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Chinese medicine methods

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

The summer of winter disease cures 5 kinds of in common use Chinese medicine methods
The summer of winter disease cures, is a traditional our country the Chinese medicine medicine special feature therapy within therapy.It according to 《the vegetable asks ·four spirits adjust an absolute being theory 》in the principle of “spring summer keep sun”, combine a sky to burn therapy, carry on medicine to spread to stick on the acupuncture points of human body to encourage sense of right, increment anti-disease ability, attain prevention and cure paroxysm purpose thus.The method that the summer of winter disease cures includes a lot and sees from the clinical effect, the acupuncture points sticks to spread had better.The underneath totally tallied up the summer of 5 in common use winter diseases to cure Chinese medicine for everyone square.Some Thoughts

The acupuncture points sticks to spread

This therapy is in summer three Fu sky, according to the Chinese medicine dialectical theories, the adoption Chinese herbal medicine product sticks to spread the particular acupuncture points on the veins and arteries, the medicine is gone into by the form through the skin in, arrive veins and arteries and internal organs, attain a treatment purpose.The Chinese medicine is used a white mustard seed, dollar beard, sweet hence, thin nets, such as Xin, a Chinese family name and ginger…etc., spread cold, dispel wet, repair the Chinese herbal medicine of annoying the blood to grind into a thin end, adjust mire-like in shape, select by examinations different acupuncture points to stick to spread according to the condition.The time of sticking uses alcohol disinfection first, takes the diameter as the 1 cm or so medicated plaster and sticks on the acupuncture points with the plastic cloth of the 5 cm × 5 cms.The part that sticks to spread generally with through cave is lord, the clinical in common use acupuncture points has lung Yu, certainly breathes heavily, blind cream and big Zhui, medium mansion and etc. in Tan.

The moxa burns

Burn a method generally what to use is a moxa to burn, with moxa leaf for raw material, make into moxa Rong, moxa pillar and moxa, burn with moxa Rong or other Yus caves or ache that the medicine places body form bright, Wen Yu4 .The moderate thermodynamic energy and medicine function that borrows to burn fire passes the conduction of veins and arteries, with Wen Tong’s blood vessels, in harmony with annoy blood, moderate yin and yang, hand is dispeling evil.Compare acupuncture points to stick to spread, skin scraping and pull out a fire bottle, moxa is with the solid fire dispel in addition to the wet cold spirit in the body, belong to the therapy of strength comparison foot, so easily ascend the person of fire don’t suggest to use moxa, otherwise inside the fire add outside fire and then will falsely consume the Jin liquid of human body.the maintenance

Skin scraping

The skin scraping is dipped skin scraping oil to press a direction to pare off to move with the skin scraping plank, the skin scraping can stimulate veins and arteries acupuncture points and make the partial skin flushed Chong blood and appear the green purple issue of blood orders, is also “Sha” that the common saying says, with improvement part tiny circulate, have already dredged veins and arteries and comfortable Jin to manage spirit and dispel breeze to spread a cold function, make the nerve of human body, circulation, immunity, excretion etc. system excitement get up, speed metabolism.

Mow to cure

Mow to cure a method is a handle knob to point of the end stanza exact center mows to open a small and take off in addition to the fat organization in a little amount skin, and implement incitement in the part.That method includes good curative effect to the asthma and the digest way disease.

Pull out a fire bottle

Pull out a fire bottle is also the in common use Chinese medicine square whom the summer of winter disease cures.The principle cured with the summer of pulling out the fire bottle winter disease is as just about as skin scraping, all is stimulate veins and arteries acupuncture points and make the partial skin flushed Chong blood, dredge veins and arteries to dispel in addition to algidity.Jewelers from

greatest effects civilian

Monday, May 16th, 2011

The miracle drug wonder drug of a garlic ten greatest effects civilian
Garlic is cook delicious good dinner process in of the condiment is also a best nutritional product, is more the best green and natural drugs.The nourishment with there is a research showing garlic is worth of even exceeding a ginseng.

The garlic implies 200 varieties to be good for healthy material, in addition to protein, vitamin E and C and trace elements, such as calcium, iron and selenium…etc., it is the S that has to strengthen human body immunity dint to be subjected to what people paid attention to most one Xi C radicle half Guang ammonia is sour(SAC), and have the garlic vegetable of disinfecting the dint very much.

Moreover some compositions can also prevent°from some diseases of circulatory system, such as stability blood pressure, improvement blood circulation, repress blood platelets gathering, keep blood from bolting formation, adjust sugar metabolize etc..Therefore, the garlic not only is a food to cook the essential delicacy in the process, but also is people to prevent and cure the paroxysm important means in the daily life process.

The Chinese medicine thinks the effect that the garlic has to eliminate a food, go Zhi spirit, warm appetite and eliminate to accumulate, counteract poison, destroy insects in;The lord cures food to accumulate Zhi, the Guan stomach cold pain and dropsy bulge full, leak the Chuang of the Xie, dysentery and malaria, whooping cough and Yong Ju swollen poison, white bald tinea and snake insect to bite and diseases, such as hookworm and Rao insect…etc..The story of tears

Anti-virus eliminate inflammation to living to eat more effectively

The garlic is widely a natural plant to compose an anti-virus vegetable, the garlic contains 2% garlic vegetables around, its disinfect ability is 1| of penicillin 10, to variety to germ such as staphylococcus, meningitis, pneumonia and streptococci and diphtheria, dysentery, typhoid, vice- typhoid and tubercle rod bacteria and cholera Hu germ, all have to obviously repress and kill to put out a function.The fungi and hookworm, Rao insect and infusoria that can also kill more kind to the disease.It is the effective method that prevents flu and prevention bowel way from being infected a disease to living to eat garlic.But should notice a garlic vegetable be easily broken under the heat, lose to disinfect a function.

Civilian anti-cancer wonder drug

In the garlic of contain the sulphur compound main function at”start stage” of the tumor occurrence, counteract poison function through a to build up, activating of interference carcinogen, prevent°from cancer formation, strengthen immunity function, stop a fat over oxidize formation and anti- to mutate to wait various paths, avoid normal cell converting to the cancer cell.The trace element that the garlic contains, the selenium can kill cancer cell and lower a cancer outbreak rate.

Cancellation tired, recover physical strength

Garlic’s going together with pork is to quite goodly eat a method, the pork is one of the food that contains the vitamin B1 to enrich most .But the vitamin B1 and the garlic vegetable that garlic implies combine together, can have tired cancellation, instauration physical strength of function.

The prevention”three Gao” chronic disease

The anti- blood platelets coagulates

The anti- blood platelets treatment prevents and cures a cardiovascular disease, especially the blood bolt a formative important method.But the garlic ethereal oil has to repress the function that the blood platelets coagulates, its mechanism in order to change the physics and chemistry property of blood platelets film, influence gathering of blood platelets to take and release function thus, repressed fiber protein of blood platelets film to be subjected to a body at first, repressed blood platelets and fiber egg white to combine at first, influenced the sulphur radicle on the blood platelets film, changed blood platelets function.


The Epidemiology survey research discovers, on the average everybody eat garlic 20 grams of regions everyday, the death rate of its cardiovascular disease is more obviously low than to have no food to living the region of garlic habit.The researcher’s 50 people to the Lao mountain county carry on a test and make them eat to living garlic 50 grams everyday, 6 measure in the days to come the content of the serum total Dan Chun, glycerin three fats and ls 3 fat egg whites is aller obviously low than an experiment before.Usually eat to living a garlic have already declined to press a function as well.

Decline blood pressure

The blood pressure sufferer eats several garlics of petal vinegar bubbles everyday morning, and drink two spoon vinegar juice, eat half month will have obvious effect to the sufferer of high blood pressure.

Decline blood sugar

The experiment proves that living the food garlic contains the function to raise normal person’s glucose to bear quantity, can also help the secreting of insulin to organize cell’s exploitation for glucose with increment and makes the blood sugar descended thus.

Decline low cholesterol

If the garlic goes together with egg yolk to repress blood vessel is as aging as skin, the egg contained in egg yolk Lin fat ability clearance sticks to the cholesterol in afferent wall and declines a low cholesterol function.On top of that, the egg yolk implies abundant vitamin E, can repress a live sour vegetable, the deceleration blood vessel is as aging as skin;But the garlic promote blood circulation again.This matching not only can have the better anti- the aging function, to the treatment that fears a cold disease even the hairdressing also has quite good effect.Come to say to those persons who don’t like the garlic stimulating smell, the garlic fried egg is yellow to is a quite good choice.Mix into egg yolk in the garlic that it is pounding into pulp, then use text fire slowly fried become, since there is no loud smell, the double isn’t agree with stomach to produce severely stimulate.

Can make blood sparse

Smoking to drink will make the blood become to glue dense, if eat some garlics in the meantime, will equilibrium dilution blood.And still have the anti- of similar vitamin E and vitamin c to oxidize characteristic.Respect

Unimpeded blood

The garlic adds green fish to eat, can make blood lucid, the garlic can promote fish the digest of the protein.There is sour abundant unsaturated fatty acid in the Chang fish, mackerel pike, green fish, for decline low cholesterol, solidify blood platelets and fuse blood to bolt obvious effect, eat together with garlic, even contribute to blood unimpeded.

June of Scorpio carries power

Friday, May 13th, 2011

June of Scorpio carries power to forecast June, 2011
Whole luck:Pearls
Study the professional knowledge of management, and rely on the expert’s suggestion, then can make the work been getting more efficient, don’t forget well timed authorization, in order to prevent oneself undertakes everything but affair to also not necessarily work well.Natural pearl

Love peach blossom:
The attitude of the other party contains change, let you feel in fact 2 people’s relation can be more harmonious and suggest that you also want to respect his viewpoint, 2 people feelings will more.If the single person annoys commonness, compare will draw on some you aren’t have much of the opposite sex of interest, if meet, opportunity mostly in the tour of the long range or the place of the foreign tour oh, suggest that you much want again say.Heterogeneous body

Healthy body:
Health basically and O.K., but want to much notice the problem of mood more, because you are really some recently fiery temper, as a result also want to particularly pay attention to EQ adjustment, make oneself more happy to make a living.

Work studies:
Person vein management can be treated as recent point place, this aspect for you of the future develop to also have a great help.It is getting along with colleague aspect to contain progress, can also meet many magnates to come to help you on their own initiative.Production pearl

Special reiteration:
Being full of is self-confident of you, more confident to feelings, however still need to notice the other party emotion and mental need, let him love you and can not get away from you more!

Super good luck day:On the 7th, the 30th
The relationship is very good, popularity and elder good luck are all very good.The work makes you feeling happy and has much of the felling of challenge.Pearly luster

The dark cloud spreads densely a day:On the 4th, the 11th
Don’t entertain foolish ideas, put the target a little bit farer, exhausted with working winning of arguing having some.

makes collective report

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Hong Kong text makes collective report:The dead pulled to ascend makes the body taken three Tashanlend money
Pull to ascend after Pakistan being shoot~deaed, relationship with Ba Guo in the United States appeared unexpected variety.The White House thinks Pakistan accepting to in great quantities help, but doing not make a concerted effort with American solider;Expect officials the oath solemnly pledged ground even said lately that pulled to don’t in that country ascend, explained that Islamabad has already sheltered the suspicion of terrorist;The United States should examine whether continue the economic aid to Ba Guo.Pakistan then think, although Ba Guo accepts a huge sum of USD,have already made the American solider use Ba Guo’s military base;But American solider at round up to pull to ascend of in the important activity, unexpectedly have no to in advance know meeting Islamabad, is to an invasion of national sovereignty;Worry “thing in bag” that Ba Guo becomes an American solider.biggest wish

Take a wide view the style of the United States, even if is relate to a good friend, while involving a benefits for the United States may drive issue order”have to leave political power”.Saddam in Iraq is the best clear certificate.Though Pakistan provided to a pass for the anti-terrorism activity of the United States important convenience, if is sheltered a terrorist by the CIA”confirm”, Washington may turn over a face not to recognize a person at any time.

The special forces seriously infringes upon sovereigntymarkets and buildings

Pakistan the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will announce a pronouncement to call in the near future:After American solider shoot~deas to pull to ascend, the western medium carried on to unnecessarily put blame on to that country and guess, being Islamabad can not accept;Pakistan is a sovereign state, any at expect a country country the military operations carrying on inside the ground have to get the approval square of Ba Fang’s government and troops to carry on;The American solider rounds Jiao to pull to ascend this time, since didn’t get the authorization of UN Security Council as well as ask for Pakistan the opinion of government and military authority, it is legal, the rationality certainly should be queried by deeper time.The American solider special forces intentionally averted from Ba Guo’s radar screen in the activity and carried on a single side military operation, is to the serious invasion of the country’s to capture

Ba Fang’s pronouncement warning:Shoot~dead to pull to ascend of the cloth reach to expect virtuous, be Pakistan apart from capital city Islamabad only 60 kilometers, is expect the country famous location in the college of military;While developing an activity, the American solider rejoices the college of military’s students just in the holiday, as well few in the number in the college, otherwise the American solider’s sneak attack may result in very much and the conflict of personnel in the college of military, even appear surprised dead and injured.Although the United States is a Pakistani allies,the activity of special forces completely has no to Pakistan put in the eye and seriously hurt the dignity of Islamabad.Receive to advise American solider in the days to come don’t in involving Pakistan a core benefits problem without restraint and wildly is.

Body negative”three Tashan” in Islamabad

But another part Xiang, American president chief anti-terrorism adviser cloth Lun south scathing warning Islamabad then call:The anti-terrorism head of group pulls to ascend if don’t expect country the officials of the government tacit consent and support, impossibly and comfortably live the eyelid in Islamabad over a long period of time with family underneath;Just such as expect “not expel have Ba Guo and officials for pulls to ascend to provide information and related protection of possibility” of ambassador to Washington.The American intelligence report section is beginning a survey currently officials'”huge support system” in pulling to ascend group and related organization Pakistan, then whether assurance continues to help Pakistan.The White House as well carrot-and-stickly says, regardless investigate result how, the United States would like to have something to do with Pakistan carrying on the next move cooperate a discussion.from when rise

Pull to ascend at Pakistan inshore is shoot~deaed, Islamabad now real person negative”three Tashan”:One is American the intimidation not necessarily continue to help that country;Two is expect citizen’s many disaffection to allow American solider troops to act in own freedom inside the national territory;Three is a base organization the threat want first against the Pakistan carry on revenge and stroke

should wait

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Don’t wait the person that doesn’t should wait, don’t harm not should harm of heartfive hazards
Loving of time, make him free;Not loving of time, let to love free.
Since the care about once owned and also cared everlasting
Prefer to supercilious single, don’t discommode oneself as well.
Don’t wait the person that doesn’t should wait, don’t harm that heart that harm not.
Sometimes, the love is to grow injury.
Cruel of person, the choice hurts other people;cold violence
Docile of person, the choice hurts himself/herself.
Like is the best of pantomime, speaking may become tragedy
Cry, don’t represent me to accept defeat;
Back an one step, don’t symbolize I admit defeat;
Let go, don’t represent me to give up;
Positive such as I smile, don’t mean me happinessfuture arrived
Only give up, didn’t forget.
See a little bit thinnerly, harm of will be a little bit less, time led, the love was getting thinner and also spread.
Time makes the deep thing more and more deep and makes the shallow thing more and more shallow.
Buddha says that the good luck is a piece of ice, want the degree is for 500 years.
Does the Buddha ask a bitterness?I say it’s not bitter.Buddha hence allow me good luck.Get it I get my life luckily and not.That’s all.
500 time Mous of previous incarnation just change to once wiping of the this present life shoulder but lead.
I rather use once wiping of the future life shoulder but come over to change 500 time Mous of this present life.
I smile, the whole world all follows I smile;I cry, the whole world only my a person cry.
Standing alone, not necessarily not happy;
Get, can not necessarily last long.
Lose to not necessarily no longer own,
It’s sad because of but to may be sad
But, can seek a reason to make oneself happy
Fall in love with the time of a person, a trace of fear in the head quarter, fear to get him;Afraid lose him.
Need not waiting person is happy.
We really once wanted for a long time for a long time, then can understand, oneself is real to think of, what kind of exactly person, how of matter.translucent and amber
What affairs will be used to of, like leave and remember fondly.
Love and is loved, not necessarily become a direct proportion.
At rightness of time, meet a right person, is a kind of happiness
At rightness of time, meet a wrong person, is a kind of sorrow

In wrong time, meet a right person, is 1 to sigh
In wrong time, meet a wrong person, is a kind of helpless
Don’t give up easily, otherwise let  oneself down
If which day, I threw on to marry dress for other people,Hatred female
Probably because of the age, probably because Be getting more tired,
Probably because really want to hold hands with that person whole life…

Japanese prime minister

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Japanese prime minister Jian keeps a person to request strand Gang to check an electricity to stand all machine sets stop a heapLED achieving
Japanese prime minister Jian keeps a person to convene a news conference to declare late on the 6th, disallow currently heavy Qi central power company strand Gang pit electricity station
BE accepting periodical check to fix but stop the No.3 machine set of heap, the No.4, 5 machine set that requests to be revolving in the meantime stops a heap.From here, the strand Gang checks electricity station of all machine sets will temporarily stop a heap.White-light light

The strand Gang pit gives or gets an electric shock a station to be located on the epicenter district of earthquake in East China Sea of possible occurrence.Owing to occurrence electric power blessing island in Tokyo a pit electricity station trouble, the Jian keeps a person to think that the strand Gang’s electricity’s standing doesn’t have enough ability currently to should to the earthquake and the tidal wave.He said that won’t weigh Qi reaction before lately establishing to keep tide dike etc. from guarding against huge earthquake and the medium long-term measure non-arrival of the tidal wave heap.Compact fluorescent

Jian keeps a person to also mean “will for avoid electric power shortage to the utmost utmost effort”, and appeal medium the electricity power supply business enterprise and the family in the district economy in electricity.

The strand Gang checks an electricity the station totally have the No.1-5 the machine set, the No.1, 2 machine set this front already stop a heap combine the plan discard.The central electric power once meant recently hope in July heavy Qi No.3 machine set, the No.4, 5 machine set then was placed in operation appearance and there was also no plan that the periodical check fixs.Florida cities

Medium the electricity be late to announce a pronouncement and mean “quickly study” the request of the government.Before arriving with the summer of giving or getting an electric shock the need increment, in the electricity probably will be forced to adopt to improve a thermal power ability etc. counterplan.

You of world I once led

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Not is each the persons who wipe a shoulder and lead will acquaint with, also not is each person who acquaint with will let to concern about.At least we are in the this present life, in that place, at a turn of time don’t miss.The time mutually hoped at the our double eye found out a loving fate in the eye.President Barack

Don’t forget, you of world I once led.I once also brought you the happiness, I once also brought you happy;I once also made you burnt bright and helpless, you once also made me wait for and expected;Also we once all forgot their ourselves, the felling and touching love of only the heart palpitates.Can there is a bosom embracing canning not nestle any further now, there being a voicing any further can not usually ring out in the ear.

The tonight is again a person to live alone and fear most in the heart of is this kind of lonesome, fear the voice that remains oneself to knock a keyboard of such a that person sits on the empty room and calm down.At this silent in, feel that I will suffocate at any time, because letting of heart ache I almost can not breathe, my body and heart can have muscular spasms together along with the breath ……

I ever thought that I is very strong, can my dream but it happened that in those faraway places, ruthlessness realistic head quarter my heart collides together with my dream of fragmented and disorganized.

I clearly know that the warm love will chase person’s burn, but I still continuously pursue to imitate such as the moth rush toward fire.In fact, I also frightened quilt fire burn, but I such as moth similar fear more to have no fire of lonesome.At this time, lonesome heart, really can not write with the any sad sentence, vocabulary pure this feeling, also only have myself understand, helpless medium at this time of don’t help.

Really want to know at the moment of you, whether harm such as my similar and gloomy absolute being?Always feel you aside, but at pay no attention discover me at this time the tears on the face already Lian Lian, I know tonight whatever kind, can not go into sleep again as well ……suffer from insomnia here at the mid-night, can not help asking myself, when end the son of this heart panic?I with want to get of that kind of happiness, exactly still have how far?

The tonight that the panic loses, I formed this kind of state of mind a writing, I knew and affirmed each word, all satisfied dip me very thick disappointed, each words, all release my helpless sadness.But lightly flow to walk here of in the time, have who can hatch an another thoughts and feelings for me?Who can change fan Mang of my dark night?Who ability and I does the same intertexture dream of?

Someone says that the dark night can forgive the distressing of havings suffered from, darkly forever is the best protective coloration, can all sadnesses with sad cast away here.But, I how be throw drop this to distress away not to, was black to give° me to deser ……

The smoke spends, in the head quarter leaves a lonesome night sky after beautiful beginning.I, a person only dances on the satge, oneself only just knows this satge after of lonesome.

Seldom comprehended in childhood, why person will so and much worry, sorrow with sad, wait now I am real of experienced in person, just real understand why those pain, will so of pain.Now that we don’t can be concomitant to arrive old, make me bless for you here.Because you are already my this present life to cut off of concern about.Just again much remember fondly and concern about to also change don’t return to own you of day.Lose for the first time love most a person unexpectedly is this felling, originally love you and give up similar not easy.Quite low

Don’t forget, you of world I once led.Don’t you of any commitment, don’t you can deeply record me, don’t everything that you record us ever, just wanted to let you occasionally of time also think of me, occasionally think of the girl who ever and so deeply once loves you!

Olympic flame youth

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

54 lighted torch hands deliver “Hong” of big luck Olympic flame youth to gleam campus
Once running don’t lake, the Bo graceful tower, once ran 100 anniversary lecture halls and develop China stone tablet, once ran Cai Yuan Pei, Li Da Dun Zhao’s statue ……May 4 on days, be 54 Olympic flames that lighted torch hands deliver the 26th Shenzhen the Universiade, wear a line in the campuses of University of Peking, history and reality, youth and future, harmony mutually melts, is jumped by this Cu to move the flameses of interest not, launch vivid painting book.LED head pivots

“There are so many classmates lookinging at us, hope greatly carry the spirit of the meeting to deliver next go to”, 28-year-old north university student Xing Yan Anne is one stick lighted torch hand.Be placed oneself to familiar campus, once run short but dissimilarity usually of 60 meters, write a full excitement on his face, “I have already run very slowly, but still feel that time leads very quickly.”In the north greatly spend for 6 years, the Xing Yan of student’s time Anne, get hold of a method to learn the academic degree be at present persuing an athletics culture sociology the master degree is with psychology double.On Peking 2008 Olympics, he appears at the Chinese man 4 × 100 meters connect the appearance of dint in, but his main item then 110 meters column.”Domestic in addition to Liu soars and the history winter Peng, I fore three” says the time of this words, Xing Yan Anne has never seemed to be have much proud.”Big in the north, I am just an a nobody”, he in earnest says, “I think I can prove of BE, the university can also train a tall level athlete.”Combining bright light

75-year-old Wu Wen Hu is the famous professor whom the Chin Hua calculator fastens, is also 41 stick lighted torch hand.”Why to choose me”, the old Sir says with smile, “I once wased an athlete.The Chin Hua electrical engineering fastens graduation in 1959 and go to school that moment representative brigade in Peking take part in a whole country game and run 1500 meters.”The old Sir even once served as a Chin Hua continuously for 18 years teacher glee club chief, his story, vivid explain what called “versed in literary and military arts”.”Deliver lighted torch, is also spread to accept spirit-strengthen figure Jian body, requite an effect nation of spirit.”While saying this words, Wu Wen Hu is full is Chin Hua the person’s heroism.

Be named “Hong” of great luck meeting lighted torch, have a fanciful design creativity.The lighted torch constitutes to°from 62 pieces of ovals colorful slice, can arbitrarily revolve a various shape.39 the stick lighted torch hand, the student abroad from England Wen Ni raise to catch fire torch, to this particularly the feeling is curious.”The atmosphere in the campus is really good, my family will also on TV in see mine.”Wen Ni who studies in north big glory and takes care of a college of science is still a hospital women’s basketball representatives member, ” wants a dozen right away’north big cup’, I will go all out with teammate.This summer I will take leave north greatly, lighted torch I will bring back England, this is the unforgettable university career from cradle to the grave.”

Last one good lighted torch hand beard Kai still keeps being the shape of “the glasses fly a person” that everyone acquaints with.To great luck meeting, the beard Kai has special feelings, “I just entered a Chin Hua in 2001 and on the spot visited Peking greatly carried meeting;In 2005, my greatly carrying in Turkey will ascend to get hold of 100 meters champion;This time, and then become Shenzhen greatly luck meeting lighted torch hand.Can hardly forget each time.The athletics tradition of “is already the Chin Hua manages college the Doctor gives birth to of beard Kai, at will don’t understand with great luck of in the predestination, have own feeling Wu, ” Chin Hua deeply influences me and lets me realizes that the athletics is a part of education indivisibility.Hope each one participates in to greatly carry a meeting of university student, can feel happiness atmosphere, be like today so.”LED explosion

North big campus inside, greatly luck will selling of commemorative stamp booth front already the row rise long brigade.Lighted torch from their body side process, greatly luck meeting of distance such of near, be like big body in China to help a Secretary-general found a state say:”The essence of the regression campus, regression athletics, Shenzhen greatly the luck will bring different of fascinating.”

F-18 is true false

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

The doubting bad F-18 is true false
The American analyst says that they to China become Jians all-18″red eagle”s are short to be apart from take-off pancake landing type the battleplane so-calledly try to fly to indicate a doubt for the very first time.Production line.

The analyst Richard of the Fu Ji Ni second Di Er group company is virtuous. the cloth pull thin second say:” Have such of the doubt is very reasonable.Jian possible Fan Wei on the technique, they disguise its existence very easily, and do like this worth.”The analysts say that even if this kind of airplane really the existence also isn’t likely to have particularly big use.No matter is which conclusion, the results are all similar:The Chinese will can not develop this kind of airplane that can produce result and can deploy.

The analysts say that the Chinese still don’t have an independent design to be like short be apart from to take off a pancake landing type of battleplane so the ability of the thing of the Fu miscellaneous and very difficult production.

The cloth pull thin second say:”They didn’t also produce a stealth fighter-bomber, this money, but they are really very successful in the aspects of forging.”

Fu Ji Ni second row gram star Dun the analyst Dan of the institute.the ancient Er agree standpoint like this.He says:”Have no evidence to show they can from zero start to do and thus and quickly develop battleplane like this.From now on, after 20 years, probably still probably.”

Although the report way of China declares, this kind of is legendary short be apart from take-off pancake landing type the battleplane shape looks like Su’s one 33 sail aircraft carriers carry battleplane, or is like the Jian that the Chinese Fang builds one 5 battleplanes, the analysts say, design twin-engine short be apart from take-off pancake landing type the battleplane is extremely difficult.

In addition, existing twin-engine battleplane, like Su-33, refit short be apart from take-off pancake landing type of the battleplane is almost impossible.

The ancient Er says that short development of battleplane for being apart from to take off a pancake landing type in China if not direct basis now already stop of the Soviets is graceful gram of-141 short is apart from the words that the perpendicularity rises and falls item, so will be also very alike on the technique at least.

Washington defends the analyst of duty intelligence research center Wen Si Luo.the Hui Lei also has same viewpoint and thinks the airplane that this battleplane in China will seriously draw lessons from Russia.

The cloth pull thin second say, short be apart from take-off pancake landing type the airplane design to up have three kinds of basic paths.

The first path is also the path that the Russian person uses, is the second blow out gas a motor to exclusively used to provide perpendicular rise decline.

Another is American marine corps”Yao” the type Be perpendicular to rise the method of declining the fighter jet usage, then lose the windpipe at passing to transport the air from main engine to decline by starting to provide.School’s College

The third is a Luo gram, rare virtuous Martin company produces of F35 Bs unite to attack battleplane to up use of, even if drive to rise power fan with the stalk.