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The epidemic situation of European enteric disease triggers trade quarrel
Spreading to the epidemic situation of multinational enteric disease in Europe not only makes the European talk that”vegetable” color changes, but also also triggers to continue continuous trade quarrel.On the 2nd, a paper restriction order of government in Russia is also causing is an and EU of quarrel.South sea pear

Russia federal rights protection of consumer and public welfare inspect a bureau chief root in bureau for Na quarter ¬∑Ao Ni first section declares on that day, owing to the intestinal bleeding E. coli epidemic situation’s continuously spreading in the EU nation recently, Russia has forbidden since that very day from importing fresh vegetables in all EU nation.Not only all fresh vegetables that come from EU nation can not get into Russia inshore market sale, all EUs national vegetables that are selling also will be withdrawn to unload.

This front, Russia government just aim at Germany and Spain next reached a vegetable import restriction order, extend to the whole EU now.Pearl iridescence

Germany is the epidemic situation of this time enteric disease the most serious nation, have already had more than ten persons’ death, ascend 1000 people is been infected, but Spain from the first is mistaken for to the source ground of the germ of disease.

The way of doing of Russia immediately invites the strong disaffection of EU.The European Commission then puts forward a protest to Russia government on that day and requests Russia government to cancel a restriction order.The European Commission is in “the reaction is excesssive” in Russia of a written statement middle finger responsibility.The EU is exclusively still responsible for the officials of hygiene and consumer’s business to letter Russia supervisor’s section, clearness gains and losses, express disaffection.EU said that the epidemic situation of enteric disease is only concentrated to be abrupted to the north of Germany currently, it is the chief criminal’s Spanish cucumber to don’t spread to the whole EU, and once be thought has already been washed pure criminal charges as well.

But data suggests, the epidemic situation of European enteric disease hasn’t got an effective control, and present to continue rampant situation.The data of World Health Organization suggests that up to May 31, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and nine total nations in England all reported that the issue of blood E. coli infection confirms a case.Colloidal opal

Although Spanish cucumber not this time epidemic situation examination result proves, of to cause, this is exactly the place that makes the Russia worried, because the suspicion of Spanish cucumber is expeled,the EU hasn’t found out up to now to cause.

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