“Pearl” becomes

“Pearl” becomes a chain to take rich one
On May 19, see hair yellow of the sugar cane seedling with each passing day become green, the expensive harbor south area in harbor City is always eight Long Cun villagers from wood in pond town high the wood hangs of the heart finally put down.He gratefully tells a reporter:”Luckily the party member amasses a fortune expert hand to save to return to 45 acres of black skin fruits of my houses a sugar cane!”Tear of the Venus

For more than a years, in the village Wei will under arousing of director, Mo Lun Gui, , wood Long Cun Hei skin fruit the sugar cane planted area to develop to°from 200 acres 500 acres.Mo Lun Gui proud ofly says:”8 fruit sugar canes in the village plant a big door now year income all in above 150,000 dollars.”

At the beginning of last year, the expensive harbor south area in harbor City is like 225 Mo Lun Gui the party member like this amasses a fortune to take rich ability person settle is”party member pearl”, the establishment”party member pearl” information database, according to pig-raising, keep a chicken, keep white pigeon, keep fish and keep the silkworm, Chinese herbal medicine plants, the fruit plants an etc. industry classification, “string” become 15″party member pearl chain” male of in many, lead a villager to amass a fortune together.

Pass by, wood Long Cun the villagers the small dozen is small to make to plant a few black skin fruits of sugar cane, single house only the door pull a market, could not sell good price.Now village inside 3 party members grows the sugar cane expert hand”the string becomes a pearl chain” and take long repair short, help to hand a villager in the aspects of growing seedling, technique, information etc..The sugar cane that originally scatters planted to form scale, now, the businessman of grounds, such as Peking and Tienjin…etc. sought to come to procure on one’s own initiative, each price of fruit sugar cane compare originally high 0.15 dollars.Calcium carbonate

The harbor south area establishment helps to hand a mechanism and strengthens “party member pearl” to take rich ability.The area’s set 《the harbor south area urges an agriculture to increase to accept a party member to take the lead a person, the small sum loan sticks an interest to support a temporary way 》, select a warmhearted public welfare and contribute efforts to the people annually consciousness is strong and have lead crowd common wealthy will with stronger help the ability of taking of”party member pearl”, stick an interest, moderate a financing institution loan and fight for upper grade funds item and economy through a government ability the person donate a property to give it particularly support.At the end of last year, the harbor south area has 30″party member pearl” to acquire more than 10000 dollarses 30 to stick an interest loan.According to the first step statistics, currently, “party member pearl chain” of the harbor south area aroused 600 crowds to amass a fortune and strengthened 15 special feature agriculture kinds to keep industry.Water pearl

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