pearl powder good

Which pearl powder good
I intend to use to do an Tahitian pearlemergency mask to use to see to have a lot of specieses there what Na the pleasing of fresh water of the sea water of rice ask which kind do emergency mask absorption better

Na rice had better, because he is thin better absorb, in fact I also want to buy of, these several days are on the net checked for a long time, all say to still go, however the public praise is the best of Freshwater pearlstill up medicine of, still saw have a little small today expensive don’t buy.

Na rice had better,
【The product introduces 】
Derive from pure beauty of south china sea, 100% of pure, super small 20000 eyes, the flavor is elegantly simple.

■The pearl is rich to contain the 19 kinds of amino acidses, high live living creature cow that the human body needs yellow sour, about 20 various mineral qualities and trace element.(like calcium, iron, manganese,South Sea pearl organic selenium, Zhe, and chrome…etc.)1,100 in the last yearses, the pearl is always seen by people as a kind of care a food

■This article with the sea Nanking smooth sea water farm self product of high-quality pearl for raw material, the adoption Na rice has refined science and technology but becomes.Don’t break pearl composition, the thin degree overs 20000 eyes, the powder quality is specially delicate, the flavor is elegantly simple,Golden South Sea pearl easy drive human body absorb.

【Parts of operation methods 】

Internal use method:Regulate endocrine and construct equilibrium environment inside the body, keep the Yan delicate skin, the pure fire goes to a pox and helps to sleep to sleep well and go to wrinkly in addition to spot, often taking can make skin pure white and soft and tender.Directly take, time 0.3 gs(about two small even Shaos), everyday 1-2 times, the kid reduces half.

Powder puff method:Be stained with to take just the right amount of pearl powder with the powder puff after sweeping face in the evening even Be put on to face, time morning washes to go, ability fair skin, keep a skin to contain flexibility.

Emergency mask method:(Each time 4-6 gram)

Neutral or dry sex skin quality:There are pure fresh milk or egg adjusting with the pearl powder mixture into lake-like in shape at the face, reserve to sweep face after 30 minutes, spread a face with the hot towel two, every time 15 minutes.If feel the face draw tight feeling, can use to protect skin frost United States to moisten a skin.Every day once, Jewellery Manufacturers15 divas, the effect is obvious.

The oil skin quality:Use clear water in harmony with the pearl powder become paste form is at the face and reserve to sweep face after 40 minutes, with the hot towel spread a face twice, every time 5 minutes.Every day once, 15 divas, the effect is obvious.

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