should wait

Don’t wait the person that doesn’t should wait, don’t harm not should harm of heartfive hazards
Loving of time, make him free;Not loving of time, let to love free.
Since the care about once owned and also cared everlasting
Prefer to supercilious single, don’t discommode oneself as well.
Don’t wait the person that doesn’t should wait, don’t harm that heart that harm not.
Sometimes, the love is to grow injury.
Cruel of person, the choice hurts other people;cold violence
Docile of person, the choice hurts himself/herself.
Like is the best of pantomime, speaking may become tragedy
Cry, don’t represent me to accept defeat;
Back an one step, don’t symbolize I admit defeat;
Let go, don’t represent me to give up;
Positive such as I smile, don’t mean me happinessfuture arrived
Only give up, didn’t forget.
See a little bit thinnerly, harm of will be a little bit less, time led, the love was getting thinner and also spread.
Time makes the deep thing more and more deep and makes the shallow thing more and more shallow.
Buddha says that the good luck is a piece of ice, want the degree is for 500 years.
Does the Buddha ask a bitterness?I say it’s not bitter.Buddha hence allow me good luck.Get it I get my life luckily and not.That’s all.
500 time Mous of previous incarnation just change to once wiping of the this present life shoulder but lead.
I rather use once wiping of the future life shoulder but come over to change 500 time Mous of this present life.
I smile, the whole world all follows I smile;I cry, the whole world only my a person cry.
Standing alone, not necessarily not happy;
Get, can not necessarily last long.
Lose to not necessarily no longer own,
It’s sad because of but to may be sad
But, can seek a reason to make oneself happy
Fall in love with the time of a person, a trace of fear in the head quarter, fear to get him;Afraid lose him.
Need not waiting person is happy.
We really once wanted for a long time for a long time, then can understand, oneself is real to think of, what kind of exactly person, how of matter.translucent and amber
What affairs will be used to of, like leave and remember fondly.
Love and is loved, not necessarily become a direct proportion.
At rightness of time, meet a right person, is a kind of happiness
At rightness of time, meet a wrong person, is a kind of sorrow

In wrong time, meet a right person, is 1 to sigh
In wrong time, meet a wrong person, is a kind of helpless
Don’t give up easily, otherwise let  oneself down
If which day, I threw on to marry dress for other people,Hatred female
Probably because of the age, probably because Be getting more tired,
Probably because really want to hold hands with that person whole life…

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