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Naked how to authenticate

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Naked how to authenticate the value for drilling?
Naked the value for drilling have been transparent in the world, the prices all press naked drill of 4 Cs(size, color, clean degree, slice work) list price space, naked the value for drilling know its 4 Cs is basic to know its price.And the diamond price 10%ly soared space annually, and naked the sizes of value diamond drilling all have ratings, the diamond price of different series will differ very far, computes a method according to the complicated diamond,Nuclear pearls do an everybody can understand of naked drill calculator, be convenient for everyone to become further to international diamond condition of the market understanding.

How authenticate naked the value for drilling?

1, the eye view Be naked to drill:Naked drill to put the paper of having the writing or pattern up, if through naked drill the writing goods that can see up the paper of picture, prove this that being false is naked to drill, whereas then for real natural naked drill.This matter the diamond has to very and strongly refract effect, so naked the value for drilling looking at to have no other materials on the paper, for example the precious stone like the crystal put on the paper noodles, the pattern writing is clear it is thus clear that.

2, use a pencil:This method is invented by an expert of the former Soviet Union, before consultation, use water to the diamond first smooth wet, naked the value for drilling then again use a pencil the crystal side in the true diamond slightly depicts, the pencil once rows of the place don’t stay trace;But if are the leave that the materials, such as glass and crystal…etc. makes into to drill, the surface will leave trace.

3, by hand touch:By hand point lightly crystal side of touching the diamond, will have 1 kind to glue a sexual felling, this kind of glues sex is really drill special, naked the value leave drilling’s drilling then can’t produce.Because the diamond has a kind of affinity to the grease, but the hand point of the skin top will secrete some little of, the crystal noodles contact of this kind of skin grease and diamond, meeting the creation glue of felling.In addition,Ear Erosari see pure naked drill of certificate also very key.Currently nations most GIA of authority Be naked to drill to authenticate a certificate, is the great majority naked drill to all have of naked drill consultation certificate.

Bohai Sea development

Monday, May 30th, 2011

In 2010, economy in wreath Bohai Sea development area economic development ascension for the country strategy height in the house, we Wei shop for respond to a nation call, develop low carbon economy, constructed wind power factory in the foreland, is shown as diagram.descend form to the power of each set wind power machine is under the different wind velocity.(Reserve two fractions as a result)

(1)If is a 6 ms/s in the wind velocity in some time, a pedestal generator works for an hour,led lighting design the output electric power cans be provided as the air condition(the 220 Vs 5 As) of small clear house and give or get an electric shock hot pot(220 Vs 40 Ωs) of work how many in the meantime?
(2)If circumlittoral year of average wind velocity in the Wei shop is a 8 ms/s, 50 sets wind power machines like this work for a day, the electric power acquiring is completely equal to combustion how many tons coal?(The heat of the coal is worth to 3 ×s 103 Js/kgs)
Answer:(1)The electric power of wind power machine creation12 volt led lighting:W=Pt=the 16 KW × 1 h=16 kWhs,
The power of air condition is:The P is 1= UIs=the 220 V × 5 As=1100 Ws=1.1 kWs,
Give or get an electric shock hot lead of power:
The working time is:
(2)Generates electricity quantity for a day for:W=Pt=3.8 the ×s 104 W × 50 ×s are 24 ×s 3600 seses=1.6416 ×s 1011 Js,

Chinese section

Friday, May 27th, 2011

The Chinese section helps for the eighth time a national congress to open in the city
On May 27, Chinese science technique association the national congress open in Great Hall of the People, Peking for for the eighth time.Hu Jintao, Wen Jia Bao and Gu celebrates a wood, Li Chang Chun and Xi near even, the Li Ke Qiang, He country is strong, the etc. party in week Yungkang and Beijing leadership arrive a meeting to congratulate.The Xinhua news agency reporter Rao love the people shoot

The Xinhua news agency Peking gives or gets an electric shock(reporter, Xu Jing Yue, , Wu is clear and bright) Chinese science technique association on May 27 the national congress Be solemn and impressive to open in Great Hall of the People on the morning of the 27th for the eighth time.The party and Beijing leadership Hu Jintao, Wen Jia Bao and Gu celebrates a wood, Li Chang Chun and Xi near even, the Li Ke Qiang, He country is strong, week Yungkang’s waiting until will congratulate.The more than 1300s excellent science and technology worker represents and carry a whole country 58,000,000 science and technology worker of heavy give to attend this grand occasion.

Today, Great Hall of the People is full of warmly pleased celebrate of atmosphere.The huge of “Chinese science technique association for the eighth time national congress” will the elevation hang on the stage the square is at hall chairman, Chinese science technique association will the badge is exact center located on chairman’s set.The assembly hall second floor Tiao on the stage hangs the giant horizontal of “Gao Ju the Chinese special feature socialism great flag, the incorporation leads a large science and technology worker, for constuct an innovation type nation, seize overall construction the middle-class family social new victory but struggle”.

At 10:00 A.M., the general assembly opens.In the warm applause, in totally central political bureau often the Wei, central secretary secretary and near even representative’s party of national vice- chairman Xi is central and made for 《science and technology the worker want for quickly constuct a creative type the nation much contribute 》of wish a phrase.He helps eight greatly and convenes to mean warmly toward the Chinese section first congratulation, to at each national large science and technology worker whom front industriously labors to send greetings to by the lofty esteem and the benignity.act in pettish

The Xi is near even give high evaluation to the aggressive contribution of large science and technology worker in the middle of wishing a phrase.He says that the Chinese section helps seven big of five years is an our country develop history the up the nottest usual five years, is also our country science and technology business carry out historic cross over of five years.Five in the last years, national and large science and technology worker not Ru mission, not negative heavy give, brave to practice, presume to outstrip, obtain one large numbers of relations economic social development overall situation, have science technique result of great international influence, strengthened science and technology to the economic social development of prop up ability, at should to the international financial crisis impact, promote economy steady develop a little bit quickly and develop an important function in guarantee and improvement people’s livelihood, be society for overall construction middle-class family and speed construction innovation type the nation made to actively contribute.Large science and technology worker not the Kui is the excellent children of Chinese nation, not the Kui expand for the advanced productivity and the forerunner is cultural of dissemination.

The Xi is near even in the aspects of wishing a phrase winning still well affirming a section to help seven big Chinese section helping in the incorporation to lead a large science and technology worker to strengthen the independent innovation ability, construction innovation type a nation and raising civil science character do in great quantities effective work.He says that the section helps organization the Kui don’t contact science and technology worker’s bridge and Niu to take for the party and the government, not Kui for push the important strength that national science and technology business develops.

The Xi is near even point out, “25” periods are overall construction the middle-class family social key period, is deepen reform to open, speed change economy development the way take it by storm a period.Speed change economy to develop a way, the most basic is to want to depend on the strength of science and technology, the most decisive is to want to be significant to improve independent innovation ability.The new situation of lately a science and technology revolution in the world and industrial revolution, push our country walk a science development, innovation drive, inside living the new appointee of growth orbit duty, since make higher request to science and technology work, also display artistic talent for worker of science and technology, brave climbed high peak to provide vast satge.He hopes the large science and technology worker recognizes pure carry of great responsibility and glorious mission, more aware of self, raise independent innovation ability more progressively, in the aspects of carrying out economic good and quickly development and people’s livelihood to continuously improve, in the aspects of expanding creative culture and stiring up a civil clan innovation enthusiasm and creating vitality, at development with recommend youth science and technology talented person, speed construction talented person big country, resolve to do great things more in the aspects of strengthening character accomplishment and helping science morals construction and atmosphere of a school to moistenned more

The Xi near even rightness of new situations bottom the section help to organize circumambience party and nation to work general situation to betterly implement a work working talent and make four requests.One is concentrate on promoting science technique prosperity and development and betterly is economy society development service;Two is concentrate on promoting science technique universality and expansion, betterly for raise civil science character service;Three is concentrate on promoting science and technology talented person’s growth and exaltation and betterly contribute efforts to the worker of science and technology;Four is be betterly fixed attention on to construction science and technology worker’s house and be the friend of good science and technology worker and strengthen oneself construction and found a section to help work new situation hard.The Xi is near even still request all levels of the leadership that the party Wei and government strengthens and improves to help a work to the section further, value exertion section helps organization in the party Wei and the government science decision and is pushing a science development and promotes a social harmonious and medium special function.(The full text sees another)

The vice- chairman, secretary of Chinese science white spring gift of hospital director and national general labor union one secretary Wang Yu Pu, represent science and technology field and the everyone people group to send congratulations a phrase to the general assembly respectively.

The Chinese section helps chairman, general assembly presidium chairman Han Qi De manage opening ceremony, representative the seventh national committee is willing ascend to work to give a talk or lecture.The report looked back the past five years of section to help a work and tallied up to work well experience that the section helps a work to realize, and to aftertime five year, the section helped a work to put forward a suggestion.

Still have to the leadership comrade that will congratulate:Wang Zhao Guo, Liu Yun Shan, Liu Yan Dong, Li Yuan Chao, what brave, make plan, Wang Hu rather, dark cloud it the wood space, week iron agriculture, Ma Kai and Chen Kui Yuan, Zhang Rong Ming and Luo are rich and with week light Zhao, member of committee Lee of Central Military Commission after bear etc..

Central and national organization department concerned, Liberation Arm and everyone people’s group, the each province, autonomous region, direct jurisdiction city is responsible for a comrade and helps all previous sessions to be responsible for a comrade in the China section of city, and people of different walks of life in the capital city and science and technology the worker represented about 3000 ginsengs to add opening ceremony. Love and forget

The artist’s innovation

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

The innovation is the artist’s mission`is an art to appreciate to appreciate beauty to need to be changed`is the artist’s value embodiment place.An artist is only persisted to the innovation of art, then can embody the value of oneself art activity, being exactly the innovation of the history preceding generation generation artist then can push the prosperity development of mankind’s art and pushed mankind the progress of the civilization.Romantic colors

The high state of innovation is the mind that can move other people, so must is and sets out from own mind, makes the other people able to accept it.But also want to attain “pursue own heart to but not is pursue giving public recognition of other people”.Usually meet other people to blame and criticize in our many creationseses, we should correctly face, because the standpoint of appreciating beauty of everybody is different.And the more important confidence ownly appreciates beauty a will, don’t the easy change ownly appreciates beauty a will, even if want to change to be also if oneself is real to realize to don’t well arrive of improvement.

But want to want to be a real artist that and then have to have he or she’s personality and innovation ability, but the personality is again the sign that an artist discriminates between other artists and have no the artist’s work of personality is lack special atmosphere ground.

I think and develop own of creative ability:

1.The abundant degree of the life experience and oneself’s knowledge that has to build up oneself, to the confidence and understanding degree of the affairs up.

2.To the control degree of the professional technical ability up.Human subjects

3.The intelligent degree of confrontation the United States up.

4.Art personality and art that treat an art fix for of degree up.


Today’s lesson I have much of emotional stirrings, so make a few following requests to oneself:

1.No matter do what matters all have to be earnest.(which afraid is a small matter)

2.Much study.(profession of and extracurricular)

3.Many aspects with objective cluster evaluate matter or work.(is better exaltation own esthetic sense)

4.Foster own creative ability and strengthen(on the foundation that don’t hurt other people) the development of art personality, constabcy of perfect ownly appreciate beauty a will.

5.Strengthen the language performance and study of begging the painting foundation.(effort practice)

“Repeated” mean the artist’s end, to the other people’s repeating is to don’t innovate sexual of play the ape, to own of again is a continuously creating of the very not intentional instrument is a work of homology, also equaled to don’t progress before doing not not stop!Cut suit

So I want to progress have to of innovation!

“Pearl” becomes

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

“Pearl” becomes a chain to take rich one
On May 19, see hair yellow of the sugar cane seedling with each passing day become green, the expensive harbor south area in harbor City is always eight Long Cun villagers from wood in pond town high the wood hangs of the heart finally put down.He gratefully tells a reporter:”Luckily the party member amasses a fortune expert hand to save to return to 45 acres of black skin fruits of my houses a sugar cane!”Tear of the Venus

For more than a years, in the village Wei will under arousing of director, Mo Lun Gui, , wood Long Cun Hei skin fruit the sugar cane planted area to develop to°from 200 acres 500 acres.Mo Lun Gui proud ofly says:”8 fruit sugar canes in the village plant a big door now year income all in above 150,000 dollars.”

At the beginning of last year, the expensive harbor south area in harbor City is like 225 Mo Lun Gui the party member like this amasses a fortune to take rich ability person settle is”party member pearl”, the establishment”party member pearl” information database, according to pig-raising, keep a chicken, keep white pigeon, keep fish and keep the silkworm, Chinese herbal medicine plants, the fruit plants an etc. industry classification, “string” become 15″party member pearl chain” male of in many, lead a villager to amass a fortune together.

Pass by, wood Long Cun the villagers the small dozen is small to make to plant a few black skin fruits of sugar cane, single house only the door pull a market, could not sell good price.Now village inside 3 party members grows the sugar cane expert hand”the string becomes a pearl chain” and take long repair short, help to hand a villager in the aspects of growing seedling, technique, information etc..The sugar cane that originally scatters planted to form scale, now, the businessman of grounds, such as Peking and Tienjin…etc. sought to come to procure on one’s own initiative, each price of fruit sugar cane compare originally high 0.15 dollars.Calcium carbonate

The harbor south area establishment helps to hand a mechanism and strengthens “party member pearl” to take rich ability.The area’s set 《the harbor south area urges an agriculture to increase to accept a party member to take the lead a person, the small sum loan sticks an interest to support a temporary way 》, select a warmhearted public welfare and contribute efforts to the people annually consciousness is strong and have lead crowd common wealthy will with stronger help the ability of taking of”party member pearl”, stick an interest, moderate a financing institution loan and fight for upper grade funds item and economy through a government ability the person donate a property to give it particularly support.At the end of last year, the harbor south area has 30″party member pearl” to acquire more than 10000 dollarses 30 to stick an interest loan.According to the first step statistics, currently, “party member pearl chain” of the harbor south area aroused 600 crowds to amass a fortune and strengthened 15 special feature agriculture kinds to keep industry.Water pearl

Colorful precious

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Colorful precious stone bargain beautiful jewelry industry in the center-Rui is lately expensiveprecious pearl

There is jewelry bargain on the Rui beautiful history, be placed in the elder sister on the Rui beautiful dam mutually, the translating of Tai language idea is “precious stone street”, is the place that carries on jewelry production and trades in history.The early part of 90’s in last century, the Rui was beautiful to build the first jewelry that compares norm of whole country of market, had the tremendous push the function to the development of Yunnan jewelry industry.After more than 10 years of development, Rui the beautiful special niche advantage and gathering dint drew on to come from our country hinterland and Hong Kong and Taiwan region, and Burma, Pakistan, the jewelries of India, Nepali etc. nation trade company;Trading a species not only includes jadeite, and and have a tree to turn jade, agate, crystal, bluish green Xi, red and blue precious stone, gold and silver jewelry, high-quality wood carving, various strange stone strange wood etc..

“Bead light treasure’s annoying Ying Rui is beautiful, the gold and jade is good

The good luck knots half city”.The Rui is beautiful and share to the utmost a weather, land utilization and person and.Regard jadeite as principle, remitting to gather each the industry structure and form that the color precious stone trades the formation already, the market calls more, larger and more whole bargain terrace to satisfy Rui beautiful the treasure jade industry strengthening day by day gather cluster, the Chinese o Rui beautiful colorful precious stone bargain center emerges with the tide of the times.ocean money

The Chinese o Rui beautiful colorful precious stone bargain center is located on Rui the beautiful city elder sister tell trade area, Be located at to have a special geography advantage, moon island with pretty scenery.The item covers area more than 300 acres, always constructing area 20 remainings is ten thousand square meters and mainly include deluxe life service area of colorful precious stone bargain area, five-star hotel and kit in the center etc. facilities.The item will become domestic to have the colorful precious stone of scale bargain demonstration center, jadeite jade to process a base most and produce to learn to grind center after being built up.

According to the analysis of the international colorful precious stone association and the Chinese jewelry jade jewelry profession association, colorful precious stone will at present to extensively spread for the future several years of trend, and wear to wear in the jewelry, the investment sale, art object collect etc. the realm own vast development space.

The Chinese o Rui beautiful colorful precious stone bargain center holds hands the Rui is beautiful and trade demonstration base through the profession colorful precious stone of creating an internationalization, high point of departure, will promote and make stronger beautiful jewelry jade of Rui commercial center advantage further.Pass promoting of item, perfect the Rui beautiful jewelry industry chain, at first material purchase trade, the design processed, the finished product wholesaled retail price, meeting the exhibition exchanges, profession study and discuss to release with information etc. the link deliver dint in the meantime and promoted beautiful city jewelry of Rui industry, travel the competition ability of industry.The kit facilities that passes perfect bargain service means and high level, draw on and keep one large numbers of entrepreneurs of jewelry industries, Gao Guan, and the latent favour of high level jewelry jade arrives the Rui beautiful city to invest, live, spend a holiday and makes the Rui beautiful city become the jewelry industry high level personage’s”rear garden”.fashionable white

The commercial center that necessarily will create the most influential jewelry of whole country for the beautiful Rui puts on the wing that the Teng flies;Sets alight the flames that Gao flies for the jewelry cultural industry layout of virtuous great”a all three cities”

been being seen

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Pearl and then the pearl, pearl have been being seen as the baby who can not much get.The returning blood

The pearl contains three greatest uses.The first is a medicine to use, it is a persistently valuable medicine material, sex cold flavor is salty, not poisonous, go into darling two through, the ability town feels at ease absolute being, keeps Yin to extinguish breeze, pure power fall to phlegm, go to the Yi clear eyes, counteract poison to living a muscle, clinical can used for the treatment of various diseaseses.The second is used to decorations, can make into various jewelry and hat Sui and hang Lian etc., extremely beautiful beauty.The third function is to used for hairdressing to keep Yan.

The Chinese early know that the pearl can keep and improve looks.Lee Jean at 《Chinese Herbal Materia Medica 》in write a way:”Pearl Tu Mian, make a person lustrous good color.”《The Chinese medical science big thesaurus 》jot down, pearl ability”the town heart clear eyes, Tu Mian makes person lustrous, good color”.The empress dowager of Ci Xi in Manchu dynasty is to protect Yan to defend Shuai with the pearl.According to jot down, she wants to in fixed time take pearl powder 1 every 10 day and count a decade from without a break.She still makes the fragrant Fen that the peacetime is used entering the pearl powder the Chan is used to protect a noodles disguise also.So the Ci Xi keeps living sparse year of till thou, still the facial appearance change well, the skin is clean soft smooth, have a liking for to not old.Heat exchangers

The foreigner also knows the function of pearl hairdressing.The dame of ancient Egypt midway wipes body at the just before sleep in common use and the thinnest pearl powder Chan milk to make skin soft for beautifying a skin smooth have light.Learn analysis from the modern pharmacology, the nourishment of milk extremely enriches, it mainly provides organic nourishment composition to people;But the main composition of pearl is a sour Cape egg white, various amino acidses and calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and Huo calcium, and the silver, selenium, manganese, zinc, and copper…etc. are various trace elements.In these compositions, there aren’t a few chemical elements all having to keep the function that the Yan protects a skin.

Many well-known personses of our country all have already assigned name to use the record that the pearl keeps Yan, as above sea famously and more play performing arts house slowly magnolia, Wang Wen Juan, obviously feel after taking the pearl Lou of a period of time that the spirit fig up, face radiating health:The movie performing arts distance in the house, play actor in the city six small age kid etc., also often take pearl powder, with the result that the long Si keeps voice and lubricates moving, rosy and clean skin and energetic.The showbiz field of the abroad the person take pearl powder of also a lot of.Simple heat exchanger

Pearl in addition to take orally or the levigation is in harmony with behind direct is at the skin, can also make into bath liquid to used for taking a bath, the lord particularly being a beauty article the pearl powder anticipates and make into like the ginseng pearl cosmeticses, such as emergency mask, pearl cream and cream…etc., use very convenient, enjoy welcoming of crowd especially female youth.

Have no satisfied life

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Life ten have 89 not equal to ideas, vexed worry, sad affair, grieved matter, with patience the matter is often concomitant.Our sending the most wish to the friend, close relatives and lover usually is four”all the luck” words, it represented people’s most beautiful good wish deepest period wish.Nacreous pearls

The satisfied affair is always few in the real life, many of but is disappointed and pain.Living not equal to idea.The road of life always the turns and twists is frustrated, on the boundless life road, worry with distress to often accompany with or so.Originally should happy of life but is been ground by the heartless realistic shot, change into the vanish like bubbles that can not touch, life of the topic became distress, living of the process became a bitterness trip, can not know where the other shore is, can not see the exit is where.Ask heaven, can give me the answer that a bitterness bitterness makes track for?Unfortunately, the biggest woe of human life nothing is better than in be willing to help but unable to do so!Helpless, answer of life can search by himself/herself and search a hope in the disappointed life, search exit and search a little bit a little bit tiny light Mang in the life.Strong, only strong face the life of distress, life respond to distress, then can come out from the fan fog layer after layer of the life, walked in to originally be full of the life of sunlight, rain dew and go.

Feelings not equal to idea.Feelings world isn’t a radiant and extremely keen and spotless place.In the male and the female’s feelings world, heart and heart of of distance how near?How much does the pure degree of feelings have?This true feelings is a sanctity of, but feelings of the sensitive faculty sometimes the head quarter deviate a direction and drive onto to heavily be fond of fog.

In the real life of utility, some people are feelings as a kind of game, a kind of game that can “lodge at”, wear a shuttle game in the middle of”get”ing and”lose”, humiliated the heavenliness of love.The Lyu distance of life is brief and keep one silk ten cents in the world of sensitive faculty of rational, let us unlikely get bogged down in feelings a sea of woes too deep, more unlikely let feelings of raging flames burn real love my person to love with me of person.Pursues in feelings in, wishfully persisting can not change the perfect love that wants to you and leave probably to only have while being intense emotion to draw off long secretly of wound and pain.Choose to let go.

Business not equal to idea.The business is a life to pursue, is the dream of life, is the embodiment of life value.In pursuing the road of business not and all the way the straightaway isn’t everybody ability fulfill a wish achievement dream, in addition to unremittingly making great effort, the hardship pays, on the thought still have to work well to bear time and time again failure of preparation.The reality can not resist, the environment can not change, the breakthrough on the business, in addition to oneself wants to have achievement business have to of character, still have to meet the Bole in the life, still have to adapt to, melt into you to go in the environment of place, weather, land utilization and person with lack a can not.

Have of artificial settled a dispute an industry to give up to do a person of personality and dignity, they of a talk 1 line to seem to be so of humble and pitiful;Have artificially mind of that freedom of ground but willing the business bogs down, because he doesn’t wish to yield the end a bottom line of doing the person.We have no right to adjudicate who is who have no right to comment on not who become who hurt, but believe that time will explain everything as well as prove everything.At such an utility society, at such a with success or failure theory hero of ages, we can firmly stand by life this the true end a piece of camp, this oneself is in the middle life great success, other again have fear to, what beg?

Life ten have 89 not equal to ideas.In fact, it is on the hoof to is a kind of mindset and be your heart if side Wu, thin see life pain, weak thin fame and wealth, the mindset is aggressive but balance, have to beg but haven’t to beg, have for but haven’t for, need not cover up oneself intentionally, need not snobbish flatter others, need not do hypocrite and do 1 really real positive ego.Such and such, life calculate disappointed, will also doesn’t matter get with lose, the Tan is easy, true realistic slice, so-so quiet quiet, happy.Life ten have 89 not equal to ideas is say that the satisfied person of life after all is minority.Your work for, greatly accomplish to necessarily through the big frustrate and greatly whet difficult, 100 chains then can become a good steel, the stove fire burns certain degree of heating to become purely green.The Cavs

All is calm, very rough sea;Thin water is long to flow, it is a natural regulation to fluctuate.The space is heirless, prosperous pole but Shuai.BE say the current person attained the extreme achievement posterity to the affair to then have no opportunity, the development walked to the peak and by all means and immediately declined a fall ……the eminence is extremely cold.Even if canning luckily become minority can climb the satisfied person of peak, feel of lonesome and distress again is how many ordinary peoples in comprehensible?The hero is useless.The natural existence originally included missing and had how many persons completely can develop thoroughly in the limited life?Take care of a thing and miss the other, have to grow to necessarily have short, every party involved, everything is thoughtful to is successfully impossible.

The world affair is complement each other, having must necessarily have been already lost.The profuse and confusing disappointed person vexs in the society much many, the antinomy is much many.Chairman once says “there is by all means antinomy in someone’s place”, the source of antinomy lay in the rift of different thought, antinomy only at struggle theories well then can reach unanimously.

As definite view that the outstanding leadership needs to have oneself, definite view by all means causes a different opinion and only prevails over the consensus, resolute and courageous make firm decision, the end alignment unifies.

Every family has a skeleton in the closet.BE say each have respectively different difficult concealed real intentions, the bitterness joy knows oneself.A hundred years fix together ship Du and be fixed the total Zhen sleep is for thousand years.No matter friend or family, it is a limited world rare predestination to meet, cherish this kind of get it not easy opportunity.

The husband and wife are natural rivalses, not a natural rivals not to gather a head.This is the dialectical truth, is needed to pay, happy sweet demand troubles total bitterness.

Long border on to become enemies, the neighbor gets along with long will also produce friction.

People hope earnestly wealth, hardly realizing thick virtuous then can carry a thing, have no the morals of generous righteousness in breadth of view Ho-jen to do to prop up, wealth gaining can bring oneself a disaster.

Life inside sometimes eventually the beard have, in life have no don’t  demand.The life is the whole to is a predestination in a life time and force not get, forcing too much can the ego is very much obliged.

The poverty gives birth to a boy rich foster daughter.Fish and bear’s paw can not and but get it.This is the God to exist demanding balance to the mankind.

May be done spring breeze, have to spring rain.Life’s being the whole is to build to turn.Bitter joy life.Life from salty sweet bitterness hot constitute, we like to be happiness but can not refuse distress, if have no distress of just know to cherish happiness value towards shoulding exist, how?!Naturally, life according to situation, with meet but Anne, happiness consists in contentment.

Follow nature rise and fall variety regulation, match to clap natural existence rhythm, favoring meet of predestination but happy, you then can look for to belong to you to live of real happiness happiness.Life not equal to idea ten have 89, see through to rather see open to see through to rather see open.The world of mortals is complicated and see through seven various Qiaos of world how much does the lovely heart have again?

But, some affairs, not is see through can of.If be in need of the breadth of view that accepts boundless as the sea and sky, the smartness of the current affairs insight into, on the contrary became the bitter wine of squeezing the life.See more purely also more painful.West Palm Beach area

A correct mindset just can make the life with might greatly increased and take out dry whole flippancy in mind bad water and infuse into a delightfully fresh spring to flow, return a quiet soul, permit the world of river’s sea.

Engineering in Chinese

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Engineering in Chinese acknowledgement, Yangtse gorges exists irregularityfemale absolutely

Road deeply Peking give or get an electric shock on May 18-Chinese government mean on Wednesday, big dam engineering in Yangtse gorges broughts welfare for Chinese people, but also produces an emigrant in the meantime a series, such as setting and geology disaster risk…etc. want to have a right way the problem of solution.

This pronouncement in Chinese State Department admitted many problems of engineering existence in Yangtse gorges.long distance

The pronouncement calls:”Engineering in Yangtse gorges at develop huge synthesize efficiency of in the meantime, still exist some problems that want to have a right way solution in the aspects of immigrating safe amassing a fortune, ecoenvironment protection, geology disaster prevention etc., also produced certain influence to the downstream shipping, irrigation, and water supply…etc. in Yangtze River.”

The pronouncement also calls that the problem of these existence to the downstream shipping in Yangtze River, irrigation, supply water etc. also produced certain influence.

Pronouncement said that designing in the argument and appearing various problem in the engineering construction, but being subjected to at that time a condition to limit is hard to effectively solve, some problems were “along with economic society development but put forward of new request”.

The Chinese government means that will continue to work out the many problem that big dam in Yangtse gorges brings, and build up a perfect monitor early-warning system and meet an emergency a mechanism, enlargement environmental protection devotion.promotes immunity dint

Big dam in Yangtse gorges has already cost over 254,000,000,000 dollars(USD 37,470,000,000) and needs people who transfer the setting to attain 1,300,000.

Write for you since a diary

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

2010.11.15 tonight meal, originally fasten very happy, very delighted since.Again good I the F is sweet, because household problem, but finally become to°from happiness tragedy, really fasten good clap a drama sweet, leave go to too quickly too quickly!Ready to since program, ready to since idea all already the ash fly smoke to put out.Or the God fasten a sweet fool of person, 5 fasten 5 think whole life one a life time, 5 fasten 5 want to be very happy, if you ask me to have several loves you, I will point a finger in order to your body, 5 fasten for a year, 5 fasten at that time, 5 fasten for a minute, but fasten:Until you speak 5 love me again since time, I will leave first.I think to be happy in order to you and lead so much in order to you and even all really want to walk with you to cover up hereafter fall to leave since road, you ask me to really settle a leave,I will speak false?Since, you want sweet steady[one] person of lightning flash, I will bless you?Ordering the solution must be sweet to go according to the household, the Mie age Mao?But a lot of persons in the house all fasten to register then rich get married Ga first, I love you, I really want to go sweet do, so, tonight I already how cruel heart, but in fact my good heart pain, fasten a telephone degree to dress up as as if nothing has occurred, the telephone is later on…, The Mao asks me to eat in mama tonight open 5 happy, order to answer Mao?Force sweet smile to answer, very good flavor Mao, win very satisfied add, ha ha ···in fact, when the time comes again Mi will the Lin start to turn over…type of heat exchanger

The Lin good Christmas sends a Mie gift in order to you, the birthday fruit late orders to fasten friend’s in front to introduce you and leads to late order to toghter slice cake.The Lin rises New Year’s Day since the time orders kind together you toghter drag along a hand to see a parent, then introduce my D relatives in order to you know, then speak with you, 5 good strain, 5 make to worry, the husband fastens you to insulate, there is Mie also I fasten you front the crest live first.Classmate or friend’s party, I 5 will leave you too far, because I 5 miss me since view scope go into noodles have no left you, each week calculate several favour, I will definitely take out time to leave to keep you company, because I 5 miss you are sweet lonesome, 5 think that no man fastens insulation Mao you are happy. fashion gold

2010.11.16 todays, a lot of persons all know I 5 happy, fasten ICHAT to continuously open to solve me, food rice time again continuously sweet ask me the Mie matter, Mao I am happy.Fasten again since, tries to ask peacetime since the sky orders will fasten sweet boring sweet equanimity since a person, will chat person Qing to account on one’s own initiative at ordinary times, around smile bottom, today incredibly quiet sweet pass through left on the first.Once went you since room doorway, I am hopeless to go into to go, because of 5 want to see you together and fastens one degree Xi hip-hop admire.In fact having been fastenning is sweet, fastens me most 5 want to see since one act.Pass by ten times today, all have no at a time.Be I bear 5 arrive, have a meal since time my head quarter asks you to eat left don’t, because I 5 know some kind first can 5 concern you, 5 keep in mind you, 5 love you, because I really fasten 5 know some kind 5 again love you.Cruel sweet talk with me 5 importances and fasten my angle already, in fact concerning you since 5 know that the Mie fastens 5 importances and thinks to see Mao fatty and have a meal insulation and definitely meet you today, but fastens, you still keep fastenning one degree food Geng biscuit.Want to speak with you many Ds also, or you are too busy, or you already 5 think Cai again I, usually words I am very vexed.The ordering to solve me will be deeply concerned at heart since, order to solve 5 happy since also the head quarter fastens me annually the birthday before takes place since, fasten Mi I since does the birthday have problem Mao?Lin Zhu will be very special this year, because regardless once ordered, fastenned a side to spend, all the head quarter have you to fasten me.I really want to make great effort to work well D each time, but very surprised make it too, will outstrip your boundary, 5 think because sweet I the ground wants to fight again, so I speak to together do since I will like caution.Each time big matter of principles, I hope the quick D leads, if however the time result really fastens now sweet, I really fasten and force a smile sweet accept, accept although 1 toghter 5 fasten to bear so much,lead very happily, satisfy so much, can dislike towards living to be apart from 5 willing since the person leaves me but go to since fact.I really fasten to hope to have the next a life time, in order to I the D early meets to be apart from, 5 well want because of Mie problem again separate since fact.

Tonight, really fasten to really want to fasten down stairs to wait you, really want to see you.But make a phone call to turn over house Qi, originally the Mao mama’s disease is left and again disappoint sweet turn over a left house of Qi, go home on the way, really want to beat in order to you, but I am very surprised you will be cruel sweet speak each word with me.Rather fasten a QQ degree to speak with you, your body 5 arrive or 5 will reply me always lead rej left I, together you are attendant over since situation, I will drag along you, because I want to prove in order to body in the whole world, you fasten my wife.Break up 2 words really fasten Zhong unpleasant to hear lead a thick of Mao!!!porpoise deterioration

2010.11.18 pianos late fall a class to together be apart from to entwine left a burst of after, finally courageous speak a left in the mind since talk La!Wife:You fasten 1 to make me feel to feel to feel sick of towards living an a life times all 5 willing since person, together you toghter really fasten very happy, once speak with you a lot of also and also all full of tears lead, send to you return I am unwilling to part to lead and finally still stay bottom left fall to leave to look after you, because I really fasten to really want to see you.All finally rain leads it is clear now La and open happy and willing have a meal, open a happy and willing body of television, open happy and willing Xun to teach, open happy and willing return work.Have no a detail fastens 5 remember to know since, once include your words since 5 quasi- Mies Mie are 5 quasi- Mies Mie, I probably remember.5 like 5 become you very already since pet phrase La, however I fasten, ha ha…