window way

Give the mind a window way
Office ground the fifth floor, the hallway is over against the setting sun.Read a book, write time Be getting longer, start to go out, scan widely opposite, the green mountain is verdant, tree branch Han head, the chimney smoke is curling up in the air, creation solemnly silent, the look in the eyes is comfortable however, a send free of mind and happy of heart, the mind and body is immediately light however.Season ahead of time clothes

The house is on the fourth floor, the window way of den over against the sunrise, river opposite shore, far and far stand erect Tashan, slightly neighboring district, the knoll calmness falls.Study, getting to the Internet is tired and lean on pole eyes by the side of the window to take a distant look, village, countryside, car, shadow of human figure, well arranged have a preface, the pole eyes take a distant look, blue sky underneath of creation, Zao quiet have to, locate at a preface, Tashan quiet Mu and dignity, the brook moves from ancient times in the static state midstream of metre, see the east mountain sunrise, swim birds in view water, the world is ten thousand Lais and be full of innate intelligence, heart also light, absolute being also clear, there is such a window way, let person the great heart please the eye, weary and tired decrease.

No matter is a person or a nation, there is no window way, affirmation doesn’t go.National demand and world mutually know, mutually, not shut eyes to fill to listen to, live in isolation;Open a bosom to embrace, and permit combine Xu, political power welcome to send to, was full of source of vitality and vitality to also head for naturally strong, Chinese man Tang so, but afterwards clear pure, closed the border an entrance to a country, hence suffer to fall behind, suffer beating of destiny;Peter’s one a life time of sand emperor Russia , for opening a “toward the window of Europe”, also don’t hesitate to love wars and military exploits, tire the people and waste the resources.The person needs window way, because does it bring you new sense of vision and feeling and otherwise and how can say “outside of world very fascinating”?Emperor’s the sonses in ancient times study, depend window the position of the side is give most highly respectable of the prince stay;The merchandise building in the residence small area, window way scenery condition okay, the price has to be high naturally!Wedding dresses

The person’s mind cans not gets away from window way more naturally, this window displays you of mood.You of spirit feature, manner of speaking qualities, each and every move, once one Pin smile, even each crease, each grey hair, is all window way of your mind, because people pass the related circumstance that they can understand you, you are quiet such as place son, drop water is gastight and by accident peep out of the clues also noiselessly becomes other people to bust you of window way, so those are deceitful of the criminal Be always difficult to escape net in a sky.People also often say “eyes are the windows of mind”, reflecting an eyes are most a life bodies tops the most outstanding internality of typical model deeply shoot a point.

In the meantime, the window way also useds for row spirit, useds for smelling know an outside and looks for to hope and the passage of source of vitality, so it consigns you of intention and ideal.There is an aim high language saying:”God closeds a door for you, will open a window for you”, it is thus clear that the window contains source of vitality and have no window way to used for vomiting past enter back, the mind will depart from this life, the spirit will wither away!The life unavoidably will receive the shadow and the miasma for mind and spirit, we need a window way to exhaust the Yu Lei in the heart<!-The aSoft defends to collect a thief a chain beginning->unload the heavy pressure of spirit!So, be you determine a certain conviction and keep Zhao ground to struggle for it, or you find out a kind of interest a fondness for and dissolves the heavy burden in the heart with it, let soul at calm down the place of Mi is stopped and rested and roam about at pleasure, this is the window of mind that you build.For example take charge of Ma Qian, suffer absolute disgrace because of being subjected to embroiling of political affairs, but because of 《historical records 》not yet finished, the old wish in the heart don’t, so meekly tolerate insult negative weigh but eventually achieved “history house of extremely sing”!《Historical records 》, would be the ground of settling down of his soul!There being this window to come is well ventilated, his soul got eternal life.If have no this to the pass important heart window can make him eliminate Xie, I think, taking charge of Ma Qian in no case will drag out a shameful existence, that our Chinese nation also can’t like this excellent culture carried a body to spread to accept spirit inheritance.If the person has no a window way to make the spirit Liao hoped afar, the Zhang is poisonous and then will make the soul short of breath, get sick, suffocate.The window way is one to work properly cave, it appeases inside the Fu and links afar and contains a new hope and open to living with dead of organization!Give the mind a window way, would inside the outside annoy fluently, the whole body is easy!Discounts a small attractive shoe

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