Have no satisfied life

Life ten have 89 not equal to ideas, vexed worry, sad affair, grieved matter, with patience the matter is often concomitant.Our sending the most wish to the friend, close relatives and lover usually is four”all the luck” words, it represented people’s most beautiful good wish deepest period wish.Nacreous pearls

The satisfied affair is always few in the real life, many of but is disappointed and pain.Living not equal to idea.The road of life always the turns and twists is frustrated, on the boundless life road, worry with distress to often accompany with or so.Originally should happy of life but is been ground by the heartless realistic shot, change into the vanish like bubbles that can not touch, life of the topic became distress, living of the process became a bitterness trip, can not know where the other shore is, can not see the exit is where.Ask heaven, can give me the answer that a bitterness bitterness makes track for?Unfortunately, the biggest woe of human life nothing is better than in be willing to help but unable to do so!Helpless, answer of life can search by himself/herself and search a hope in the disappointed life, search exit and search a little bit a little bit tiny light Mang in the life.Strong, only strong face the life of distress, life respond to distress, then can come out from the fan fog layer after layer of the life, walked in to originally be full of the life of sunlight, rain dew and go.

Feelings not equal to idea.Feelings world isn’t a radiant and extremely keen and spotless place.In the male and the female’s feelings world, heart and heart of of distance how near?How much does the pure degree of feelings have?This true feelings is a sanctity of, but feelings of the sensitive faculty sometimes the head quarter deviate a direction and drive onto to heavily be fond of fog.

In the real life of utility, some people are feelings as a kind of game, a kind of game that can “lodge at”, wear a shuttle game in the middle of”get”ing and”lose”, humiliated the heavenliness of love.The Lyu distance of life is brief and keep one silk ten cents in the world of sensitive faculty of rational, let us unlikely get bogged down in feelings a sea of woes too deep, more unlikely let feelings of raging flames burn real love my person to love with me of person.Pursues in feelings in, wishfully persisting can not change the perfect love that wants to you and leave probably to only have while being intense emotion to draw off long secretly of wound and pain.Choose to let go.

Business not equal to idea.The business is a life to pursue, is the dream of life, is the embodiment of life value.In pursuing the road of business not and all the way the straightaway isn’t everybody ability fulfill a wish achievement dream, in addition to unremittingly making great effort, the hardship pays, on the thought still have to work well to bear time and time again failure of preparation.The reality can not resist, the environment can not change, the breakthrough on the business, in addition to oneself wants to have achievement business have to of character, still have to meet the Bole in the life, still have to adapt to, melt into you to go in the environment of place, weather, land utilization and person with lack a can not.

Have of artificial settled a dispute an industry to give up to do a person of personality and dignity, they of a talk 1 line to seem to be so of humble and pitiful;Have artificially mind of that freedom of ground but willing the business bogs down, because he doesn’t wish to yield the end a bottom line of doing the person.We have no right to adjudicate who is who have no right to comment on not who become who hurt, but believe that time will explain everything as well as prove everything.At such an utility society, at such a with success or failure theory hero of ages, we can firmly stand by life this the true end a piece of camp, this oneself is in the middle life great success, other again have fear to, what beg?

Life ten have 89 not equal to ideas.In fact, it is on the hoof to is a kind of mindset and be your heart if side Wu, thin see life pain, weak thin fame and wealth, the mindset is aggressive but balance, have to beg but haven’t to beg, have for but haven’t for, need not cover up oneself intentionally, need not snobbish flatter others, need not do hypocrite and do 1 really real positive ego.Such and such, life calculate disappointed, will also doesn’t matter get with lose, the Tan is easy, true realistic slice, so-so quiet quiet, happy.Life ten have 89 not equal to ideas is say that the satisfied person of life after all is minority.Your work for, greatly accomplish to necessarily through the big frustrate and greatly whet difficult, 100 chains then can become a good steel, the stove fire burns certain degree of heating to become purely green.The Cavs

All is calm, very rough sea;Thin water is long to flow, it is a natural regulation to fluctuate.The space is heirless, prosperous pole but Shuai.BE say the current person attained the extreme achievement posterity to the affair to then have no opportunity, the development walked to the peak and by all means and immediately declined a fall ……the eminence is extremely cold.Even if canning luckily become minority can climb the satisfied person of peak, feel of lonesome and distress again is how many ordinary peoples in comprehensible?The hero is useless.The natural existence originally included missing and had how many persons completely can develop thoroughly in the limited life?Take care of a thing and miss the other, have to grow to necessarily have short, every party involved, everything is thoughtful to is successfully impossible.

The world affair is complement each other, having must necessarily have been already lost.The profuse and confusing disappointed person vexs in the society much many, the antinomy is much many.Chairman once says “there is by all means antinomy in someone’s place”, the source of antinomy lay in the rift of different thought, antinomy only at struggle theories well then can reach unanimously.

As definite view that the outstanding leadership needs to have oneself, definite view by all means causes a different opinion and only prevails over the consensus, resolute and courageous make firm decision, the end alignment unifies.

Every family has a skeleton in the closet.BE say each have respectively different difficult concealed real intentions, the bitterness joy knows oneself.A hundred years fix together ship Du and be fixed the total Zhen sleep is for thousand years.No matter friend or family, it is a limited world rare predestination to meet, cherish this kind of get it not easy opportunity.

The husband and wife are natural rivalses, not a natural rivals not to gather a head.This is the dialectical truth, is needed to pay, happy sweet demand troubles total bitterness.

Long border on to become enemies, the neighbor gets along with long will also produce friction.

People hope earnestly wealth, hardly realizing thick virtuous then can carry a thing, have no the morals of generous righteousness in breadth of view Ho-jen to do to prop up, wealth gaining can bring oneself a disaster.

Life inside sometimes eventually the beard have, in life have no don’t  demand.The life is the whole to is a predestination in a life time and force not get, forcing too much can the ego is very much obliged.

The poverty gives birth to a boy rich foster daughter.Fish and bear’s paw can not and but get it.This is the God to exist demanding balance to the mankind.

May be done spring breeze, have to spring rain.Life’s being the whole is to build to turn.Bitter joy life.Life from salty sweet bitterness hot constitute, we like to be happiness but can not refuse distress, if have no distress of just know to cherish happiness value towards shoulding exist, how?!Naturally, life according to situation, with meet but Anne, happiness consists in contentment.

Follow nature rise and fall variety regulation, match to clap natural existence rhythm, favoring meet of predestination but happy, you then can look for to belong to you to live of real happiness happiness.Life not equal to idea ten have 89, see through to rather see open to see through to rather see open.The world of mortals is complicated and see through seven various Qiaos of world how much does the lovely heart have again?

But, some affairs, not is see through can of.If be in need of the breadth of view that accepts boundless as the sea and sky, the smartness of the current affairs insight into, on the contrary became the bitter wine of squeezing the life.See more purely also more painful.West Palm Beach area

A correct mindset just can make the life with might greatly increased and take out dry whole flippancy in mind bad water and infuse into a delightfully fresh spring to flow, return a quiet soul, permit the world of river’s sea.

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