Write for you since a diary

2010.11.15 tonight meal, originally fasten very happy, very delighted since.Again good I the F is sweet, because household problem, but finally become to°from happiness tragedy, really fasten good clap a drama sweet, leave go to too quickly too quickly!Ready to since program, ready to since idea all already the ash fly smoke to put out.Or the God fasten a sweet fool of person, 5 fasten 5 think whole life one a life time, 5 fasten 5 want to be very happy, if you ask me to have several loves you, I will point a finger in order to your body, 5 fasten for a year, 5 fasten at that time, 5 fasten for a minute, but fasten:Until you speak 5 love me again since time, I will leave first.I think to be happy in order to you and lead so much in order to you and even all really want to walk with you to cover up hereafter fall to leave since road, you ask me to really settle a leave,I will speak false?Since, you want sweet steady[one] person of lightning flash, I will bless you?Ordering the solution must be sweet to go according to the household, the Mie age Mao?But a lot of persons in the house all fasten to register then rich get married Ga first, I love you, I really want to go sweet do, so, tonight I already how cruel heart, but in fact my good heart pain, fasten a telephone degree to dress up as as if nothing has occurred, the telephone is later on…, The Mao asks me to eat in mama tonight open 5 happy, order to answer Mao?Force sweet smile to answer, very good flavor Mao, win very satisfied add, ha ha ···in fact, when the time comes again Mi will the Lin start to turn over…type of heat exchanger

The Lin good Christmas sends a Mie gift in order to you, the birthday fruit late orders to fasten friend’s in front to introduce you and leads to late order to toghter slice cake.The Lin rises New Year’s Day since the time orders kind together you toghter drag along a hand to see a parent, then introduce my D relatives in order to you know, then speak with you, 5 good strain, 5 make to worry, the husband fastens you to insulate, there is Mie also I fasten you front the crest live first.Classmate or friend’s party, I 5 will leave you too far, because I 5 miss me since view scope go into noodles have no left you, each week calculate several favour, I will definitely take out time to leave to keep you company, because I 5 miss you are sweet lonesome, 5 think that no man fastens insulation Mao you are happy. fashion gold

2010.11.16 todays, a lot of persons all know I 5 happy, fasten ICHAT to continuously open to solve me, food rice time again continuously sweet ask me the Mie matter, Mao I am happy.Fasten again since, tries to ask peacetime since the sky orders will fasten sweet boring sweet equanimity since a person, will chat person Qing to account on one’s own initiative at ordinary times, around smile bottom, today incredibly quiet sweet pass through left on the first.Once went you since room doorway, I am hopeless to go into to go, because of 5 want to see you together and fastens one degree Xi hip-hop admire.In fact having been fastenning is sweet, fastens me most 5 want to see since one act.Pass by ten times today, all have no at a time.Be I bear 5 arrive, have a meal since time my head quarter asks you to eat left don’t, because I 5 know some kind first can 5 concern you, 5 keep in mind you, 5 love you, because I really fasten 5 know some kind 5 again love you.Cruel sweet talk with me 5 importances and fasten my angle already, in fact concerning you since 5 know that the Mie fastens 5 importances and thinks to see Mao fatty and have a meal insulation and definitely meet you today, but fastens, you still keep fastenning one degree food Geng biscuit.Want to speak with you many Ds also, or you are too busy, or you already 5 think Cai again I, usually words I am very vexed.The ordering to solve me will be deeply concerned at heart since, order to solve 5 happy since also the head quarter fastens me annually the birthday before takes place since, fasten Mi I since does the birthday have problem Mao?Lin Zhu will be very special this year, because regardless once ordered, fastenned a side to spend, all the head quarter have you to fasten me.I really want to make great effort to work well D each time, but very surprised make it too, will outstrip your boundary, 5 think because sweet I the ground wants to fight again, so I speak to together do since I will like caution.Each time big matter of principles, I hope the quick D leads, if however the time result really fastens now sweet, I really fasten and force a smile sweet accept, accept although 1 toghter 5 fasten to bear so much,lead very happily, satisfy so much, can dislike towards living to be apart from 5 willing since the person leaves me but go to since fact.I really fasten to hope to have the next a life time, in order to I the D early meets to be apart from, 5 well want because of Mie problem again separate since fact.

Tonight, really fasten to really want to fasten down stairs to wait you, really want to see you.But make a phone call to turn over house Qi, originally the Mao mama’s disease is left and again disappoint sweet turn over a left house of Qi, go home on the way, really want to beat in order to you, but I am very surprised you will be cruel sweet speak each word with me.Rather fasten a QQ degree to speak with you, your body 5 arrive or 5 will reply me always lead rej left I, together you are attendant over since situation, I will drag along you, because I want to prove in order to body in the whole world, you fasten my wife.Break up 2 words really fasten Zhong unpleasant to hear lead a thick of Mao!!!porpoise deterioration

2010.11.18 pianos late fall a class to together be apart from to entwine left a burst of after, finally courageous speak a left in the mind since talk La!Wife:You fasten 1 to make me feel to feel to feel sick of towards living an a life times all 5 willing since person, together you toghter really fasten very happy, once speak with you a lot of also and also all full of tears lead, send to you return I am unwilling to part to lead and finally still stay bottom left fall to leave to look after you, because I really fasten to really want to see you.All finally rain leads it is clear now La and open happy and willing have a meal, open a happy and willing body of television, open happy and willing Xun to teach, open happy and willing return work.Have no a detail fastens 5 remember to know since, once include your words since 5 quasi- Mies Mie are 5 quasi- Mies Mie, I probably remember.5 like 5 become you very already since pet phrase La, however I fasten, ha ha…

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