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Keep the anti- stage manners”a kind of insect Li Jia” maritime affairs start Ⅲ in Guangdong from responding to
No.3th the tropical storm”a kind of insect Li Jia” is born at 0200:00 on the 10th this year, center is located on northern latitudes 19.4 degrees at 1100:00, the east longitude is 117.4 degrees, the biggest wind force in neighborhood in the center is 8 classes, center most the low atmospheric pressure is 998, currently just with per hour 21 kilometers of speed to be partial to north to move, in 24 hours the strength have to build up and close to to province the east coast in Guangdong gradually, will to the magistracy aquatic traffic safety in Guangdong have severity influence, especially the Yue east circumlittoral water aquatic homework, construction with come and go ships.

For practical work well to defend an anti- tropical storm of the work of “a kind of insect Li Jia”, maritime affairs bureau in Guangdong from formation tropical zone low pressure beginning, follow its dynamic state, deploy in advance, strengthen an early warning, well make use of VTS, coast broadcasting station, AIS and cellular phone message terrace, release an early-warning information, remind that the magistracy harbor sail business enterprise and ships strengthen a prevention and work well and carry out each item to defend set measure in advance.Already start keeps set Ⅲ from meeting an emergency to respond to at 0930:00 on the 10th, and will at 1630:00 convene to defend TTV a meeting repeatedly, speed up implementation the defending of magistracy set work completely.Close today(on the 10th)1400:00, totally release an early-warning information 5100 times, embattled each item working well to defend anti- preparation and implementation in advance defend set measure.

No.3th the tropical storm”a kind of insect Li Jia” is very quickly born in the our country south china sea central sea surface, distance our country mainland only more than 500 kilometers;Moving speed is quick, at the sea the activity time is short.”A kind of insect Li Jia” is born at 2:00 on the 10th and anticipate to namely land on the 11th, sea the activity time is only more than a days.Move a path stability, will be strengthening period debarkation.hand over a meetingThe dynamic state that keep watch on “a kind of insect Li Jia” for tight this maritime affairs section in Guangdong strengthens a prevention and strengthens an early warning and strengthens on duty, the point is implementation”four guest per Wei” ships, circumlittoral construction ships, self-use ships without the motive of related defend set measure, specially request to work well the defending of the large oil ship etc. dangerous goods ships set work.Well make use of ships transportation management the system(VTS), coast broadcasting station and ships automatically identifies system(AIS) and cellular phone message terrace,can the children releases an early-warning information and reminds that the magistracy harbor sail business enterprise reinforces port facilities and reminds that the ships early returns to harbor to take shelter from the wind, reinforces facilities in the anchor man lake and prevent°froms appearing damageses such as anchor man, stranding and collision etc. of walking.

Up to currently, the magistracy defends a set work the whole normal, circumlittoral each branch bureau in the magistracy Yue east of Guangdong is 490 at the harbor ships, among them, the passenger boat is 127, the engineering ship is 53, dangerous goods ship 56;Maritime affairs bureau in Guangdong has already worked well a typhoon to land face to face of related deployment and preparation, each item defends a set work just in the strain and has a preface to carry on.

Maritime affairs bureau in Guangdong reminds:No.3th the tropical storm”a kind of insect Li Jia” will be this year head land the tropical storm of Chinese mainland, at inshore and born, move speed quick, sea the activity time is short,industry develops the defense prepares time tightly and works to carry out a task to weigh.And land in chance encounter weekend, some staff members on board keeping stage manners from avoiding nearly consciousness isn’t strong and organize a difficulty bigger and increased a difficulty for defendoofing.Aquatic sail and the ships of homework must strengthen an accepting of weather information, practical work well to defend anti- measure in advance.

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