Rui another clothing

180 after the boy the new Rui another clothing start a business of road
The Xu a life time that is born in 1985 is these sea to return the most dazzling an in inside.The financial crisis is nervous atmosphere of war and turmoil, but recently the sea for convening in Shenzhen return an alliance difficulty general assembly up, but starting a business of a flock of 20 declares “this is in the sky the big farcing a round flat cake that drops down”.Now, he was already a fashionable dresses company that the year income leads 150,000,000 dollars to initiate a person, CEO and chief designerevening dress matches
The old daddy of Xu a life time is an east the spinning group president Xu of China protect together.But he stops schooling again and again, Be not willing to give to beat to roll in the turn son of dilimitation in the father generation.

In 2002, just finished reading aloud Gao Yi, Xu a life time uneasy cent.Feel the classroom up listen to of, the book go to school of, have never listenned to the old daddy talks to start a business to must satisfy.He wants to start a business of viewpoint, be frightened to death old mama.Nearby an one or two life handed over to business enterprise, sleeping in all at work of person, brought her endless sad.She cried, hoped son not too hard, can the honesty studies, end which afraid be public official, as long as easy happiness go.

But, the son’s easily happy way is different from old mama.It is his dream to start a business.Everything can help to push the affair that he starts a business, he wants to try.Old daddy once says, doing the business enterprise musted stir to pull human nature.17 years old backed to learn of Xu a life time, squat down in the home to read philosophy book!Nietzsche, Ji, Bo2 Lun, , Comte, Hegelian, can read into of book he sees.Pure study not to satisfy, he still takes the father’s name card to pursue a house to visit Jiangsu the state well-known business enterprise often, understand does the process of business enterprise and among them sweet sour bitterness hot.dress matches

In the autumn of 2004, Xu a life time leaves for an English to study abroad.The father of “dig a son” simply not start a business at 1:00 to him funds, also not introduce any relation for him.Think of a book, need not carry a plate, but want to start a business, but be seeing you daring to pay.

Soon, the Xu a life time mathematics tested the whole school first.Just as the statue of rice bright its promise”victor”, the result of the first has no incitement to him, a kind of huge nonsense but carried to bind him.He knows that the value of his life lies in a creation.His beginning makes friends everywhere and expands an outlet on the computer.He starts whole body slack suit rushing a clothing retail price store, the result suffers salesclerk’s coldness.Afterwards again put on is packing to visit storekeeper, got a passionate reception, but still kept having no a fruit.Because he broke British gentleman to reserve the habit of working out the agenda in advance, the storekeeper canned be passionate to receive you, but can’t took you are to return to matter.

Eat one Qian, grow one Zhi, Xu a life time changed personal attack of way.He widely knots good luck and say that moved many students whom top excellent talented persons in England include him among them partner MIGUEL.They talk about business to usually speak of dead hour.2 people spent to make into 1 and the proposal template of foreign archduke department cooperation for a week and included to act for brand and labor among them.2 people delivered publicity volume and sample for many companies in advance and estimated these companies after receiving the material make a phone call to them, again after waiting them to in detail see a proposal, again talk personally around.Adopt the customs of the natives, according to the habit of British gentleman, adjust own business step, gradually, the order style

The young man understands the heart of young man most .On the Xu a life time body, embodied very strong breakthrough ability or call head dint.He can hold tight the core of vogue and cool culture, this fashionable dresses industry, this and his old daddy’s traditional economic compartment open.He is satisfied with his own independence very much.The Kai An Si company is what oneself registers, the creativity is own, and the business agent is also what oneself seeks.Together do clothing, the father and son is completely different.

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