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Rui another clothing

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

180 after the boy the new Rui another clothing start a business of road
The Xu a life time that is born in 1985 is these sea to return the most dazzling an in inside.The financial crisis is nervous atmosphere of war and turmoil, but recently the sea for convening in Shenzhen return an alliance difficulty general assembly up, but starting a business of a flock of 20 declares “this is in the sky the big farcing a round flat cake that drops down”.Now, he was already a fashionable dresses company that the year income leads 150,000,000 dollars to initiate a person, CEO and chief designerevening dress matches
The old daddy of Xu a life time is an east the spinning group president Xu of China protect together.But he stops schooling again and again, Be not willing to give to beat to roll in the turn son of dilimitation in the father generation.

In 2002, just finished reading aloud Gao Yi, Xu a life time uneasy cent.Feel the classroom up listen to of, the book go to school of, have never listenned to the old daddy talks to start a business to must satisfy.He wants to start a business of viewpoint, be frightened to death old mama.Nearby an one or two life handed over to business enterprise, sleeping in all at work of person, brought her endless sad.She cried, hoped son not too hard, can the honesty studies, end which afraid be public official, as long as easy happiness go.

But, the son’s easily happy way is different from old mama.It is his dream to start a business.Everything can help to push the affair that he starts a business, he wants to try.Old daddy once says, doing the business enterprise musted stir to pull human nature.17 years old backed to learn of Xu a life time, squat down in the home to read philosophy book!Nietzsche, Ji, Bo2 Lun, , Comte, Hegelian, can read into of book he sees.Pure study not to satisfy, he still takes the father’s name card to pursue a house to visit Jiangsu the state well-known business enterprise often, understand does the process of business enterprise and among them sweet sour bitterness hot.dress matches

In the autumn of 2004, Xu a life time leaves for an English to study abroad.The father of “dig a son” simply not start a business at 1:00 to him funds, also not introduce any relation for him.Think of a book, need not carry a plate, but want to start a business, but be seeing you daring to pay.

Soon, the Xu a life time mathematics tested the whole school first.Just as the statue of rice bright its promise”victor”, the result of the first has no incitement to him, a kind of huge nonsense but carried to bind him.He knows that the value of his life lies in a creation.His beginning makes friends everywhere and expands an outlet on the computer.He starts whole body slack suit rushing a clothing retail price store, the result suffers salesclerk’s coldness.Afterwards again put on is packing to visit storekeeper, got a passionate reception, but still kept having no a fruit.Because he broke British gentleman to reserve the habit of working out the agenda in advance, the storekeeper canned be passionate to receive you, but can’t took you are to return to matter.

Eat one Qian, grow one Zhi, Xu a life time changed personal attack of way.He widely knots good luck and say that moved many students whom top excellent talented persons in England include him among them partner MIGUEL.They talk about business to usually speak of dead hour.2 people spent to make into 1 and the proposal template of foreign archduke department cooperation for a week and included to act for brand and labor among them.2 people delivered publicity volume and sample for many companies in advance and estimated these companies after receiving the material make a phone call to them, again after waiting them to in detail see a proposal, again talk personally around.Adopt the customs of the natives, according to the habit of British gentleman, adjust own business step, gradually, the order style

The young man understands the heart of young man most .On the Xu a life time body, embodied very strong breakthrough ability or call head dint.He can hold tight the core of vogue and cool culture, this fashionable dresses industry, this and his old daddy’s traditional economic compartment open.He is satisfied with his own independence very much.The Kai An Si company is what oneself registers, the creativity is own, and the business agent is also what oneself seeks.Together do clothing, the father and son is completely different.

dollars place debt to expire

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

The coming two year half is close to 570,000,000 dollars place debt to expire
【The wealth new net (apprentice reporter Xing Yun)】this year to the end of 2013, also namely the coming two year half time inside, the obligation of each local government gets into liquidation high peak.

Audit the office national local government obligation to audit to suggest as a result from repaying debt a year to see, expire the obligation of liquidation for 2011-2013 years to take up 24.49% of the total amount respectively, 17.17% and 11.37%, add up to have 53% around.LED lighting positive

“The obligation that about there are 5.7 dollars expires inside the half at the coming two year and repay debt pressure very big.”The Hongkong Bank big China area chief economist bends great Bin(column) to remind like this.

Owe debt level ascension to combine the balance sheet depravation of meaning the local government is not necessarily.For all that, still keep existing some serious problems.Bend great Bin to think most among them of be lack clarity, and these expiring of obligation the term is short and invest the not matching of of item recall period over a long period of time.

“If there is no actual activity to the words of reorganizing these obligations, in the future several year, the bank will face the actual risk of obligation default.”Bend great Bin to think, initiating a municipal services debt the issue is urgent, the any holds may implicate bank and make the risk become doubly extension.

In 10.72 dollar debt surplus amounts in the place, it is a bank loan to be close to 80%, 50% is 2008 raise to borrow.

Societe Generale experienced economist Lu government Wei(column) puts forward, the essence of margin terrace problem BE:How inspect a control place to raise a loan legal power, how the compulsive local government repay debt an obligation.”These two problems doesn’t understand definitely and allows a hair debt, only increased a path that lends money and excessively incured debt and escapes the problem of discarding the debt to still continue to pile up one after another later on.”

Deliver a debt now certainly, be advantageous to alleviating to at present concentrate to repay debt, government public finance mobility problem of the shortage.He said that enhanced local government to repay debt an obligation, the margin terrace problem would become the chance that pushes forward system reform:Make the local government turned to make the place country property for holding repaid debt;After delivering debt avoided escaping to discard a debt a loan to transfer bond to sign good norm from the bank letter for the government in futureDay Abraham.

This time audit is divided into obligation according to the law responsibility corpus:The government carries the obligation that compensate the responsibility, the government carries to guarantee a responsibility of or have obligation, may undertake with government certain salvage responsibility of other related obligation is 3 types.The audit suggests that these having of three types of obligationses scores don’t be 62.62%, 21.80% and 15.58% as a result.

According to The Xinhua news agency report way, audit a national local government obligation auditing leadership group of office vice- director, Chen Chen Zhao, in the office mean while answering a reporter to ask on June 27:”Want and peg out the obligation of congeniality to can not carry the obligation of guarantee or salvage responsibility to the government and all in brief see as the government direct obligation not, the risk of otherwise probably artificial extension government obligation.”

Ministry of Finance public finance science vice- bureau chief Liu in the graduate school still hope to say to the wealth new reporter, “the obligation affirm of the standard is very important.The concept that so-calledly carries to compensate a responsibility has a little unclear not pure, the guarantee is to carry to compensate a responsibility, is conditioned liquidation responsibility.To make to know these obligations while concretely analyzing which is unconditional, which is have a condition, this is very important, otherwise may cause the guess of the government Dou bottom.”

From borrow funds source to see, at the end of 2010 in the local government obligation surplus amount, the bank loan is 8,467,999,000,000 dollars and have 79.01%.

Chen Chen Zhao also means that if only and in brief according to the obligation scale, increase speed etc. index sign, can not accurately judge obligation risk completely degree.Only carry on obligation surplus amount and the government controllable public resources contrast, be these resourceses is not enough to compensate existing obligation, just meant to produce an obligation crisis.

Chen Chen Zhao said that total see, the Chinese local government obligation burden hasn’t outrun it repays debt ability.However, the audit discovers, the obligation liquidation of parts of regions offers for sale the dependence of income to the land bigger, some obligation scales of regions, profession are more big, the obligation burden is more heavy;In order to repaying debt ability shortage, some local governments can pass to raise to lend a new debt liquidation an old debt, the some places still appeared overdue obligation.

The wealth is new 《new century 》weekly magazine the cover article on June 27 《did the default start?》Announce to public, April, this year, development in province highway in Yunnan invests limited company to deliver a letter toward the creditor bank and means “this very day pays interest not to recover capital invested since”.But that company be close to 100,000,000,000 dollars at the more than ten bank loans surplus amount

LED device packaging

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Perfect liquid crystal industry layout TCL in hand FengZhuangChang Taiwanese businessmen LED etc.were

24 days afternoon, TCL group and Taiwan’s acer technology Co., LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary formally signed the “equity joint venture contract”, both sides in huizhou, guangdong province to set up sino-foreign joint venture company, joint investment LED device packaging products in the research and development, manufacturing, sales, etc. The joint venture company registered capital of 200 million yuan, both sides each in 50% cash to investorsLED the quality.

According to introducing, this project is expected to put into production in the first year after production device packaging products LED 2 billion of the value of 1.3 billion yuan RMB, the plan. The project is expected to end of December this year can be put into production. TCL group will provide the existing plant workshop transformed, Taiwan’s acer used to provide advanced manufacturing equipment.

TCL group, says the company for ascension in the liquid crystal display advantages already through 8.5 generation LCD panel construction project layout into tft-lcd industry, the upstream and macro neat technology cooperation, will the company has LED chips in key quality and cost advantages, and through the components built-in shorten production period, and the industry chain to LCD vertical integration target one step closer. TCL group President li said, at this time, for improving the industry layout LED LCD industry layout, make whole industry chain, has important strategic significance.

Partner macro together to focus on science and technology semiconductor chip packages and LED the research, development, design, manufacture and testing, with a strong technology product research and development ability and advanced manufacturing management level. Especially the main investors macro qi technology LianDian group is one of the two big Taiwan semiconductor manufacturers and the third-largest in the yuan dynasty, his brother chip factory enterprise long yuan electronic is the largest LED chips spectral color separation plant, can in the upstream link as LED encapsulation technology to provide strong support macros togetherLED enterprise.

Huizhou secretary of municipal party committee, said HuangYeBin LED packaging function is the energy conservation, the environmental protection indispensable production project and wide prospect of market. The project is completed in huizhou, photoelectric industry development of pearl river delta will play a positive role in promoting in south China, and further improve the LCD industrial supporting advantage. 【 OFweek semiconductor lighting nets comprehensive report 】

responding to

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Keep the anti- stage manners”a kind of insect Li Jia” maritime affairs start Ⅲ in Guangdong from responding to
No.3th the tropical storm”a kind of insect Li Jia” is born at 0200:00 on the 10th this year, center is located on northern latitudes 19.4 degrees at 1100:00, the east longitude is 117.4 degrees, the biggest wind force in neighborhood in the center is 8 classes, center most the low atmospheric pressure is 998, currently just with per hour 21 kilometers of speed to be partial to north to move, in 24 hours the strength have to build up and close to to province the east coast in Guangdong gradually, will to the magistracy aquatic traffic safety in Guangdong have severity influence, especially the Yue east circumlittoral water aquatic homework, construction with come and go ships.

For practical work well to defend an anti- tropical storm of the work of “a kind of insect Li Jia”, maritime affairs bureau in Guangdong from formation tropical zone low pressure beginning, follow its dynamic state, deploy in advance, strengthen an early warning, well make use of VTS, coast broadcasting station, AIS and cellular phone message terrace, release an early-warning information, remind that the magistracy harbor sail business enterprise and ships strengthen a prevention and work well and carry out each item to defend set measure in advance.Already start keeps set Ⅲ from meeting an emergency to respond to at 0930:00 on the 10th, and will at 1630:00 convene to defend TTV a meeting repeatedly, speed up implementation the defending of magistracy set work completely.Close today(on the 10th)1400:00, totally release an early-warning information 5100 times, embattled each item working well to defend anti- preparation and implementation in advance defend set measure.

No.3th the tropical storm”a kind of insect Li Jia” is very quickly born in the our country south china sea central sea surface, distance our country mainland only more than 500 kilometers;Moving speed is quick, at the sea the activity time is short.”A kind of insect Li Jia” is born at 2:00 on the 10th and anticipate to namely land on the 11th, sea the activity time is only more than a days.Move a path stability, will be strengthening period debarkation.hand over a meetingThe dynamic state that keep watch on “a kind of insect Li Jia” for tight this maritime affairs section in Guangdong strengthens a prevention and strengthens an early warning and strengthens on duty, the point is implementation”four guest per Wei” ships, circumlittoral construction ships, self-use ships without the motive of related defend set measure, specially request to work well the defending of the large oil ship etc. dangerous goods ships set work.Well make use of ships transportation management the system(VTS), coast broadcasting station and ships automatically identifies system(AIS) and cellular phone message terrace,can the children releases an early-warning information and reminds that the magistracy harbor sail business enterprise reinforces port facilities and reminds that the ships early returns to harbor to take shelter from the wind, reinforces facilities in the anchor man lake and prevent°froms appearing damageses such as anchor man, stranding and collision etc. of walking.

Up to currently, the magistracy defends a set work the whole normal, circumlittoral each branch bureau in the magistracy Yue east of Guangdong is 490 at the harbor ships, among them, the passenger boat is 127, the engineering ship is 53, dangerous goods ship 56;Maritime affairs bureau in Guangdong has already worked well a typhoon to land face to face of related deployment and preparation, each item defends a set work just in the strain and has a preface to carry on.

Maritime affairs bureau in Guangdong reminds:No.3th the tropical storm”a kind of insect Li Jia” will be this year head land the tropical storm of Chinese mainland, at inshore and born, move speed quick, sea the activity time is short,industry develops the defense prepares time tightly and works to carry out a task to weigh.And land in chance encounter weekend, some staff members on board keeping stage manners from avoiding nearly consciousness isn’t strong and organize a difficulty bigger and increased a difficulty for defendoofing.Aquatic sail and the ships of homework must strengthen an accepting of weather information, practical work well to defend anti- measure in advance.

costume design learns

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

The sense of vision focus of costume design learns

Costume design is the practical function of clothing with appreciate beauty function under the particular condition(material, equipments, produce a technique etc.) organically the knot put together of work.The costume design wants to satisfy the person’s existence demand first.The demand that the contented mankind exist is the prior condition of costume design, is also the foundation of costume design.Secondly, college of sciencethe costume design wants to meet the request of appreciating beauty of person.

The sense of vision focus of costume design means at whole design in cause the sense of vision excited and exciting part, sense of vision focal constitution, can draw on people’s view, increase vitality and wit and humour of clothing, rise add flowers to brocade, put life into of extraordinary effect.The sense of vision focus is generally established to have mightiness article sign of decorating the interest, current the United States of appreciate value, and then have the certain sense of vision the guide function on the space.


The rhythm and rhyme that again can produce to submit to there is certain order the United States can produce a strong art atmosphere, form a good visual effect and become interest center.

Skin texture

Use the same the clothing that the material does, if the material surface skin texture will make the person feel completely and unanimously even lack, monotonous.Design to adopt various technique possibly, make the same material produced different skin texture, and make use of them to the clothing to correspond part.Beat plait, empty Lou, float to embroider, put together Zhui is in common usely make same material creation skin texture variety of method.Special sense of vision skin texture and touch skin texture can form the style special feature for having an unique style and become interest center thus.
The pattern decorates

Dress pattern is pass line of art generalize and process kind, press the certain regulation organization to get up, and can pass the sketch that certain craft means and clothing combine, to there is important function in external appearance the United States that enriches and strengthens clothing.Dress pattern the style is each different, with lend image and color, feeling and view, idea and territory to blend together, make image fresh clear and vivid, produce a strong atmosphere.For example:The French fashion designer pulls the winter night of space thin design full dress, embroider a luxurious candlestick on full dress with the method of embroidery, enrich dramatic and amusement very much.The candlestick of ex- chest also formed the sense of vision focus of clothing.

Stereoscopic dress

If make use of noodles to anticipate the stereoscopic flower, bowknot etc. creation stereoscopic effect for making into, again if the dish spends Niu and the chest decoration that breadth, thin Jian craft make into to have bossed effect,England revives the structure method of clothing make the noodles anticipated the body feeling that can form each difference of style, creation mightiness of visual effect;

The color contrasts

The color is the most arresting factor in clothing external appearance, the clothing color gives the person’s impression, feeling, is mainly decided by the basic property of color.Pass a color degree, pure degree, sex appeal, cold warm, area of contrast, form phantasmagoria color emotion effect.Contrast means the breakthrough of rules, mild medium outstanding, generally medium of not general.Formed the new opposite sex of clothing color to some extent.It makes the clothing had the interest of refreshing impression and feeling person.

noodles criminal

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Xin in the medicine house is received noodles criminal police to escort to leave for an execution yard after signing

On April 22, 2011, province Xian City Intermediate People’s Court in Shaanxi for this reason the idea murder charge penalize accused person Xin death penalty in the medicine house, deprive political right for life.After announcing verdict, Xin in the medicine house puts forward resort.The province people of Shaanxi check a case that the Cha hospital think that to contain clear fact, the proof is full and suggest two to review nonsuit resort, the maintenance judged at first.Deluxe court of the people in Shaanxi province through take up by law, make to justify by law on May 20, the nonsuit Xin in the medicine house resort, the maintenance judged at first, and report to a Supreme People’s Court to approve by law.

Supreme People’s Court through recheck to think, accused person Xin in the medicine house after driving to knock down victim Zhang Miao and then hold knife to kill Zhang Miao, its behavior constitutes intentionally murder charge.Xin in the medicine house just because of transportation cause after knocking down the victim in order to evade responsibility homicide to kill, hold sharp knife dynasty the victim chest, stomach, and back…etc. continuous Tong stab number knife and kill victim there and then, its crime motive is very and bad, the means is special cruelty, details are specially bad, result specially serious, belong to criminal acts very severity.Xin in the medicine house leads to°from its parents public security official’s organization to give oneself up to the police on the fourth day after committing crime, such as actually make a deposition crime fact, the composing surrenders to justice, but isn’t enough from lightly punish.First judgment definitely, the second review to justify the fact for affirming clear, the proof is definite, full, sentence accurate, quantity Xing adequacy, judgment procedure legal, so make to approve justifying of death penalty by law.

Intermediate People’s Court in Xian City on the morning of the 7th at announce above-mentioned after justifying, carried out death penalty to Xin in the medicine house.

■New China review

Also have a lot of thinkings after upholding justice

Xin case in the medicine house that fully is subjected to social concern on the 7th have finally as a result:Approve by law after Supreme People’s Court, Xin in the medicine house is carried out death penalty.This result embodied the candor of judicatory and also showed social of fair justice.

The person’s life power is the biggest right.No matter strong and weak, poor and rich,Chiffon dress show with expensive, everybody’s life powers allow of no invasion.But, once accepted Xin in the medicine house of higher education, but after driving and injuring by bumping women, Zhang Miao, , wrong up add wrong, very cruelly kill Zhang Miao.Biggest and directly and intentionally commit crime to this kind of means bad and social bane, only have a rope with the method, then can expand social justice.

Come up to speak from the procedure, the judgment of this case showed judicatory candor.According to understanding, face various voice of society, the court of the people strictly well guaranteed Xin in the medicine house and its defense counsel to exercise right by law according to the rules of the law.A review a court, two review court and Supreme People’s Court, all by law protected the statement power of Xin in the medicine house, offer as proof power, the quality certificate power, right to defense and appeal to higher court power etc. is many right.

The one who violate law is subjected to sanctions, but stays a lot of to the social thinking.How can parents develop the kid’s sound personality?How to educate the life and right that the kid respects others?While paying attention to a judicial individual case, the authority of respect and maintenance legal system, for carry out the social fair justice does each effort that the citizen should have.For the sake of response the various communities’ concern to this case, a review a court, two reviewed courts all to carry on to publicly take up by law, many medium and society public represented a court to audit a court to review and made the various communities able to understand procedure and process of taking up of this case in time.End, and then after the Supreme People’s Court strict and careful death penalty proceedings for revision, provided procedural assurance for this case fair judgment.

The our country law stipulates that the court of the people independently exercises judicature by law and is free from administration organization, social group and personal interference.For whether Xin in the medicine house should penalize death penalty, the key lies in if the criminal offence of Xin in the medicine house death penalty according to law rules applies standard.The court of the people exercises judicature by law, fair establishment at objective affirm of fact on, build up at the proof that adopts letter by law on, build up the procedure of strict norm on, show of is the justice of the law, ensure that the case withstands the examination of law, society and history.(The Xinhua news agency reporter, Yang Wei Han, )

Xin in the medicine house executes an everyone to respond

Husband Zhang Miao, Wang Hui, :The peak season on a farm be over arranges Wu wife funeral

Yesterday 16:20, he is still busy in mowing wheat in ground when the reporter dials victim husband Zhang Miao, Wang Hui,’s telephone.”Has Xin in the medicine house already been carried out death penalty?I haven’t received the notice of court till now.”Wang Hui tells a reporter, ” I believe a court and believe that Xin in the medicine house will deserve it.”Wang Hui says that” Zhang Miao’s body still deposits in a funeral home now, I hear Xin in the medicine house after being carried out the news of death penalty, in mind and silently work properly to say to Zhang Miao’s Wu’you rest peacefully, I will bring up a child well.All hope to all consign on child now.'”Wang Hui calculates and wait once the peak season on a farm end, arrange Wu wife Zhang Miao’s funeral.

Xin father’s medicine in medicine house celebrates Wei:Only wish take all of his crimes

Yesterday 16:54, father’s medicine of Xin in the medicine house celebrates Wei to say on the tiny Bo:”Xin in the medicine house is carried out death penalty today ……only wish the dead of Xin in the medicine house, took all of his crimes, don’t again trail the human life.”In the tiny Bo, the medicine celebrated Wei to also express a father lose the son’s pain and sufferings:”I didn’t help so much, the net friendses commented on, Fashion geometric patternswhich afraid is lambaste also good, what voices are all consolations.”Yesterday afternoon, the medicine celebrated Wei to send out of several tiny Bos, many people commentary and forward.

secretary planes soil

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

The total secretary planes soil to order to grow to sprinkle ground in the dry area

Hu Jintao is in Hubei investigates a work exclusively go to is inspected by dry land area extent of disaster and reseed corn together with villager

Give or get an electric shock May 31 to June 3 according to The Xinhua news agency, medium totally central total secretary, national chairman and Central Military Commission chairman Hu Jintao investigates a work in Hubei.From the E northwest mountain city ten embankments go to river city Wuhan, Hu Jintao thorough grass-roots staff’s crowd, quickly change economy development way, guarantee and improvement people’s livelihood, strengthen with improvement party of construction etc. carry on survey to studyVienna Opera Ball.

Total secretary pretty much concern”the province of thousand lakes”, “land of plenty” seriously dry feeling, exclusively go to be subjected to dry land area and Dan a river the saliva database inspect.

The Dan that Be reigned to ten easts of embankment City river soil in City close Long Jia He’s village in the Wu town, Hu Jintao walks into one to be subjected to dry serious farmland and by hand turns over to open the soil in the farmland to look into Di feeling.An ascend age of villager tell total secretary, didn’t be next to lead for a long time here a deeply rain, flow through the brook of village all have never been short of water for several decades, now but break to flow.Know village inside now just put not ascend Yang of the paddy field change into a dry land and rob to grow corn,America awards peanut, and soybean…etc. to bear dry farm crop, Hu Jintao walks and come forward to go and planes soil, orders a kind and ladles water, sprinkles ground in person and reseeds corn together with villager.The total secretary hopes that the person of hometowns with meticulous care make good anti- dry land management, can reseed as far as possible to reseed, can replant of hold firmly to replant, decline the loss to the lowest degree hard.Hu Jintao specially gives repeated advice to a local staff again, now is the turning point of anti- drought and make the anti- being a current village to work the most urgent task drought, mobilize everyone’s strength, adopt comprehensive measure, enlarge a funds, supplies and strength for guarantee for etc. for technique, ensure a person to rear a drinking, ensure mistake agriculture not, determinedly win dry this fierce battle of anti-.

That year builds of large water conservancy vital point engineering Dan river saliva database, not only manages in man’s river’s river valley with had an important function in the development, also carried out south water north to adjust centerline engineering to lay important foundation for now.Hu Jintao ascends the reservoir big dam and overlooks a top and bottom to visit water feeling and hear south water north to adjust engineering construction and Dan river the saliva database circulate a management circumstance to make collective report.The total secretary hopes parties concerned according to central request, chase reservoir further of construction good, management good, maintenance good, grasp emigrant to settle in the meantime, environmental protection, kit engineering construction, for speed the south water north adjust engineering construction to make greater effort.Hu Jintao still definitely puts forward and specially want to aim at at present man the serious dry feeling of river’s river valley, Proenza Schoulerstrengthen reservoir the bottom leak science of discharge to adjust a degree and help crowd to effectively alleviate to produce a life to use water a difficulty, large water conservancy vital point at anti- drought in of important function well exertion come out.

European enteric

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

The epidemic situation of European enteric disease triggers trade quarrel
Spreading to the epidemic situation of multinational enteric disease in Europe not only makes the European talk that”vegetable” color changes, but also also triggers to continue continuous trade quarrel.On the 2nd, a paper restriction order of government in Russia is also causing is an and EU of quarrel.South sea pear

Russia federal rights protection of consumer and public welfare inspect a bureau chief root in bureau for Na quarter ·Ao Ni first section declares on that day, owing to the intestinal bleeding E. coli epidemic situation’s continuously spreading in the EU nation recently, Russia has forbidden since that very day from importing fresh vegetables in all EU nation.Not only all fresh vegetables that come from EU nation can not get into Russia inshore market sale, all EUs national vegetables that are selling also will be withdrawn to unload.

This front, Russia government just aim at Germany and Spain next reached a vegetable import restriction order, extend to the whole EU now.Pearl iridescence

Germany is the epidemic situation of this time enteric disease the most serious nation, have already had more than ten persons’ death, ascend 1000 people is been infected, but Spain from the first is mistaken for to the source ground of the germ of disease.

The way of doing of Russia immediately invites the strong disaffection of EU.The European Commission then puts forward a protest to Russia government on that day and requests Russia government to cancel a restriction order.The European Commission is in “the reaction is excesssive” in Russia of a written statement middle finger responsibility.The EU is exclusively still responsible for the officials of hygiene and consumer’s business to letter Russia supervisor’s section, clearness gains and losses, express disaffection.EU said that the epidemic situation of enteric disease is only concentrated to be abrupted to the north of Germany currently, it is the chief criminal’s Spanish cucumber to don’t spread to the whole EU, and once be thought has already been washed pure criminal charges as well.

But data suggests, the epidemic situation of European enteric disease hasn’t got an effective control, and present to continue rampant situation.The data of World Health Organization suggests that up to May 31, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and nine total nations in England all reported that the issue of blood E. coli infection confirms a case.Colloidal opal

Although Spanish cucumber not this time epidemic situation examination result proves, of to cause, this is exactly the place that makes the Russia worried, because the suspicion of Spanish cucumber is expeled,the EU hasn’t found out up to now to cause.

Spin and weave

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Spin and weave a clothing industry:When carbon label”strike”ed to pour to account
French government recently”new environmental protection bill” request of pedestal,Infrared LEDFrench the product of sale will be requested by the compulsive to disclose the environment information of product on the market, this includes and marks its carbon content of the whole life cycle(namely from the raw material, manufacturing, keep luck and abandon the whole processeses of recall) and its packing among them, then the merchandise is in the production line exhaust of carbon dioxide(CO2) the quantity use to mark on the product label and tell a consumer the carbon information of the product.That bill has already passed on July 12, 2010, July 1, 2011 tries to start circulating at least for a year.

As the supply square of the globalization industry chain, the big part of China spins and weaves an outside Mao type the business enterprise certanly will also adopt homologous measure, their prepare for how appearance is, worth profession an investigate unexpectedly.

The universality that reduces row consciousness in the global scope along with the economy energy, the trend of low carbon economy arrival has already canned not resist.At present, environmental protection product’s beating the way of doing beginning of carbon label is worshiped by the Europe and America, Japan, Canada, Korean etc. nation and region, and real put into action, this certanly will influence in the days to come an our country spinning business enterprise of product export.

In fact the local side anticipates the development programming of business enterprise at present in, the low carbon has already occupied count for much position, after the last few years of rapid development, the low carbon brings of the economic efficiency have already put at business enterprise in front.However, face the arrival of carbon label, the local side anticipates a business enterprise to have a necessity to carry on once to touch bottom completely.

The noodles anticipates industry at to low carbon hair dint

The reporter understands in many interviews, the independent development ability of the our country traditional spinning industry to environmental protection product contained not small exaltation.Reducing of control, sewage waste gas row etc. in each kind of usage of environmental protection raw material, production link energy all can see the progress that the local side anticipate a business enterprise.

More important, we saw in the process of catering to the low carbon big trend, business enterprise of should be more and more mature with project, and can see actually true at of economic efficiency.Anticipate a business enterprise in the noodles the spring of 2011 summer new product of in the list, came out more and more fibers with new environmental protections:Wu Jiang De Yi enlarged the blend comparison of the copper ammonia fiber and raw materials, such as glue and sky silk…etc.;Yang Xian in Guangzhou takes green raw material as the point develops object, like bamboo fiber, and seaweed fiber…etc.;Then released bamboo fiber and mica yarn to the cheerful group ……though so far, they are to anticipates “main force” that the business enterprise brings true gold silver for noodles, but is “living a dint soldier” that the strength cans not is small to seeRoland Haitz.

But in the concrete production line, because of technique craft of excellent turn or produce a getting stripe of equipments, the water, electricity charges is used of lower to get instant results.Have some noodles to anticipate a product moreover, can lower a consumer to physically be dressed in the carbon emissions of process, for example the FLYCOOL noodles of the Xu glory group anticipate, the contact skin will produce moment cool feeling, can let to wear authorial environment air condition temperature to key up one ° C, about economical 3%~5% electricity chargeses, reduce the carbon row of 0.66 kgs around quantity.

The noodles in last year assists to anticipate exposition up, China spins and weaves industrial association president of association Du Yu when the continent is in the Fang group exhibition visit in Tienjin sky give business enterprise the representative director put forward a suggestion-noodles to anticipate environmental protection topic the product should tee off on each product can reduce how much carbon the index number of esmissions, not tees off environmental protection placard and there is no data supports.

The reporter understands in the exchanges with that representative director later on, the business enterprise also wants to come out a low carbon result demonstration, but profession currently have no in general use concrete statistics means, LED light bulbsalso didn’t identify the authority organization of this data reliability, make the business enterprise also had some to allow helpless.So, actually is which factors drew back the distance that the local side anticipates a business enterprise and carbon label?

Recreation seven

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Recreation seven cent the trousers create current Fan Er
Arrived in summer, in the southwest region, body’s the weather is opposite to say not is too hot, but also not is very cold.The wearing of small tower packs basic is with cool fasten for lord.The last body is an easy supporter, nation of diamondit is this type of small coat to go together with a little bit thinner Wei dress.Descend a body trousers or recreation then seven cent trousers is lord.The small tower personality is partial to neuter gender and says for her, the skirt is basic don’t wear, the work skirt that occasionally has no alternative packs, besides which, , she still thinks the pants are still more suitable she, besides the girl need to give a value to the keeping warm of bottom half, this whole healthy body that has relation to a girl, therefore this is also the small tower to choose important reason that the trousers pack more.But is the fresh and cool type trousers in summer to pack, she is partial to seven cent trousers that the recreation fastens more.semi-finished

General she buys seven cent the trousers color is basic is the black and white two kinds of colors, but this time she wants to change the color match and listen to the recommendation of store house choose khaki of recreation seven cent trousers.The this seven cents trousers come to hand up, the cotton anticipates of the texture hand touch up lubricating to get fed up with soft, pants and pantses all take to have certain flexibility in the meantime, for be like small tower so the calf is thickly some also completely need not worry to pull not up.Put on for these seven cents, trousers after, skin touch and imagine medium similar and comfortable, and this is what practice moral culture is thin and have a liking for to go before mirror, the whole individuals all seemed to be Gao Tiao Xiao to lose a lot of.This is the big body impression of this seven cent trousers.

After watching roughly, the small tower cautiously checked the detail part of this seven cents trousers.The most sees of is seven cents, the thread dozen of trousers sews place, what that needle front line stitches is a very tidy fine, there is no the line head of some surplus, crotch of trousers part lightly pull seven to divide trousers, these are most the pants importance and is checked most easily whether the place that cheats on labor and material.The small tower small range pulls the trousers Cha of this seven cents trousers place, can see sew to connect place very close and isn’t so easy and then push open of, she for thus of do work very is satisfaction.Moreover, the these seven cents trousers contain four pockets, the stitching of bag is also very meticulous, can not tell to anily put together to connect part, just like whole of stitch but become, is the integrity of integral whole.diamond habitat

Khaki of seven cent trousers, not imagination in of difficult match.Contrary, it is similar to with black and white color is also belong to all-powerful match.So wearing is khaki of seven divide trousers, go together with with black or white of the blouses can show sexy qualities, and have much of the tide person’s manner and undoubtedly make the small tower added one silk more handsome.See the boy it show interest, the girl sees of heart Tong.