Bohai Sea development

In 2010, economy in wreath Bohai Sea development area economic development ascension for the country strategy height in the house, we Wei shop for respond to a nation call, develop low carbon economy, constructed wind power factory in the foreland, is shown as diagram.descend form to the power of each set wind power machine is under the different wind velocity.(Reserve two fractions as a result)

(1)If is a 6 ms/s in the wind velocity in some time, a pedestal generator works for an hour,led lighting design the output electric power cans be provided as the air condition(the 220 Vs 5 As) of small clear house and give or get an electric shock hot pot(220 Vs 40 Ωs) of work how many in the meantime?
(2)If circumlittoral year of average wind velocity in the Wei shop is a 8 ms/s, 50 sets wind power machines like this work for a day, the electric power acquiring is completely equal to combustion how many tons coal?(The heat of the coal is worth to 3 ×s 103 Js/kgs)
Answer:(1)The electric power of wind power machine creation12 volt led lighting:W=Pt=the 16 KW × 1 h=16 kWhs,
The power of air condition is:The P is 1= UIs=the 220 V × 5 As=1100 Ws=1.1 kWs,
Give or get an electric shock hot lead of power:
The working time is:
(2)Generates electricity quantity for a day for:W=Pt=3.8 the ×s 104 W × 50 ×s are 24 ×s 3600 seses=1.6416 ×s 1011 Js,

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