secretary planes soil

The total secretary planes soil to order to grow to sprinkle ground in the dry area

Hu Jintao is in Hubei investigates a work exclusively go to is inspected by dry land area extent of disaster and reseed corn together with villager

Give or get an electric shock May 31 to June 3 according to The Xinhua news agency, medium totally central total secretary, national chairman and Central Military Commission chairman Hu Jintao investigates a work in Hubei.From the E northwest mountain city ten embankments go to river city Wuhan, Hu Jintao thorough grass-roots staff’s crowd, quickly change economy development way, guarantee and improvement people’s livelihood, strengthen with improvement party of construction etc. carry on survey to studyVienna Opera Ball.

Total secretary pretty much concern”the province of thousand lakes”, “land of plenty” seriously dry feeling, exclusively go to be subjected to dry land area and Dan a river the saliva database inspect.

The Dan that Be reigned to ten easts of embankment City river soil in City close Long Jia He’s village in the Wu town, Hu Jintao walks into one to be subjected to dry serious farmland and by hand turns over to open the soil in the farmland to look into Di feeling.An ascend age of villager tell total secretary, didn’t be next to lead for a long time here a deeply rain, flow through the brook of village all have never been short of water for several decades, now but break to flow.Know village inside now just put not ascend Yang of the paddy field change into a dry land and rob to grow corn,America awards peanut, and soybean…etc. to bear dry farm crop, Hu Jintao walks and come forward to go and planes soil, orders a kind and ladles water, sprinkles ground in person and reseeds corn together with villager.The total secretary hopes that the person of hometowns with meticulous care make good anti- dry land management, can reseed as far as possible to reseed, can replant of hold firmly to replant, decline the loss to the lowest degree hard.Hu Jintao specially gives repeated advice to a local staff again, now is the turning point of anti- drought and make the anti- being a current village to work the most urgent task drought, mobilize everyone’s strength, adopt comprehensive measure, enlarge a funds, supplies and strength for guarantee for etc. for technique, ensure a person to rear a drinking, ensure mistake agriculture not, determinedly win dry this fierce battle of anti-.

That year builds of large water conservancy vital point engineering Dan river saliva database, not only manages in man’s river’s river valley with had an important function in the development, also carried out south water north to adjust centerline engineering to lay important foundation for now.Hu Jintao ascends the reservoir big dam and overlooks a top and bottom to visit water feeling and hear south water north to adjust engineering construction and Dan river the saliva database circulate a management circumstance to make collective report.The total secretary hopes parties concerned according to central request, chase reservoir further of construction good, management good, maintenance good, grasp emigrant to settle in the meantime, environmental protection, kit engineering construction, for speed the south water north adjust engineering construction to make greater effort.Hu Jintao still definitely puts forward and specially want to aim at at present man the serious dry feeling of river’s river valley, Proenza Schoulerstrengthen reservoir the bottom leak science of discharge to adjust a degree and help crowd to effectively alleviate to produce a life to use water a difficulty, large water conservancy vital point at anti- drought in of important function well exertion come out.

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