The artist’s innovation

The innovation is the artist’s mission`is an art to appreciate to appreciate beauty to need to be changed`is the artist’s value embodiment place.An artist is only persisted to the innovation of art, then can embody the value of oneself art activity, being exactly the innovation of the history preceding generation generation artist then can push the prosperity development of mankind’s art and pushed mankind the progress of the civilization.Romantic colors

The high state of innovation is the mind that can move other people, so must is and sets out from own mind, makes the other people able to accept it.But also want to attain “pursue own heart to but not is pursue giving public recognition of other people”.Usually meet other people to blame and criticize in our many creationseses, we should correctly face, because the standpoint of appreciating beauty of everybody is different.And the more important confidence ownly appreciates beauty a will, don’t the easy change ownly appreciates beauty a will, even if want to change to be also if oneself is real to realize to don’t well arrive of improvement.

But want to want to be a real artist that and then have to have he or she’s personality and innovation ability, but the personality is again the sign that an artist discriminates between other artists and have no the artist’s work of personality is lack special atmosphere ground.

I think and develop own of creative ability:

1.The abundant degree of the life experience and oneself’s knowledge that has to build up oneself, to the confidence and understanding degree of the affairs up.

2.To the control degree of the professional technical ability up.Human subjects

3.The intelligent degree of confrontation the United States up.

4.Art personality and art that treat an art fix for of degree up.


Today’s lesson I have much of emotional stirrings, so make a few following requests to oneself:

1.No matter do what matters all have to be earnest.(which afraid is a small matter)

2.Much study.(profession of and extracurricular)

3.Many aspects with objective cluster evaluate matter or work.(is better exaltation own esthetic sense)

4.Foster own creative ability and strengthen(on the foundation that don’t hurt other people) the development of art personality, constabcy of perfect ownly appreciate beauty a will.

5.Strengthen the language performance and study of begging the painting foundation.(effort practice)

“Repeated” mean the artist’s end, to the other people’s repeating is to don’t innovate sexual of play the ape, to own of again is a continuously creating of the very not intentional instrument is a work of homology, also equaled to don’t progress before doing not not stop!Cut suit

So I want to progress have to of innovation!

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