useds for row spirit, useds for smelling know an outside and looks for to hope and the passage of source of vitality, so it consigns you of intention and ideal.There is an aim high language saying:”God closeds a door for you, will open a window for you”, it is thus clear that the window contains source of vitality and have no window way to used for vomiting past enter back, the mind will depart from this life, the spirit will wither away!The life unavoidably will receive the shadow and the miasma for mind and spirit, we need a window way to exhaust the Yu Lei in the heart<!-The aSoft defends to collect a thief a chain beginning->unload the heavy pressure of spirit!So, be you determine a certain conviction and keep Zhao ground to struggle for it, or you find out a kind of interest a fondness for and dissolves the heavy burden in the heart with it, let soul at calm down the place of Mi is stopped and rested and roam about at pleasure, this is the window of mind that you build.For example take charge of Ma Qian, suffer absolute disgrace because of being subjected to embroiling of political affairs, but because of 《historical records 》not yet finished, the old wish in the heart don’t, so meekly tolerate insult negative weigh but eventually achieved “history house of extremely sing”!《Historical records 》, would be the ground of settling down of his soul!There being this window to come is well ventilated, his soul got eternal life.If have no this to the pass important heart window can make him eliminate Xie, I think, taking charge of Ma Qian in no case will drag out a shameful existence, that our Chinese nation also can’t like this excellent culture carried a body to spread to accept spirit inheritance.If the person has no a window way to make the spirit Liao hoped afar, the Zhang is poisonous and then will make the soul short of breath, get sick, suffocate.The window way is one to work properly cave, it appeases inside the Fu and links afar and contains a new hope and open to living with dead of organization!Give the mind a window way, would inside the outside annoy fluently, the whole body is easy!Discounts a small attractive shoe

repeatedly see for you

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Rescue a dark yellow dry skin to maintain a key to repeatedly see for you

Lead language:Is the skin dark yellow aridity the reason why?In fact is a long-term sleep shortage, cause metabolism bad, over a long period of time work and rest not normal, and food habit negative effect of skin that unbalance brings results in.The small plait teaches everyone the decrepitude muscle that the skin maintains a key to rescue you today!Chinese treasure

Usually sit up to work overtime protecting of MM a skin method

Sit up a skin to maintain key salvation the project usually sit up to work overtime to usually work overtime of person, sleep serious shortage to cause immunity dint’s descending.The sleep of superior quality can help the metabolism inside your body to accelerate.Can accelerate liver to build blood, repair spirit nourish the spirit.The toxin nature can not stay around inside the body.

Use a nighttime to line up a poisonous product before sleeping

The hormone of night’s secreting to help the skin to recover can help to poison to death to secrete opportune moment in the meantime as well.The most appropriate skin nighttime of usage protects a skin article and makes the tired skin compunction a little got up.Ancient organic gem

Balanced diet don’t eat a junk food

The healthy food is an important method that protects a skin, just so-called beauty from inside but outside adjust to keep out of, the MM of love of beauty can eat vitamin C many fruits more and much drink to protect skin soup water.So is a beneficial place to the skin of.

Much and much massage to sleep

The sleep shortage will make the whole function of lymphoid circulation bad, discard like this and poison continuously pile up and do some acupuncture points massages before sleeping.Can accelerate lymphoid circulation, expel dropsy and toxin, in the meantime and have a tight skin thin face effect.

Massage a step:

Step 1:Put a thumb under two cheekbones of tiny sink place, the palm opens and arrive to°from the eye tail temple part to press to press with ring finger and middle finger

Step 2:Hands thumb and index finger lightly knead a cheeks apple muscle.The thumb upwards kneads, the index finger helps, two from descend upwards and lightly knead;

Step 3:The hands match a boxing to push to press in the lower jaw two sides by pointing stanza part;

Step 4:Press to press down jaw two sides with the thumb of tiny sink place, index finger flection, with curve follow chin arrive the cheeks outline lightly pare off;Then lightly pare off a forehead with the same skill two sides and the bottom eye frame;Pearl De Beaute

Step 5:Match a left hand boxing, put in the right cheeks, open a thumb, is pressed toward temple direction by the nose wing to press.

Deceive message

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Deceive message and telephone amount to bring into to sentence a condition

《Explain 》special the telecommunication deceive and list as from strict punish of situation, concrete behavior BE:Pass to send out a message, stir to make a phone call or make use of an Internet and broadcast television, and newspapers and magazines…etc. to release a deceitful information, deceive to the not particular majority implementation.The light

In the realistic case, the telecommunication deceives income usually hard all identify, can not cause crime member’s being subjected to the punishment that should have.To this, once had the law the personage appeal, deceived telecommunication list as in dangerous way endangered a public and safe offense management category, not use crime quantity as sentence basis, as long as confirm the criminal offence can immediately punish.《Explain 》also do special rules to this:Send out to deceive more than 5000s of informations;Stir a dozen to deceive more than 500 people of telephone;Deceiving means is bad and endanger the serious, “other serious details” according to penal code rules sentence a punishment by deceiving offense(uncompleted).Thus, deceive quantity no longer is uniquely sentence standard.

light LED

“The telecommunication deceives to bust difficulty Gao, the breakage resulting in to the social order is more big, have to strengthen earthquake Zhe from the thump shot, then can as far as possible reduce hair.”West city check the Cha hospital investigates direct, deputy director, Ma Zhao Hui, thinks and brings the message, telephone amount into the crime condition and increased to investigate the outlet that the organization obtains evidence and was advantageous to a strict Cheng crime member.But the irregularity lowered to deceive the going into of offense offense threshold and probably fought noodles too big.”Sending out each kind of personnel of deceitful information is too many, if all go into offense, worth company Que.”

The light emitter diode

Ma Zhao Hui also points out that confirm the premise of the message number in the judicial fulfillment is find out a message to send out a machine and pass the technique means instauration data and can hardly also find out all consignees otherwise, and each operator can not also provide proofs, such as message and telephone circumstance…etc..Therefore, the pit actually deceives quantity and other proof and is still public prosecutor to will handle a case from now on of point.

Deceive offense to rise Xing to order to raise to 3000 dollars

《Explain 》Article 1 stipulate that the exaltation deceives offense to rise Xing to order:Deceive what male private wealth and properties is worth of above 3000-10,000 dollars, above 30,000-100,000 dollars and above 500,000 dollars, should affirm for”the quantity is bigger”, “the quantity is huge” and”the quantity is specially huge” respectively.

The new photo

The judicatory before comparing explanation, new 《explanation 》stipulated to order since the Xing for the very first time of range.Formely, deceived an offense dissimilarity to measure Xing to order to is above 2000 dollars, above 30,000 dollars and above 200,000 dollars respectively since the Xing, is all single quantity, everywhere according to the economic level remake settle concrete standard.For example this city designate as 3000 dollars, 50,000 dollars and 200,000 dollars, is more widespreadly slightly high than rising of supreme court the Xing order.New judicatory explain to then will rise Xing to order to stipulate in the certain range, such as constitute crime of rise the Xing order to above 3000-10,000 dollars and gave everywhere of control range.

The sea Dian court Xing one vice- court in the court long swim a big wave to think, start to raise a Xing point to match our country current economy development condition, but rules rise Xing range, be advantageous to everyplace establishment suit more physically local sentence standard.

Swim big wave to compare in 2001 to deceive offense with commonness in 2010:In 2001, deceive quantity the case of 3000-50,000 dollars is 50, 50,000-200,000 dollars of 20, 9 piece of above 200,000 dollars;Last year, three sets of case numbers distinguished to 126, 51 and 53.”It is thus clear that, deceive quantity to develop level along with the economy to huge, the specially huge high speed develop.”Swim a big wave to say.

the photo

pearl powder good

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Which pearl powder good
I intend to use to do an Tahitian pearlemergency mask to use to see to have a lot of specieses there what Na the pleasing of fresh water of the sea water of rice ask which kind do emergency mask absorption better

Na rice had better, because he is thin better absorb, in fact I also want to buy of, these several days are on the net checked for a long time, all say to still go, however the public praise is the best of Freshwater pearlstill up medicine of, still saw have a little small today expensive don’t buy.

Na rice had better,
【The product introduces 】
Derive from pure beauty of south china sea, 100% of pure, super small 20000 eyes, the flavor is elegantly simple.

■The pearl is rich to contain the 19 kinds of amino acidses, high live living creature cow that the human body needs yellow sour, about 20 various mineral qualities and trace element.(like calcium, iron, manganese,South Sea pearl organic selenium, Zhe, and chrome…etc.)1,100 in the last yearses, the pearl is always seen by people as a kind of care a food

■This article with the sea Nanking smooth sea water farm self product of high-quality pearl for raw material, the adoption Na rice has refined science and technology but becomes.Don’t break pearl composition, the thin degree overs 20000 eyes, the powder quality is specially delicate, the flavor is elegantly simple,Golden South Sea pearl easy drive human body absorb.

【Parts of operation methods 】

Internal use method:Regulate endocrine and construct equilibrium environment inside the body, keep the Yan delicate skin, the pure fire goes to a pox and helps to sleep to sleep well and go to wrinkly in addition to spot, often taking can make skin pure white and soft and tender.Directly take, time 0.3 gs(about two small even Shaos), everyday 1-2 times, the kid reduces half.

Powder puff method:Be stained with to take just the right amount of pearl powder with the powder puff after sweeping face in the evening even Be put on to face, time morning washes to go, ability fair skin, keep a skin to contain flexibility.

Emergency mask method:(Each time 4-6 gram)

Neutral or dry sex skin quality:There are pure fresh milk or egg adjusting with the pearl powder mixture into lake-like in shape at the face, reserve to sweep face after 30 minutes, spread a face with the hot towel two, every time 15 minutes.If feel the face draw tight feeling, can use to protect skin frost United States to moisten a skin.Every day once, Jewellery Manufacturers15 divas, the effect is obvious.

The oil skin quality:Use clear water in harmony with the pearl powder become paste form is at the face and reserve to sweep face after 40 minutes, with the hot towel spread a face twice, every time 5 minutes.Every day once, 15 divas, the effect is obvious.

The marriage is a choice

Friday, April 1st, 2011

The marriage is a choice, doesn’t send for the sake of the row lonesome or look for a long-term meal ticket, more the vehemence orders, equal hence a wager.No matter choose who, all invest at a time, regardless choose an original, the potential still a top, all need to undertake risk.The choice is the most important, you control own option, can choose whether want matrimony, whom can also choose to get married, but this kind of active power isn’t absolute, while running into love or missing the best choice opportune moment, active power involuntarily of the consignation is at the other people or legal power a put is putting.

No matter how it is choose, God always when you choose, practice a middle way approach, can’t make you perfect, don’t let you as well complete despair.One day, the Plato asks him of teacher what is a love, his teacher calls him to get to cornfield first inside, take off biggest most golden ears of wheat in a whole grain farmland.Period can take off once, and can only with go straight up, can not turn head.Plato hence shine on a talking of teacher to do.As a result, his two hands all emptily come out cornfield.The teacher asks him why could not take off, he says:”Because can take off once, can not backslide again, in the interval even if see 1 again greatly and golden of, because don’t know front whether is better, so don’t take off;Walk to front, and then see before disclosure always cannot compare with of well and originally biggest most golden ears of wheat in the cornfield, early miss;Hence,The 16th century’s I then what can not take off either.”The teacher says:”This is the love.”

After again one day, the Plato asks him of teacher what is a marriage, his teacher calls him to get to forest first inside, chop down next whole forestses biggest most exuberant, the most suitable match to put at home of the tree that make a Christmas tree.The in the interval same can take off once, and equally can only with go straight up, can not turn head.Plato hence shine on a talking of teacher to do.Now time, he took a Pu common, be not don’t calculate a very bad tree back very luxuriantly and as well.The teacher asks him, how the tree taking this come back, he says:”There is last time experience, be I walk to the greater half road when two hands are still all empty see this tree also not too bad, then chop down, in case after missing, end again what also take not to come out.The teacher says:”This is the marriage.”

From think to own 1 can the seas dry up and rocks crumble love, but can not everlasting, the love end ash of”not you can not” flies smoke to put out, probably person and you of that”not you can not” are on the personality not the ability is harmonious, Be just the distance of mind very near just;Probably imperceptibly but inexorably, you need to compensate the older generation son to owe the next feeling debt with deep-rooted pain and recollection, then in mild warmth, accept another hall that clingingly love and pursue, walk into marriage, but had no the felling of “very love very love”, just found out marriage of mind and body.This because you saw the thing that you are in need of from his body.Meet to suit own marriage.

Love and marriage always not ability two whole of, isn’t also unique.Positive such as three equally bright candles puts together, be picked up any 1 puts at at present, always feel it compare other bright, the so-called love is livinged by the heart, you feel diligently seeing and then feeling that it is the brightest when you love him;When you put back it original place, but you can not find to feel at 1:00 most brightly, your only love of this kind of so-called end is just mirror flower water month.Excessively pursue a perfect person to feelings, always expect love bread two whole marriages and hold hands to walk into marriage hall of that for an instant, think that Snow White and prince’s perfect life from now on started.Put on the dazzling white wedding dress be also just momentary Snow White, under the ablaze with lights of wedding after, finally want to face a true life.Face the marriage brings of”front side” perfectly in the meantime, also need to bear the reality of “back”.Hence not a few friends discover after getting married, marriage of the prelude don’t necessarily need the love of vows of eternal love and appreciate beauty tired after will discover your he or she isn’t the only person who suit you, but as for habit that have become each other, life medium hard the feeling for cutting off.

This being fully like Shu is quick 《thousands husband 》medium say, the plant has mutually living mutually a gram of, have unable to co-existly, have of”you good I am also well”.The person also “have a thousands man, can become our husband” so.Equally”there is thousands woman, The female soundcan become your wife” to man, as long as the type that found out to suit you.

Many people slowly don’t marry, the sea enjoying chooses and looks for that unique in the boundless huge;Many people got married and still kept thinking oneself not enough happiness, regrets in at the beginning of choice.Marriage of the choice is also the choice of art, no matter how it is, choose and all have a regret, but know the art of choice, creative discover and accept, know a weather, land utilization and person and of iron Lyu, know who is that best of, just like”do not choose the the most expensive, picks the best”, but these must are decided by oneself, cleverness of discover on one’s own initiative.