repeatedly see for you

Rescue a dark yellow dry skin to maintain a key to repeatedly see for you

Lead language:Is the skin dark yellow aridity the reason why?In fact is a long-term sleep shortage, cause metabolism bad, over a long period of time work and rest not normal, and food habit negative effect of skin that unbalance brings results in.The small plait teaches everyone the decrepitude muscle that the skin maintains a key to rescue you today!Chinese treasure

Usually sit up to work overtime protecting of MM a skin method

Sit up a skin to maintain key salvation the project usually sit up to work overtime to usually work overtime of person, sleep serious shortage to cause immunity dint’s descending.The sleep of superior quality can help the metabolism inside your body to accelerate.Can accelerate liver to build blood, repair spirit nourish the spirit.The toxin nature can not stay around inside the body.

Use a nighttime to line up a poisonous product before sleeping

The hormone of night’s secreting to help the skin to recover can help to poison to death to secrete opportune moment in the meantime as well.The most appropriate skin nighttime of usage protects a skin article and makes the tired skin compunction a little got up.Ancient organic gem

Balanced diet don’t eat a junk food

The healthy food is an important method that protects a skin, just so-called beauty from inside but outside adjust to keep out of, the MM of love of beauty can eat vitamin C many fruits more and much drink to protect skin soup water.So is a beneficial place to the skin of.

Much and much massage to sleep

The sleep shortage will make the whole function of lymphoid circulation bad, discard like this and poison continuously pile up and do some acupuncture points massages before sleeping.Can accelerate lymphoid circulation, expel dropsy and toxin, in the meantime and have a tight skin thin face effect.

Massage a step:

Step 1:Put a thumb under two cheekbones of tiny sink place, the palm opens and arrive to┬░from the eye tail temple part to press to press with ring finger and middle finger

Step 2:Hands thumb and index finger lightly knead a cheeks apple muscle.The thumb upwards kneads, the index finger helps, two from descend upwards and lightly knead;

Step 3:The hands match a boxing to push to press in the lower jaw two sides by pointing stanza part;

Step 4:Press to press down jaw two sides with the thumb of tiny sink place, index finger flection, with curve follow chin arrive the cheeks outline lightly pare off;Then lightly pare off a forehead with the same skill two sides and the bottom eye frame;Pearl De Beaute

Step 5:Match a left hand boxing, put in the right cheeks, open a thumb, is pressed toward temple direction by the nose wing to press.

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