Naked how to authenticate

Naked how to authenticate the value for drilling?
Naked the value for drilling have been transparent in the world, the prices all press naked drill of 4 Cs(size, color, clean degree, slice work) list price space, naked the value for drilling know its 4 Cs is basic to know its price.And the diamond price 10%ly soared space annually, and naked the sizes of value diamond drilling all have ratings, the diamond price of different series will differ very far, computes a method according to the complicated diamond,Nuclear pearls do an everybody can understand of naked drill calculator, be convenient for everyone to become further to international diamond condition of the market understanding.

How authenticate naked the value for drilling?

1, the eye view Be naked to drill:Naked drill to put the paper of having the writing or pattern up, if through naked drill the writing goods that can see up the paper of picture, prove this that being false is naked to drill, whereas then for real natural naked drill.This matter the diamond has to very and strongly refract effect, so naked the value for drilling looking at to have no other materials on the paper, for example the precious stone like the crystal put on the paper noodles, the pattern writing is clear it is thus clear that.

2, use a pencil:This method is invented by an expert of the former Soviet Union, before consultation, use water to the diamond first smooth wet, naked the value for drilling then again use a pencil the crystal side in the true diamond slightly depicts, the pencil once rows of the place don’t stay trace;But if are the leave that the materials, such as glass and crystal…etc. makes into to drill, the surface will leave trace.

3, by hand touch:By hand point lightly crystal side of touching the diamond, will have 1 kind to glue a sexual felling, this kind of glues sex is really drill special, naked the value leave drilling’s drilling then can’t produce.Because the diamond has a kind of affinity to the grease, but the hand point of the skin top will secrete some little of, the crystal noodles contact of this kind of skin grease and diamond, meeting the creation glue of felling.In addition,Ear Erosari see pure naked drill of certificate also very key.Currently nations most GIA of authority Be naked to drill to authenticate a certificate, is the great majority naked drill to all have of naked drill consultation certificate.

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