Colorful precious

Colorful precious stone bargain beautiful jewelry industry in the center-Rui is lately expensiveprecious pearl

There is jewelry bargain on the Rui beautiful history, be placed in the elder sister on the Rui beautiful dam mutually, the translating of Tai language idea is “precious stone street”, is the place that carries on jewelry production and trades in history.The early part of 90’s in last century, the Rui was beautiful to build the first jewelry that compares norm of whole country of market, had the tremendous push the function to the development of Yunnan jewelry industry.After more than 10 years of development, Rui the beautiful special niche advantage and gathering dint drew on to come from our country hinterland and Hong Kong and Taiwan region, and Burma, Pakistan, the jewelries of India, Nepali etc. nation trade company;Trading a species not only includes jadeite, and and have a tree to turn jade, agate, crystal, bluish green Xi, red and blue precious stone, gold and silver jewelry, high-quality wood carving, various strange stone strange wood etc..

“Bead light treasure’s annoying Ying Rui is beautiful, the gold and jade is good

The good luck knots half city”.The Rui is beautiful and share to the utmost a weather, land utilization and person and.Regard jadeite as principle, remitting to gather each the industry structure and form that the color precious stone trades the formation already, the market calls more, larger and more whole bargain terrace to satisfy Rui beautiful the treasure jade industry strengthening day by day gather cluster, the Chinese o Rui beautiful colorful precious stone bargain center emerges with the tide of the times.ocean money

The Chinese o Rui beautiful colorful precious stone bargain center is located on Rui the beautiful city elder sister tell trade area, Be located at to have a special geography advantage, moon island with pretty scenery.The item covers area more than 300 acres, always constructing area 20 remainings is ten thousand square meters and mainly include deluxe life service area of colorful precious stone bargain area, five-star hotel and kit in the center etc. facilities.The item will become domestic to have the colorful precious stone of scale bargain demonstration center, jadeite jade to process a base most and produce to learn to grind center after being built up.

According to the analysis of the international colorful precious stone association and the Chinese jewelry jade jewelry profession association, colorful precious stone will at present to extensively spread for the future several years of trend, and wear to wear in the jewelry, the investment sale, art object collect etc. the realm own vast development space.

The Chinese o Rui beautiful colorful precious stone bargain center holds hands the Rui is beautiful and trade demonstration base through the profession colorful precious stone of creating an internationalization, high point of departure, will promote and make stronger beautiful jewelry jade of Rui commercial center advantage further.Pass promoting of item, perfect the Rui beautiful jewelry industry chain, at first material purchase trade, the design processed, the finished product wholesaled retail price, meeting the exhibition exchanges, profession study and discuss to release with information etc. the link deliver dint in the meantime and promoted beautiful city jewelry of Rui industry, travel the competition ability of industry.The kit facilities that passes perfect bargain service means and high level, draw on and keep one large numbers of entrepreneurs of jewelry industries, Gao Guan, and the latent favour of high level jewelry jade arrives the Rui beautiful city to invest, live, spend a holiday and makes the Rui beautiful city become the jewelry industry high level personage’s”rear garden”.fashionable white

The commercial center that necessarily will create the most influential jewelry of whole country for the beautiful Rui puts on the wing that the Teng flies;Sets alight the flames that Gao flies for the jewelry cultural industry layout of virtuous great”a all three cities”

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