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Xin in the medicine house is received noodles criminal police to escort to leave for an execution yard after signing

On April 22, 2011, province Xian City Intermediate People’s Court in Shaanxi for this reason the idea murder charge penalize accused person Xin death penalty in the medicine house, deprive political right for life.After announcing verdict, Xin in the medicine house puts forward resort.The province people of Shaanxi check a case that the Cha hospital think that to contain clear fact, the proof is full and suggest two to review nonsuit resort, the maintenance judged at first.Deluxe court of the people in Shaanxi province through take up by law, make to justify by law on May 20, the nonsuit Xin in the medicine house resort, the maintenance judged at first, and report to a Supreme People’s Court to approve by law.

Supreme People’s Court through recheck to think, accused person Xin in the medicine house after driving to knock down victim Zhang Miao and then hold knife to kill Zhang Miao, its behavior constitutes intentionally murder charge.Xin in the medicine house just because of transportation cause after knocking down the victim in order to evade responsibility homicide to kill, hold sharp knife dynasty the victim chest, stomach, and back…etc. continuous Tong stab number knife and kill victim there and then, its crime motive is very and bad, the means is special cruelty, details are specially bad, result specially serious, belong to criminal acts very severity.Xin in the medicine house leads to°from its parents public security official’s organization to give oneself up to the police on the fourth day after committing crime, such as actually make a deposition crime fact, the composing surrenders to justice, but isn’t enough from lightly punish.First judgment definitely, the second review to justify the fact for affirming clear, the proof is definite, full, sentence accurate, quantity Xing adequacy, judgment procedure legal, so make to approve justifying of death penalty by law.

Intermediate People’s Court in Xian City on the morning of the 7th at announce above-mentioned after justifying, carried out death penalty to Xin in the medicine house.

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Also have a lot of thinkings after upholding justice

Xin case in the medicine house that fully is subjected to social concern on the 7th have finally as a result:Approve by law after Supreme People’s Court, Xin in the medicine house is carried out death penalty.This result embodied the candor of judicatory and also showed social of fair justice.

The person’s life power is the biggest right.No matter strong and weak, poor and rich,Chiffon dress show with expensive, everybody’s life powers allow of no invasion.But, once accepted Xin in the medicine house of higher education, but after driving and injuring by bumping women, Zhang Miao, , wrong up add wrong, very cruelly kill Zhang Miao.Biggest and directly and intentionally commit crime to this kind of means bad and social bane, only have a rope with the method, then can expand social justice.

Come up to speak from the procedure, the judgment of this case showed judicatory candor.According to understanding, face various voice of society, the court of the people strictly well guaranteed Xin in the medicine house and its defense counsel to exercise right by law according to the rules of the law.A review a court, two review court and Supreme People’s Court, all by law protected the statement power of Xin in the medicine house, offer as proof power, the quality certificate power, right to defense and appeal to higher court power etc. is many right.

The one who violate law is subjected to sanctions, but stays a lot of to the social thinking.How can parents develop the kid’s sound personality?How to educate the life and right that the kid respects others?While paying attention to a judicial individual case, the authority of respect and maintenance legal system, for carry out the social fair justice does each effort that the citizen should have.For the sake of response the various communities’ concern to this case, a review a court, two reviewed courts all to carry on to publicly take up by law, many medium and society public represented a court to audit a court to review and made the various communities able to understand procedure and process of taking up of this case in time.End, and then after the Supreme People’s Court strict and careful death penalty proceedings for revision, provided procedural assurance for this case fair judgment.

The our country law stipulates that the court of the people independently exercises judicature by law and is free from administration organization, social group and personal interference.For whether Xin in the medicine house should penalize death penalty, the key lies in if the criminal offence of Xin in the medicine house death penalty according to law rules applies standard.The court of the people exercises judicature by law, fair establishment at objective affirm of fact on, build up at the proof that adopts letter by law on, build up the procedure of strict norm on, show of is the justice of the law, ensure that the case withstands the examination of law, society and history.(The Xinhua news agency reporter, Yang Wei Han, )

Xin in the medicine house executes an everyone to respond

Husband Zhang Miao, Wang Hui, :The peak season on a farm be over arranges Wu wife funeral

Yesterday 16:20, he is still busy in mowing wheat in ground when the reporter dials victim husband Zhang Miao, Wang Hui,’s telephone.”Has Xin in the medicine house already been carried out death penalty?I haven’t received the notice of court till now.”Wang Hui tells a reporter, ” I believe a court and believe that Xin in the medicine house will deserve it.”Wang Hui says that” Zhang Miao’s body still deposits in a funeral home now, I hear Xin in the medicine house after being carried out the news of death penalty, in mind and silently work properly to say to Zhang Miao’s Wu’you rest peacefully, I will bring up a child well.All hope to all consign on child now.'”Wang Hui calculates and wait once the peak season on a farm end, arrange Wu wife Zhang Miao’s funeral.

Xin father’s medicine in medicine house celebrates Wei:Only wish take all of his crimes

Yesterday 16:54, father’s medicine of Xin in the medicine house celebrates Wei to say on the tiny Bo:”Xin in the medicine house is carried out death penalty today ……only wish the dead of Xin in the medicine house, took all of his crimes, don’t again trail the human life.”In the tiny Bo, the medicine celebrated Wei to also express a father lose the son’s pain and sufferings:”I didn’t help so much, the net friendses commented on, Fashion geometric patternswhich afraid is lambaste also good, what voices are all consolations.”Yesterday afternoon, the medicine celebrated Wei to send out of several tiny Bos, many people commentary and forward.

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