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LED the profession foreground

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

LED the profession foreground is vast五大注意事项
LED at the beginning useds for the designation of appearance instrument lighting, expands to the traffic sign light later on and arrives a view again to illuminate, vehicle-use illuminate and cellular phone keyboard and carry on the back light source.LED is a kind of green light source, its application is extensively very, currently, the main realm applying in the our country includes LCD carry light source on LCD’s back, illuminate, industry application and cellular phone, car application, show to hold etc..

Remarkable BE, the LED in the new will present “the well spray” in the near future the type become available in the market, the Rui plentiful optoelectronics, Hong benefit optoelectronics, continent clear science and technology, the electronics of Ao Tuo ……but is having already become available in the market of in the LED tectonic plate, shine on optoelectronics and virtuous Hao such as the Gan smooth reach, allied create optoelectronics etc., all have recently quite good performance, so is the reason why to cause LED does the tectonic plate oscillate a period to appear a changes in the big dish?热塑射频

Will get into Gao Zeng long term
According to the estimate, the global LED industry production value amounts to USD 15,100,000,000 around in 2010, the year increases 68%.The overall universality ages illuminated along with LED of will soon come, estimate global LED the industry production value will amount to USD 20,800,000,000 in 2011, the year growth leads up to 38%.2012 will amount to USD 30,000,000,000, year growth the rate over 40%.There is an opportunity challenging an USD 50,000,000,000 toll-gate in 2013, the year growth rate will even reach to above 60%.Furniture maintenance

Gold 100 work properly to consult analyst, Qin Hong, to think, the global LED industry has vast market capacity and mean our country LED thus the group leader business enterprise of the industry will own vast of galloping about of global market space.Much less, the our country local LED industry also has tremendous growth space.Illuminates engineering development and industry alliance(CSA) data to suggest according to the guo jia semi-conductor, the our country LED the market total scale will attain 100,000,000,000 dollars in 2010 or so.Anticipate till 2015, the local LED market scale will attain above 500,000,000,000 dollars, year compound’s increasing soon will attain 38%.Data like this means LED, the industry has vast market capacity and has the investment opportunity to hope to urge to living new high growth industry thus.Is also say, have already corresponded the virtuous Hao of LED obvious realm currently smooth reach, the Rui plentiful optoelectronics, the Gan shine on optoelectronics, three Anne’s optoelectronics etc.s deliver a business enterprise first already and hope to acquire first hair advantage, thus the Chang enjoy the industry cake of keeping on the high growth.simple method

More important BE, LED industry in addition to illuminating, still just the realms, such as intelligence cellular phone and flat panel computer…etc. have an extensive application.But permeate a quickly promoting of the rate along with the intelligence cellular phone, flat panel computer prosperity and LED LCD TV, make LED carried on the back only become pushing the fast- increasing main motive of the short-term LED market.The LED LCD TV permeates to lead in 2009 only is 3%, but 2010 first half year of quickly rises to 16%, meaning can quickly suit LED carry first delivering of the light source industry realm on LED’s back the business enterprise acquire new high growth kinetic energy.

The LED profession that cheerful industry stock certificate released recently ground to also think in the report, can particularly pay attention to LED at present lighting application and have high quality chip etc. realm of brand advantage, maintain sub- profession to”recommend” to LED of investment rating.

The cheerful industry stock certificate points out that local still weaker than same period of trend of industry index number of LED June our Taiwanese semi-conductor components the index number and Taiwan add power index number.To local LED industry, the factor of product structure and customer’s structure, make local LED business enterprise and LED television carry scene spirit on television’s back have smaller connection, revenue’s undulating sex is smaller than the industry chain of our country Taiwan, but still face a need to slow down, the productivity supply exceeds demand of concealed suffer from.If the need keeps on shortage and only owns technique real strenght and cost management ability, and actively expand the business enterprise that the new product applies realm then can shuffle cards in the survival in the industry.妳“腰齡”

The wide hair stock certificate thinks that since 2011, the LED profession will get into high growth ages.Anticipate for 2011-2012 years, the production value will attain USD 14,000,000,000 and USD 20,500,000,000 respectively and together compare to increase soon to attain 40% and 46% respectively, the LED profession gets into high growth orbit, and second half year LED illuminates the possibility of existing the explosion growth this year.Suggest particularly concern to grow up an assurance strong the realm of the and high growth.

Eastern stock certificate new energy analyst Zou Hui’s thinking , in recent years, on the other hand be subjected to push of the aggressive factor of the guo jia industry policy function, public finance subsidy particularly is zheng fu in the place to illuminate in the view, biggest stimulated LED the development of the industry, then push LED significantly lowering of the product cost;On the other hand, then because technical progress make the product cost quickly descended.Therefore, in the near future LED industry the favor that obviously got a funds.On these grounds, analyzing a personage to think two types ofs can actively pay attention to, one is a productivity to expand strength big species.The Gan shines on optoelectronics, continent clear science and technology etc. to will become available in the market in the near future of new, with lend IPO to collect funds item, the accomplishment has already hoped quick growth.Two is LED that suits industry development trend concept, among them optoelectronics dragon in the sky and virtuous Hao smooth reach etc. is such.

people enters party

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

The people enters party culture to greatly open greatly whole
The people enters a party to convene “do not divide area’ legislator’ nomination the person assist to choose a meeting” on the morning of the 27th, but spreads chairman Tsai Ying-wen to be like “Wu Ze Tian” to again and again deliver a violent wind, and with sign party regiment in the hospital total Zhao lips gun tongue sword of Ke Jian Ming.The people enters a party spokesman Chen exceeds today(28) to mean, “the people enters party culture originally is greatly opened greatly whole, knew all speech, speech all exert”, internal problem originally would be put forward to discuss, “finish speaking behind everyone smile happily ground to come out”.Bare color shoes

According to turn and say, Tsai Ying-wen is in 2 hour meetings yesterday, because Ke Jian Ming reminded the party was central the crisis processing in the near future was inappropriate, but the accident caused the disaffection of Tsai Ying-wen and not only criticized that party regiment in”lawmaking hospital” can not defend a position for her in “old agriculture subsidy”, but also complained that the comrade inside the party puts words in disorder and harms Xie Chang Ting whom she becomes a target for archery, but is present and swims tin 堃s and all stares blankly in one side, have no from dissolve, condition Jiang near half an hour.

Chen exceeds to explain this morning and called not to divide the area”legislator” discussion to mainly have two subjects yesterday, one is a moderating of party how mechanism is sounder carry out;The second, is consign a people to enter a party not to divide assisting of the area”legislator” to choose a Candy color responsibility.He says that ignore is participation of the policy to draw up, or elect responsibility area demarcation, the discussion all carry on very and well and open, certainly in the process of discussing in, hope to let whole war capability, “the party, headquarters and party regiment Christian Trinity”, let election rhythm more quickly.

Chen Qi Mai says that certainly attend meeting a different opinion for party, or the headquarters different and related programming, will put forward various opinion, so yesterday is opening very much, freedom, discuss under the easy circumstance.

Chen Qi Mai emphasizes that”the people enters party culture originally is greatly opened greatly whole, knew all speech, speech all exert”, internal problem originally would be put forward to discuss, this kind of culture that discussion was a democracy deviationist normal, to people enter party person came to speak to is all discussion culture for accustoming to, so discussion process everyone knows all speech, speech all exert, “finish speaking behind everyone smile happily ground to come out”.

Chen exceeds to also say, for long time, the people enters a party to do policy or related subject to offend to defend and all has this circumstance, there is no so-called Tsai Ying-wen great anger, or the circumstance alleged by medium.He emphasizes that in the process of usually discussing in, chairman Cai sometimes is called “chairman Cai”, “small English”, the meeting process also has no the problem of “generation”.Wedgies sandals

Chen Qi Mai said that”in the process of discussing in still need to talk about a property row generation this part”, people enter the party don’t have this culture and discuss that the process is light loose, attend meeting think oneself where part of want to examine, interiorly examine a meeting of discussion, particularly everyone’s purpose only have 1, be 2012 want to win an election, make the party, headquarters and party regiment matched a body.

Love high heels

Monday, July 25th, 2011

When I was a child older than us girls were dressed in beautiful high-heeled shoes, always cannot help glance, is very envy. Hearts of darkness have a small wish,cheap women shoesas I grew up, also want to put on beautiful high-heeled shoes. The woman on the heels of love, seems to be a never thought the reason things. In fact, a woman can find ten thousand high heels reasons, however, the ten thousand reason is nothing but a reason — high-heeled shoes makes a woman woman!cheap fashion jewelry
When the family is not very rich, can have a pair of beautiful red leather shoes, is a very happy thing. Every time when Shangjie, always Chan their mother to a pair of red shoes, but seldom meet. Remember a year, I got good grades, mother rewarded me with a pair of shoes, I from a room full of running, take good care of it, like my baby, just walk school, not naughty, afraid of scraping shoes, rain is not to wear. Often go to the front of the students to show off. I really miss that time, to a pair of red shoes, will be happy for so long.
Later work out, you have a salary, also had the test range of high-heeled shoes style, then I, on the heels or not how emotion factor and love, will think it is not good to wear, and not to walk, and does not conform to our age. So often I leave aside. Often in sports shoes instead of my journey. Now I suddenly find I love high-heeled shoes, do not wear think little of what is. A person walking, high-heeled shoes unique sound let me down. More and more get used to this kind of wear high-heeled shoes to walk alone.
Now, I have loved the high-heeled shoes, because, it can make a woman woman, but the woman, it is the exclusive products. Also not bring their fall, even,Company Formation can walk freely in all kinds of pavement. In fact, small time likes, is not the true love, is only too want to grow it. Now, is the real love, because to understand his or her beauty! Flat shoes comfortable, women love to wear uncomfortable shoes. The rattled in the footstep, women have more and more excellent balance, the beautiful more and more adeptly play in the hand, for their own, more and more confident.led lighting design

Fujian financial

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Fujian financial supplement 9000000 energy-saving lamps to buy energy saving lamps like to buy Chinese Cabbage

maintenance focusing methodLast year did not” rob” to public attention the half-price energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps to continue this year to promote financial supplement. Fujian energy conservation supervision ( monitoring ) center news, this year the province plans to promote efficient lighting products 9000000, predict August rolled out in complete province. This year the financial supplement energy saving lamp number of row whole nation the third min

Guo Jia hair change appoint annulus endowment department joint Ministry of Finance Building Division 6 issued a circular, released the 2011 financial subsidies to the promotion of efficient lighting products task. According to the circular, this year the national promotion of efficient lighting products of more than 150000000, including 9000000 in Fujian only, promotion after Shanxi ( 10000000 ), Sichuan ( 10000000 ), in the third row.

Energy Saving Supervision ( monitoring ) center expresses about the personage, Fujian promotion of specific programmes are being developed, will be published recently, expected 8 months these efficient lighting products can be sold around in Fujian. With its 2008 promotion allowance policy consensus, the promotion as the object is still mainly for industrial and mining enterprises, office buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, commercial buildings, railway station, airport, dock, road, and the use of contract energy management to promote efficient lighting products, energy saving service company and other bulk users and the community or village administration for the purchase of units of the urban and rural areas residential customers.simple method

Bulk users each energy-saving lamps will be given 30% subsidies, urban and rural residents per user 50% subsidy. Subsidies to indirect subsidies, namely financial subsidy to the enterprises, successful enterprises on by the supply agreement price minus the financial subsidy funds of the sales price for the terminal user.

Fuzhou residents to buy energy saving lamps like to buy Chinese Cabbage
Last year, Fujian completed a total of Guo Jia issued by the 8000000 energy-saving lamps promotion mission, due to promotion of enterprise itself is lower than the market price, and then a half-price subsidy after, members of the public to buy energy-saving lamps generally only for the market price of 1 / 3, a market price at 10 million energy-saving lamps, promotion price as long as the lowest 2.95 yuan. In complete province especially Fuzhou half the energy saving lamp community promotion spot, energy-saving lamps were Fengqiang financial supplement. Promotion of enterprise name, Fuzhou residents to buy energy saving lamps like to buy Chinese cabbage, is very crazy. Fuzhou last year more than 3000000 of the promotion, occupy complete province gross of nearly four into. In addition, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Longyan three city promotion has more than a million.

The annual lighting 1500 hour, 8000000 energy-saving lamps or about 600000000 kwh electricity.

This year the financial supplement energy saving lamp price less than market price 1 / 3
Since March this year, the main raw material of energy-saving lamps fluorescent powder rose in price 10 times. Industry analysts pointed out, fluorescent powder spurt in prices and soaring prices for rare earth.

The present Fuzhou market energy-saving lamps retail prices generally at 15 yuan to 30 yuan, the supermarket said, compared with last year, the majority of products sold by at least one into. It is reported, because financial supplement energy saving lamp bid time is a few months ago, when the price is low, therefore, is likely to follow the original offer. That is to say, in the buying public financial supplement energy-saving lamps generally only for the market price of 1 / 3, this year’s financial supplement energy saving lamp is lower than this.

Use and maintenance

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Use and maintenance of the white furniture
White furniture can usually be considered light color furniture, when in use, if properly maintained, it than other types of furniture more variable yellowing old, thus affecting the furniture appearance, maintain the white furniture more carefully. When in use, try to pay attention to the following points:Office Furniture Desk
First of all do not take furniture left out in the sun for long time.
Secondly, to protect the furniture surface, don’t be collision scratch, so as not to damage the paint film.
Third, if the water or drinks in the furniture surface, should immediately with dry cotton dry wipe.LED Lights Supplier
Fourth, don’t be boiling water or hot water cup placed directly in the furniture surface, should use the tea pad isolation.
Sixth, do not use alcohol, gasoline acidic solvent to remove stains, to prevent the destruction of the furniture surface paint film gloss and color.taylor made suits
In seventh, white furniture if yellowing old case, can use cotton cloth dipped in some toothpaste wipe, and then half wet wipe the toothpaste remnants, finally with a dry cloth to dry.Tin Box
Eighth, if there are scratches, can be the first to use gypsum powder wound filling, to be dry after use after spraying sand down, with the color of paint.Set up Company

Dial out accurate sales call

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Telephone communication is through the opposite side of the voice, tone, speed, language to judge each other’s psychological activity. While the face-to-face communication, is easier to pass each other look, gaze, gestures, language, tone to judge their psychological activities. So, for telephone sales staff, able to step in place to find the target customers, interested in, grasp the customer’s psychology, to obtain the trust of customers, has become a decision to call sales success the key steps.
One, to identify target customers
Sales of the first step is to determine their target customers. Target customers in where? Which customers are most likely to use your product? This information must be very clear, otherwise, every play more telephone, could prove futile.
For example, there are all kinds of fish in the pond, you want what kind of fish? You must observe, you want to get the fish are mostly concentrated in what place, do not aim at random fishing.
In the target customers the most centralized place looking for customers, in order to achieve better results, so we must accurately define your target customers. Make cold calls later, the success of the first step is to find the right person. If have the right to decide who could not find a good sales skills, it is useless to setbacks. Therefore, sales telephone dial out strange phone call is the primary step to confirm the person you are talking with is your key people.
How to judge this person is your key? Set up Company Key person generally has three characteristics, can use English MAN: M said rich, key person must have the budget to buy your product; A said right, key people must have the procurement decision-making power or right decision-making have important influence; N says demand.
Two, effective sales preparation
Telephone sales sales process is short, you only can be fully prepared to seize the rare opportunity. Telephone sales preparation as the building foundation, if not a solid foundation, the building will soon collapse. On the phone to communicate with customers and telephone sales results, preparation work has the very big relations. Even if you have very strong communication ability, if the preparatory work is not done well can not achieve the desired effect. Telephone sales before including the following:
Clear to the customer the purpose of the call. Your objective is to successfully sell products or want to and customers to establish a long-term relations of cooperation? Must be clear, such ability have a definite object in view.
Clear call target. What is the target? Goal is to call after the results. Aims and objectives are related, must clear the purpose of the call and the target, which are two important aspects.
Clear in order to achieve the goal to the questions. In order to achieve the goal, need which information, questioning what problem, those on the phone before must be clear. On the phone started to get more information and understand the needs of customers, without question, apparently unable to get customers’ information and requirements. Therefore, telephone sales skills of asking questions in very important, should be put to the questions on the phone before you write on the paper.
Imagine the customer may be mentioned problems and prepare. Call, customers will ask you some questions. If the customer you are not very clear, to take the time to find some information, customers may be afraid of delay time and give the phone to hang up, this is not conducive to the establishment of trust relationship. So clear customers may ask any questions, and should already know how to answer.
Preparation of the required information. As mentioned, if certain customer in response to the need for access to information, you may not have much time. Pay attention, do not let the customer at the other end of the line to wait for too long time, therefore, information must be put in the hand, so need to check immediately when you can find.

American gymnastics

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Mulberry orchid and American gymnastics association reach agreement the latter to increase China to cure expenses
The multinational litigation of the mulberry orchid had the breakthrough the progress today since April 28 registered for the record, today three insurance companies and American gymnastics association before news conference and the mulberry orchid carried on a close-door meeting for three hour, both parties finally signed to reach agreement agreement.

Increase China to cure expensesChemistry property

The mulberry orchid lawsuit burst upon a turn today, lawyer’s sea of the mulberry orchid was clear to reveal on his personal blog, mulberry orchid indictment of in numerous objects, three insurance companies and American gymnastics association in which chose to reach agreement, “the insurance company reason compensate 10,000,000 to increase the compensating of medical expense of Chinese part to pay.”According to the sea clear parlance, three insurance companies in the United States that stood as guarantor a friendly sports games at that time didn’t undertake a mulberry orchid within the past 13 years in the treatment expenses out of the United States, while this time confidentiality that both parties sign reaches agreement agreement in at the right moment did increment to this, and in addition to medical expense still have cost of living.

The mulberry orchid others is to harming a new certificate

At mulberry orchid this lawsuit in, relevant indictment at that time the reason of the game organizer American gymnastics association BE, the mulberry orchid was not- natural maimed of the reason was a mulberry orchid at up the apparatus ex- Romania coach moved protection mat without authorization and made the mulberry orchid dropped down thus severity hurt.Though the mulberry orchid aspect means Romania coach also admits his/her own responsibility, however the external world didn’t see its testimony up to now.And the sea Be clear to emphasize today, the insurance company increment compensates to pay, besides which, , the declaring of American gymnastics association also again proved that the getting hurt of mulberry orchid non- oneself causes.

“The American gymnastics association is the invitation square of friendly sports games in 1998 and sponsors, official athletics organization in the United States is again a professional gymnastics Jian to review organization.They say 1998 the mulberry orchid gets hurt isn’t that she ownly loses a hand, isn’t her mistake, this is the conclusion of authority.”The sea is clear to emphasize, ” friendly sports games insurance the organization also approves this parlance and explain the mulberry orchid is said BE’he or she’s mistake’in fact is wronged for 13 years.Thoroughly reverse court sentence today!”This timely reach agreement agreement according to both parties, also mean the main litigation part of the mulberry orchid multinational lawsuit also stop here, however revealed from the clear sea that the compensating of paid amount of money to see and differed with USD 1,800,000,000 at the beginning putting forward very and far.In fact, sea clear this front already will compensate to pay amount of money to change to is decided by the court.Quality

Rest indictment or will continue

In the multinational lawsuit of mulberry orchid, sue object to still include that year, she livinged at guardian of a minor Liu Guo in the United States while getting hurt, Xie Xiao Hong.And this ex- issue concerning this multinational lawsuit is also mainly concentrated Liu, thank a body up, after mulberry orchid and three insurance companies and American gymnastics association reaches agreement today, the sea was clear don’t livings and thank whether the Xiao red indictment continues to carry on elucidation to Liu Guo, just emphasize accused of anti- tell, “this victory was unequal to our Wei powers to end.Chinese people’s accused up hands over punishment suggestion again today, we still have very big pressure.”His so-called Chinese people’s accused is exactly Liu Guo to living with Xie Xiao Hong’s husband and wife.

However, the sea is clear have already seemed to be light now loose, not only cry up a mulberry orchid beautiful smartness, also mean her male friend yellow Jian unqualified mulberry orchid, even stick a photograph that the sexy fire explodes girl on the oneself’s blog, emphasize that that girl is a mulberry orchid recommendation.