The marriage is a choice

The marriage is a choice, doesn’t send for the sake of the row lonesome or look for a long-term meal ticket, more the vehemence orders, equal hence a wager.No matter choose who, all invest at a time, regardless choose an original, the potential still a top, all need to undertake risk.The choice is the most important, you control own option, can choose whether want matrimony, whom can also choose to get married, but this kind of active power isn’t absolute, while running into love or missing the best choice opportune moment, active power involuntarily of the consignation is at the other people or legal power a put is putting.

No matter how it is choose, God always when you choose, practice a middle way approach, can’t make you perfect, don’t let you as well complete despair.One day, the Plato asks him of teacher what is a love, his teacher calls him to get to cornfield first inside, take off biggest most golden ears of wheat in a whole grain farmland.Period can take off once, and can only with go straight up, can not turn head.Plato hence shine on a talking of teacher to do.As a result, his two hands all emptily come out cornfield.The teacher asks him why could not take off, he says:”Because can take off once, can not backslide again, in the interval even if see 1 again greatly and golden of, because don’t know front whether is better, so don’t take off;Walk to front, and then see before disclosure always cannot compare with of well and originally biggest most golden ears of wheat in the cornfield, early miss;Hence,The 16th century’s I then what can not take off either.”The teacher says:”This is the love.”

After again one day, the Plato asks him of teacher what is a marriage, his teacher calls him to get to forest first inside, chop down next whole forestses biggest most exuberant, the most suitable match to put at home of the tree that make a Christmas tree.The in the interval same can take off once, and equally can only with go straight up, can not turn head.Plato hence shine on a talking of teacher to do.Now time, he took a Pu common, be not don’t calculate a very bad tree back very luxuriantly and as well.The teacher asks him, how the tree taking this come back, he says:”There is last time experience, be I walk to the greater half road when two hands are still all empty see this tree also not too bad, then chop down, in case after missing, end again what also take not to come out.The teacher says:”This is the marriage.”

From think to own 1 can the seas dry up and rocks crumble love, but can not everlasting, the love end ash of”not you can not” flies smoke to put out, probably person and you of that”not you can not” are on the personality not the ability is harmonious, Be just the distance of mind very near just;Probably imperceptibly but inexorably, you need to compensate the older generation son to owe the next feeling debt with deep-rooted pain and recollection, then in mild warmth, accept another hall that clingingly love and pursue, walk into marriage, but had no the felling of “very love very love”, just found out marriage of mind and body.This because you saw the thing that you are in need of from his body.Meet to suit own marriage.

Love and marriage always not ability two whole of, isn’t also unique.Positive such as three equally bright candles puts together, be picked up any 1 puts at at present, always feel it compare other bright, the so-called love is livinged by the heart, you feel diligently seeing and then feeling that it is the brightest when you love him;When you put back it original place, but you can not find to feel at 1:00 most brightly, your only love of this kind of so-called end is just mirror flower water month.Excessively pursue a perfect person to feelings, always expect love bread two whole marriages and hold hands to walk into marriage hall of that for an instant, think that Snow White and prince’s perfect life from now on started.Put on the dazzling white wedding dress be also just momentary Snow White, under the ablaze with lights of wedding after, finally want to face a true life.Face the marriage brings of”front side” perfectly in the meantime, also need to bear the reality of “back”.Hence not a few friends discover after getting married, marriage of the prelude don’t necessarily need the love of vows of eternal love and appreciate beauty tired after will discover your he or she isn’t the only person who suit you, but as for habit that have become each other, life medium hard the feeling for cutting off.

This being fully like Shu is quick 《thousands husband 》medium say, the plant has mutually living mutually a gram of, have unable to co-existly, have of”you good I am also well”.The person also “have a thousands man, can become our husband” so.Equally”there is thousands woman, The female soundcan become your wife” to man, as long as the type that found out to suit you.

Many people slowly don’t marry, the sea enjoying chooses and looks for that unique in the boundless huge;Many people got married and still kept thinking oneself not enough happiness, regrets in at the beginning of choice.Marriage of the choice is also the choice of art, no matter how it is, choose and all have a regret, but know the art of choice, creative discover and accept, know a weather, land utilization and person and of iron Lyu, know who is that best of, just like”do not choose the the most expensive, picks the best”, but these must are decided by oneself, cleverness of discover on one’s own initiative.

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