costume design learns

The sense of vision focus of costume design learns

Costume design is the practical function of clothing with appreciate beauty function under the particular condition(material, equipments, produce a technique etc.) organically the knot put together of work.The costume design wants to satisfy the person’s existence demand first.The demand that the contented mankind exist is the prior condition of costume design, is also the foundation of costume design.Secondly, college of sciencethe costume design wants to meet the request of appreciating beauty of person.

The sense of vision focus of costume design means at whole design in cause the sense of vision excited and exciting part, sense of vision focal constitution, can draw on people’s view, increase vitality and wit and humour of clothing, rise add flowers to brocade, put life into of extraordinary effect.The sense of vision focus is generally established to have mightiness article sign of decorating the interest, current the United States of appreciate value, and then have the certain sense of vision the guide function on the space.


The rhythm and rhyme that again can produce to submit to there is certain order the United States can produce a strong art atmosphere, form a good visual effect and become interest center.

Skin texture

Use the same the clothing that the material does, if the material surface skin texture will make the person feel completely and unanimously even lack, monotonous.Design to adopt various technique possibly, make the same material produced different skin texture, and make use of them to the clothing to correspond part.Beat plait, empty Lou, float to embroider, put together Zhui is in common usely make same material creation skin texture variety of method.Special sense of vision skin texture and touch skin texture can form the style special feature for having an unique style and become interest center thus.
The pattern decorates

Dress pattern is pass line of art generalize and process kind, press the certain regulation organization to get up, and can pass the sketch that certain craft means and clothing combine, to there is important function in external appearance the United States that enriches and strengthens clothing.Dress pattern the style is each different, with lend image and color, feeling and view, idea and territory to blend together, make image fresh clear and vivid, produce a strong atmosphere.For example:The French fashion designer pulls the winter night of space thin design full dress, embroider a luxurious candlestick on full dress with the method of embroidery, enrich dramatic and amusement very much.The candlestick of ex- chest also formed the sense of vision focus of clothing.

Stereoscopic dress

If make use of noodles to anticipate the stereoscopic flower, bowknot etc. creation stereoscopic effect for making into, again if the dish spends Niu and the chest decoration that breadth, thin Jian craft make into to have bossed effect,England revives the structure method of clothing make the noodles anticipated the body feeling that can form each difference of style, creation mightiness of visual effect;

The color contrasts

The color is the most arresting factor in clothing external appearance, the clothing color gives the person’s impression, feeling, is mainly decided by the basic property of color.Pass a color degree, pure degree, sex appeal, cold warm, area of contrast, form phantasmagoria color emotion effect.Contrast means the breakthrough of rules, mild medium outstanding, generally medium of not general.Formed the new opposite sex of clothing color to some extent.It makes the clothing had the interest of refreshing impression and feeling person.

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