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The Chinese section helps for the eighth time a national congress to open in the city
On May 27, Chinese science technique association the national congress open in Great Hall of the People, Peking for for the eighth time.Hu Jintao, Wen Jia Bao and Gu celebrates a wood, Li Chang Chun and Xi near even, the Li Ke Qiang, He country is strong, the etc. party in week Yungkang and Beijing leadership arrive a meeting to congratulate.The Xinhua news agency reporter Rao love the people shoot

The Xinhua news agency Peking gives or gets an electric shock(reporter, Xu Jing Yue, , Wu is clear and bright) Chinese science technique association on May 27 the national congress Be solemn and impressive to open in Great Hall of the People on the morning of the 27th for the eighth time.The party and Beijing leadership Hu Jintao, Wen Jia Bao and Gu celebrates a wood, Li Chang Chun and Xi near even, the Li Ke Qiang, He country is strong, week Yungkang’s waiting until will congratulate.The more than 1300s excellent science and technology worker represents and carry a whole country 58,000,000 science and technology worker of heavy give to attend this grand occasion.

Today, Great Hall of the People is full of warmly pleased celebrate of atmosphere.The huge of “Chinese science technique association for the eighth time national congress” will the elevation hang on the stage the square is at hall chairman, Chinese science technique association will the badge is exact center located on chairman’s set.The assembly hall second floor Tiao on the stage hangs the giant horizontal of “Gao Ju the Chinese special feature socialism great flag, the incorporation leads a large science and technology worker, for constuct an innovation type nation, seize overall construction the middle-class family social new victory but struggle”.

At 10:00 A.M., the general assembly opens.In the warm applause, in totally central political bureau often the Wei, central secretary secretary and near even representative’s party of national vice- chairman Xi is central and made for 《science and technology the worker want for quickly constuct a creative type the nation much contribute 》of wish a phrase.He helps eight greatly and convenes to mean warmly toward the Chinese section first congratulation, to at each national large science and technology worker whom front industriously labors to send greetings to by the lofty esteem and the benignity.act in pettish

The Xi is near even give high evaluation to the aggressive contribution of large science and technology worker in the middle of wishing a phrase.He says that the Chinese section helps seven big of five years is an our country develop history the up the nottest usual five years, is also our country science and technology business carry out historic cross over of five years.Five in the last years, national and large science and technology worker not Ru mission, not negative heavy give, brave to practice, presume to outstrip, obtain one large numbers of relations economic social development overall situation, have science technique result of great international influence, strengthened science and technology to the economic social development of prop up ability, at should to the international financial crisis impact, promote economy steady develop a little bit quickly and develop an important function in guarantee and improvement people’s livelihood, be society for overall construction middle-class family and speed construction innovation type the nation made to actively contribute.Large science and technology worker not the Kui is the excellent children of Chinese nation, not the Kui expand for the advanced productivity and the forerunner is cultural of dissemination.

The Xi is near even in the aspects of wishing a phrase winning still well affirming a section to help seven big Chinese section helping in the incorporation to lead a large science and technology worker to strengthen the independent innovation ability, construction innovation type a nation and raising civil science character do in great quantities effective work.He says that the section helps organization the Kui don’t contact science and technology worker’s bridge and Niu to take for the party and the government, not Kui for push the important strength that national science and technology business develops.

The Xi is near even point out, “25” periods are overall construction the middle-class family social key period, is deepen reform to open, speed change economy development the way take it by storm a period.Speed change economy to develop a way, the most basic is to want to depend on the strength of science and technology, the most decisive is to want to be significant to improve independent innovation ability.The new situation of lately a science and technology revolution in the world and industrial revolution, push our country walk a science development, innovation drive, inside living the new appointee of growth orbit duty, since make higher request to science and technology work, also display artistic talent for worker of science and technology, brave climbed high peak to provide vast satge.He hopes the large science and technology worker recognizes pure carry of great responsibility and glorious mission, more aware of self, raise independent innovation ability more progressively, in the aspects of carrying out economic good and quickly development and people’s livelihood to continuously improve, in the aspects of expanding creative culture and stiring up a civil clan innovation enthusiasm and creating vitality, at development with recommend youth science and technology talented person, speed construction talented person big country, resolve to do great things more in the aspects of strengthening character accomplishment and helping science morals construction and atmosphere of a school to moistenned more

The Xi near even rightness of new situations bottom the section help to organize circumambience party and nation to work general situation to betterly implement a work working talent and make four requests.One is concentrate on promoting science technique prosperity and development and betterly is economy society development service;Two is concentrate on promoting science technique universality and expansion, betterly for raise civil science character service;Three is concentrate on promoting science and technology talented person’s growth and exaltation and betterly contribute efforts to the worker of science and technology;Four is be betterly fixed attention on to construction science and technology worker’s house and be the friend of good science and technology worker and strengthen oneself construction and found a section to help work new situation hard.The Xi is near even still request all levels of the leadership that the party Wei and government strengthens and improves to help a work to the section further, value exertion section helps organization in the party Wei and the government science decision and is pushing a science development and promotes a social harmonious and medium special function.(The full text sees another)

The vice- chairman, secretary of Chinese science white spring gift of hospital director and national general labor union one secretary Wang Yu Pu, represent science and technology field and the everyone people group to send congratulations a phrase to the general assembly respectively.

The Chinese section helps chairman, general assembly presidium chairman Han Qi De manage opening ceremony, representative the seventh national committee is willing ascend to work to give a talk or lecture.The report looked back the past five years of section to help a work and tallied up to work well experience that the section helps a work to realize, and to aftertime five year, the section helped a work to put forward a suggestion.

Still have to the leadership comrade that will congratulate:Wang Zhao Guo, Liu Yun Shan, Liu Yan Dong, Li Yuan Chao, what brave, make plan, Wang Hu rather, dark cloud it the wood space, week iron agriculture, Ma Kai and Chen Kui Yuan, Zhang Rong Ming and Luo are rich and with week light Zhao, member of committee Lee of Central Military Commission after bear etc..

Central and national organization department concerned, Liberation Arm and everyone people’s group, the each province, autonomous region, direct jurisdiction city is responsible for a comrade and helps all previous sessions to be responsible for a comrade in the China section of city, and people of different walks of life in the capital city and science and technology the worker represented about 3000 ginsengs to add opening ceremony. Love and forget

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