Recreation seven

Recreation seven cent the trousers create current Fan Er
Arrived in summer, in the southwest region, body’s the weather is opposite to say not is too hot, but also not is very cold.The wearing of small tower packs basic is with cool fasten for lord.The last body is an easy supporter, nation of diamondit is this type of small coat to go together with a little bit thinner Wei dress.Descend a body trousers or recreation then seven cent trousers is lord.The small tower personality is partial to neuter gender and says for her, the skirt is basic don’t wear, the work skirt that occasionally has no alternative packs, besides which, , she still thinks the pants are still more suitable she, besides the girl need to give a value to the keeping warm of bottom half, this whole healthy body that has relation to a girl, therefore this is also the small tower to choose important reason that the trousers pack more.But is the fresh and cool type trousers in summer to pack, she is partial to seven cent trousers that the recreation fastens more.semi-finished

General she buys seven cent the trousers color is basic is the black and white two kinds of colors, but this time she wants to change the color match and listen to the recommendation of store house choose khaki of recreation seven cent trousers.The this seven cents trousers come to hand up, the cotton anticipates of the texture hand touch up lubricating to get fed up with soft, pants and pantses all take to have certain flexibility in the meantime, for be like small tower so the calf is thickly some also completely need not worry to pull not up.Put on for these seven cents, trousers after, skin touch and imagine medium similar and comfortable, and this is what practice moral culture is thin and have a liking for to go before mirror, the whole individuals all seemed to be Gao Tiao Xiao to lose a lot of.This is the big body impression of this seven cent trousers.

After watching roughly, the small tower cautiously checked the detail part of this seven cents trousers.The most sees of is seven cents, the thread dozen of trousers sews place, what that needle front line stitches is a very tidy fine, there is no the line head of some surplus, crotch of trousers part lightly pull seven to divide trousers, these are most the pants importance and is checked most easily whether the place that cheats on labor and material.The small tower small range pulls the trousers Cha of this seven cents trousers place, can see sew to connect place very close and isn’t so easy and then push open of, she for thus of do work very is satisfaction.Moreover, the these seven cents trousers contain four pockets, the stitching of bag is also very meticulous, can not tell to anily put together to connect part, just like whole of stitch but become, is the integrity of integral whole.diamond habitat

Khaki of seven cent trousers, not imagination in of difficult match.Contrary, it is similar to with black and white color is also belong to all-powerful match.So wearing is khaki of seven divide trousers, go together with with black or white of the blouses can show sexy qualities, and have much of the tide person’s manner and undoubtedly make the small tower added one silk more handsome.See the boy it show interest, the girl sees of heart Tong.

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