Is the Red Cross

Is the Red Cross”10000 dollars meal””drink wine as forfeit two cups” finished?The leather
Red Cross in Shanghai notifies a Lu Wan Qu’s large amount of meal fee survey and processing circumstance, call funds outlet is work business budget, not relief salvage style.Already responsibility become exceed reception standard part of 7309 dollars from personal undertake, and notify critique inside the system at the whole city

Matter till now, whether Lu Wan Qu Red Cross’ a large amount of dining fee is to belong to work business budget and still keep belonging to relief salvage amount of money or not, in fact all not too important.Importance of is the public funds food and drink, super mark consumes, embellish for show the waste has already become plank to up nail of affair, but this obviously deviates from Red Cross spirit and seriously injures Red Cross image, even be to some extent that hurting still be placed in hobble beginning stage, too frail to stand a gust of wind Chinese philanthropic work.LED strip light

As a result, for the survey processing of Lu Wan Qu Red Cross”10000 dollars meal” affairs, should not limits at “more than 7309 dollars renminbi of the official business reception standard part from personal undertake, send back”, and”to the whole city Geneva cross system notification critique”.Have to take out a more and larger sincerity, further”who is eating”, “why to eat” etc. key detail survey implementation clear, and publicly clarify to the society and the public, carry on a serious processing to the related responsibility person in the meantime.Otherwise, it is no less than to is to two injury of public benevolence kind heart and our country philanthropic work.Clothes’ process of manufacture

Change an angle to see, “10000 dollars meal” affairs start just walks into public visual field at”net friend Pu” of, have tremendous contingency and indetermination factor.If still falling into important event and turning to the processing of this kind of affairs is small, the final outcome of “drink wine as forfeit two cups”, that not only can not show rule of law spirit, even anger for suppressing the people of dashing surge, also the slightest have the caution that don’t arrive “follow bad examples by Jing” the function.Believe to necessarily will continue to present to public such as this kind of affairs thus, “have no most a cow, only have more cow”.Blessing words

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