choose a to wait male

To a wait female study to choose a to wait male
Come up to see from the history, the woman of second class cleverness plays dead man, near have Lin Hui because of, far have Ci Xi and Wu Ze Tian.No. 3 quality the silly woman is played dead by the man, all ages is numerous people, representative’s person is a Zhang Ai Ling and Du is ten Niangs.More lamentable is four wait a stupid woman, even man’s sides didn’t touch and then be played deadMount Mercy University

But aught, these womans add, return not equal to odd change of one etc. woman’s cleverness, here in the world, only an etc. the woman carried out all chemisette dreams, with oneself lover hoary head arrive old depend on each other for life.

These womans can’t leave name in history, their smartness but banality, be good at conceal at the man of after death.They have never spent to recruit and can’t play a trick, either, but their husband, but have been guarding by the side of the body, never exceed an one step.

If you feel, real loves all will be so, so you are getting wronger and have no which love is can not through effort but guarantee both quality and quantity.A wait chemisette cleverness, is them all effort, all put at marriage of ex- expect-choose a man up.

None of a lot of girl’s sons understands the importance of choosing the man, they feel seldom run into the man whom has a felling, certainly married as soon as possible important.But they forgot, feelings and marriage completely were different things.

Say from a certain meaning, the love is in fact also a kind of process that is subjected to Nue, so be in love, how you get hurt all can.But the marriage is one process of kind enjoy and maintenance, have to rationally do a choice, as far as possible little get hurt.

The meaning of this sentence BE, you can be in love with anyone, there is felling also good, don’t feel also good, whom be in love will make you enjoy a happiness to be subjected to Nue.But you can choose a person gets married, so marriage, and not necessarily is according to the love.Why will there are more and more women marriages failing, because they always mistake marriage for continuing of love.

Because the marriage isn’t a love at all to combine a body, but is exist a common body.Origins beginning from the mankind, marriage of existence be for letting people betterly existence.So consider getting married, the main factor that considers first be, the other party can make you live better and more comfortable.Chose SumTotal

However this kind of chooses, will never be publicizing money worship.The material isn’t a fine your marriage Chong to want a condition.Choose a man first condition, should be a control and anti- control.In two people’s life, there is recessive controller and drive controller.If two people all want to be controller, this kind of marriage isn’t enough to stabilize, two people would like to be controled, and this kind of life also lacks advanced motive.

So before choosing a man, make first understand, oneself wants to control a man, still would like to be controled by the man.Understand this, you know you should choose what personality what family Be from of man.

Then want to see the ability that the other party have enough ability to make oneself living to be better, is also financial power and produce wealth secondly.The choice of end make oneself”call”, namely sex of the opposite sex draw on.

After finishing doing these 3 to choose, can the row is a form and arrange all candidates, after use to eliminate a principle gradually expel, bald-headed of, too old of, region margin big of, family margin big of, voice unpleasant to hear of, knowledge is too high and didn’t take care of ~ for oneself ability ……SumTotal Systems

All conditions can adopt one by one, until surplus the last person.The last point is specially important, you like of the man not necessarily stay at you nearby, man, who only like you, would an a life time keep company with you from cradle to the grave.This was the contrary theory of the marriage and feelings.

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