LED device packaging

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24 days afternoon, TCL group and Taiwan’s acer technology Co., LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary formally signed the “equity joint venture contract”, both sides in huizhou, guangdong province to set up sino-foreign joint venture company, joint investment LED device packaging products in the research and development, manufacturing, sales, etc. The joint venture company registered capital of 200 million yuan, both sides each in 50% cash to investorsLED the quality.

According to introducing, this project is expected to put into production in the first year after production device packaging products LED 2 billion of the value of 1.3 billion yuan RMB, the plan. The project is expected to end of December this year can be put into production. TCL group will provide the existing plant workshop transformed, Taiwan’s acer used to provide advanced manufacturing equipment.

TCL group, says the company for ascension in the liquid crystal display advantages already through 8.5 generation LCD panel construction project layout into tft-lcd industry, the upstream and macro neat technology cooperation, will the company has LED chips in key quality and cost advantages, and through the components built-in shorten production period, and the industry chain to LCD vertical integration target one step closer. TCL group President li said, at this time, for improving the industry layout LED LCD industry layout, make whole industry chain, has important strategic significance.

Partner macro together to focus on science and technology semiconductor chip packages and LED the research, development, design, manufacture and testing, with a strong technology product research and development ability and advanced manufacturing management level. Especially the main investors macro qi technology LianDian group is one of the two big Taiwan semiconductor manufacturers and the third-largest in the yuan dynasty, his brother chip factory enterprise long yuan electronic is the largest LED chips spectral color separation plant, can in the upstream link as LED encapsulation technology to provide strong support macros togetherLED enterprise.

Huizhou secretary of municipal party committee, said HuangYeBin LED packaging function is the energy conservation, the environmental protection indispensable production project and wide prospect of market. The project is completed in huizhou, photoelectric industry development of pearl river delta will play a positive role in promoting in south China, and further improve the LCD industrial supporting advantage. 【 OFweek semiconductor lighting nets comprehensive report 】

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