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Pearl and then the pearl, pearl have been being seen as the baby who can not much get.The returning blood

The pearl contains three greatest uses.The first is a medicine to use, it is a persistently valuable medicine material, sex cold flavor is salty, not poisonous, go into darling two through, the ability town feels at ease absolute being, keeps Yin to extinguish breeze, pure power fall to phlegm, go to the Yi clear eyes, counteract poison to living a muscle, clinical can used for the treatment of various diseaseses.The second is used to decorations, can make into various jewelry and hat Sui and hang Lian etc., extremely beautiful beauty.The third function is to used for hairdressing to keep Yan.

The Chinese early know that the pearl can keep and improve looks.Lee Jean at 《Chinese Herbal Materia Medica 》in write a way:”Pearl Tu Mian, make a person lustrous good color.”《The Chinese medical science big thesaurus 》jot down, pearl ability”the town heart clear eyes, Tu Mian makes person lustrous, good color”.The empress dowager of Ci Xi in Manchu dynasty is to protect Yan to defend Shuai with the pearl.According to jot down, she wants to in fixed time take pearl powder 1 every 10 day and count a decade from without a break.She still makes the fragrant Fen that the peacetime is used entering the pearl powder the Chan is used to protect a noodles disguise also.So the Ci Xi keeps living sparse year of till thou, still the facial appearance change well, the skin is clean soft smooth, have a liking for to not old.Heat exchangers

The foreigner also knows the function of pearl hairdressing.The dame of ancient Egypt midway wipes body at the just before sleep in common use and the thinnest pearl powder Chan milk to make skin soft for beautifying a skin smooth have light.Learn analysis from the modern pharmacology, the nourishment of milk extremely enriches, it mainly provides organic nourishment composition to people;But the main composition of pearl is a sour Cape egg white, various amino acidses and calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and Huo calcium, and the silver, selenium, manganese, zinc, and copper…etc. are various trace elements.In these compositions, there aren’t a few chemical elements all having to keep the function that the Yan protects a skin.

Many well-known personses of our country all have already assigned name to use the record that the pearl keeps Yan, as above sea famously and more play performing arts house slowly magnolia, Wang Wen Juan, obviously feel after taking the pearl Lou of a period of time that the spirit fig up, face radiating health:The movie performing arts distance in the house, play actor in the city six small age kid etc., also often take pearl powder, with the result that the long Si keeps voice and lubricates moving, rosy and clean skin and energetic.The showbiz field of the abroad the person take pearl powder of also a lot of.Simple heat exchanger

Pearl in addition to take orally or the levigation is in harmony with behind direct is at the skin, can also make into bath liquid to used for taking a bath, the lord particularly being a beauty article the pearl powder anticipates and make into like the ginseng pearl cosmeticses, such as emergency mask, pearl cream and cream…etc., use very convenient, enjoy welcoming of crowd especially female youth.

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