mourns you damn fool

The terror mourns you damn fool

Once and after friend carelessly gotted hurt, I am while seeing him.My mama suddenly makes a phone call for me to say my maternal grandmother went to hospital, the reason is puzzling and then cry, and eyes be also getting more misty, Qiao of is unexpectedly and my friend is a hospital, after arriving that, I asked the sentence my mother is what is the row, hence my mother tells me to say drive foul stuff ran into and so-calledly hide thing is the ghost that everyone usually saysnational lighting

Inception my mama didn’t see out, afterwards is that she speaks by herself of, my mama feared, presently still had my aunt and I, mama at that time at this time, ,PLED technologies ,
My mother asks at this time she is who, why want to attach to be after the somebody else’s body, shes once says, my mama frightens of whole body cold sweat, because that is my maternal grandmother house neighbor, is commit suicide because eyes want not to open, my mama ask her to want to do what at this time, , , ,My a person is getting more lonesome, wants to seek too much personal keep me company, , after my mama listenned to suddenly stand up loudly of point at my maternal grandmother says you if dare to get my mama to walk, I you of the grave dug, , , ,The department

Eyes said by me see be missing, because while committing suicide by hanging she drive cordage Lei of, so can not open eyes
Have never led 10 minutes, my maternal grandmother like, eyes also saw, at this time my aunt is again missing, be I go out to seek of time see be the doorway that my aunt is squating down at the hospital crying, at that time my pondering affirmation is that to mourn you damn fool and ascend her body, indeed as expected thus again is her, , after my mama advises over there, hateful is how advise all don’t walk, can’t have to make the cousin come, after she came what rubbish don’t say and then scold, , , because of cousin at come of road up run into her of daughter, today is that she dies Issue 5, so her daughter burns paper money for her, ,LED strip light

Ah a day exactly be still not willing to walk, have no way have to and invite a master at be the midnight in night at 12:00 of time just be willing to she send and walk of, have been sending to her houseEase lighting


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