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Spin and weave a clothing industry:When carbon label”strike”ed to pour to account
French government recently”new environmental protection bill” request of pedestal,Infrared LEDFrench the product of sale will be requested by the compulsive to disclose the environment information of product on the market, this includes and marks its carbon content of the whole life cycle(namely from the raw material, manufacturing, keep luck and abandon the whole processeses of recall) and its packing among them, then the merchandise is in the production line exhaust of carbon dioxide(CO2) the quantity use to mark on the product label and tell a consumer the carbon information of the product.That bill has already passed on July 12, 2010, July 1, 2011 tries to start circulating at least for a year.

As the supply square of the globalization industry chain, the big part of China spins and weaves an outside Mao type the business enterprise certanly will also adopt homologous measure, their prepare for how appearance is, worth profession an investigate unexpectedly.

The universality that reduces row consciousness in the global scope along with the economy energy, the trend of low carbon economy arrival has already canned not resist.At present, environmental protection product’s beating the way of doing beginning of carbon label is worshiped by the Europe and America, Japan, Canada, Korean etc. nation and region, and real put into action, this certanly will influence in the days to come an our country spinning business enterprise of product export.

In fact the local side anticipates the development programming of business enterprise at present in, the low carbon has already occupied count for much position, after the last few years of rapid development, the low carbon brings of the economic efficiency have already put at business enterprise in front.However, face the arrival of carbon label, the local side anticipates a business enterprise to have a necessity to carry on once to touch bottom completely.

The noodles anticipates industry at to low carbon hair dint

The reporter understands in many interviews, the independent development ability of the our country traditional spinning industry to environmental protection product contained not small exaltation.Reducing of control, sewage waste gas row etc. in each kind of usage of environmental protection raw material, production link energy all can see the progress that the local side anticipate a business enterprise.

More important, we saw in the process of catering to the low carbon big trend, business enterprise of should be more and more mature with project, and can see actually true at of economic efficiency.Anticipate a business enterprise in the noodles the spring of 2011 summer new product of in the list, came out more and more fibers with new environmental protections:Wu Jiang De Yi enlarged the blend comparison of the copper ammonia fiber and raw materials, such as glue and sky silk…etc.;Yang Xian in Guangzhou takes green raw material as the point develops object, like bamboo fiber, and seaweed fiber…etc.;Then released bamboo fiber and mica yarn to the cheerful group ……though so far, they are to anticipates “main force” that the business enterprise brings true gold silver for noodles, but is “living a dint soldier” that the strength cans not is small to seeRoland Haitz.

But in the concrete production line, because of technique craft of excellent turn or produce a getting stripe of equipments, the water, electricity charges is used of lower to get instant results.Have some noodles to anticipate a product moreover, can lower a consumer to physically be dressed in the carbon emissions of process, for example the FLYCOOL noodles of the Xu glory group anticipate, the contact skin will produce moment cool feeling, can let to wear authorial environment air condition temperature to key up one ° C, about economical 3%~5% electricity chargeses, reduce the carbon row of 0.66 kgs around quantity.

The noodles in last year assists to anticipate exposition up, China spins and weaves industrial association president of association Du Yu when the continent is in the Fang group exhibition visit in Tienjin sky give business enterprise the representative director put forward a suggestion-noodles to anticipate environmental protection topic the product should tee off on each product can reduce how much carbon the index number of esmissions, not tees off environmental protection placard and there is no data supports.

The reporter understands in the exchanges with that representative director later on, the business enterprise also wants to come out a low carbon result demonstration, but profession currently have no in general use concrete statistics means, LED light bulbsalso didn’t identify the authority organization of this data reliability, make the business enterprise also had some to allow helpless.So, actually is which factors drew back the distance that the local side anticipates a business enterprise and carbon label?

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