Engineering in Chinese

Engineering in Chinese acknowledgement, Yangtse gorges exists irregularityfemale absolutely

Road deeply Peking give or get an electric shock on May 18-Chinese government mean on Wednesday, big dam engineering in Yangtse gorges broughts welfare for Chinese people, but also produces an emigrant in the meantime a series, such as setting and geology disaster risk…etc. want to have a right way the problem of solution.

This pronouncement in Chinese State Department admitted many problems of engineering existence in Yangtse gorges.long distance

The pronouncement calls:”Engineering in Yangtse gorges at develop huge synthesize efficiency of in the meantime, still exist some problems that want to have a right way solution in the aspects of immigrating safe amassing a fortune, ecoenvironment protection, geology disaster prevention etc., also produced certain influence to the downstream shipping, irrigation, and water supply…etc. in Yangtze River.”

The pronouncement also calls that the problem of these existence to the downstream shipping in Yangtze River, irrigation, supply water etc. also produced certain influence.

Pronouncement said that designing in the argument and appearing various problem in the engineering construction, but being subjected to at that time a condition to limit is hard to effectively solve, some problems were “along with economic society development but put forward of new request”.

The Chinese government means that will continue to work out the many problem that big dam in Yangtse gorges brings, and build up a perfect monitor early-warning system and meet an emergency a mechanism, enlargement environmental protection devotion.promotes immunity dint

Big dam in Yangtse gorges has already cost over 254,000,000,000 dollars(USD 37,470,000,000) and needs people who transfer the setting to attain 1,300,000.

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