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Mulberry orchid and American gymnastics association reach agreement the latter to increase China to cure expenses
The multinational litigation of the mulberry orchid had the breakthrough the progress today since April 28 registered for the record, today three insurance companies and American gymnastics association before news conference and the mulberry orchid carried on a close-door meeting for three hour, both parties finally signed to reach agreement agreement.

Increase China to cure expensesChemistry property

The mulberry orchid lawsuit burst upon a turn today, lawyer’s sea of the mulberry orchid was clear to reveal on his personal blog, mulberry orchid indictment of in numerous objects, three insurance companies and American gymnastics association in which chose to reach agreement, “the insurance company reason compensate 10,000,000 to increase the compensating of medical expense of Chinese part to pay.”According to the sea clear parlance, three insurance companies in the United States that stood as guarantor a friendly sports games at that time didn’t undertake a mulberry orchid within the past 13 years in the treatment expenses out of the United States, while this time confidentiality that both parties sign reaches agreement agreement in at the right moment did increment to this, and in addition to medical expense still have cost of living.

The mulberry orchid others is to harming a new certificate

At mulberry orchid this lawsuit in, relevant indictment at that time the reason of the game organizer American gymnastics association BE, the mulberry orchid was not- natural maimed of the reason was a mulberry orchid at up the apparatus ex- Romania coach moved protection mat without authorization and made the mulberry orchid dropped down thus severity hurt.Though the mulberry orchid aspect means Romania coach also admits his/her own responsibility, however the external world didn’t see its testimony up to now.And the sea Be clear to emphasize today, the insurance company increment compensates to pay, besides which, , the declaring of American gymnastics association also again proved that the getting hurt of mulberry orchid non- oneself causes.

“The American gymnastics association is the invitation square of friendly sports games in 1998 and sponsors, official athletics organization in the United States is again a professional gymnastics Jian to review organization.They say 1998 the mulberry orchid gets hurt isn’t that she ownly loses a hand, isn’t her mistake, this is the conclusion of authority.”The sea is clear to emphasize, ” friendly sports games insurance the organization also approves this parlance and explain the mulberry orchid is said BE’he or she’s mistake’in fact is wronged for 13 years.Thoroughly reverse court sentence today!”This timely reach agreement agreement according to both parties, also mean the main litigation part of the mulberry orchid multinational lawsuit also stop here, however revealed from the clear sea that the compensating of paid amount of money to see and differed with USD 1,800,000,000 at the beginning putting forward very and far.In fact, sea clear this front already will compensate to pay amount of money to change to is decided by the court.Quality

Rest indictment or will continue

In the multinational lawsuit of mulberry orchid, sue object to still include that year, she livinged at guardian of a minor Liu Guo in the United States while getting hurt, Xie Xiao Hong.And this ex- issue concerning this multinational lawsuit is also mainly concentrated Liu, thank a body up, after mulberry orchid and three insurance companies and American gymnastics association reaches agreement today, the sea was clear don’t livings and thank whether the Xiao red indictment continues to carry on elucidation to Liu Guo, just emphasize accused of anti- tell, “this victory was unequal to our Wei powers to end.Chinese people’s accused up hands over punishment suggestion again today, we still have very big pressure.”His so-called Chinese people’s accused is exactly Liu Guo to living with Xie Xiao Hong’s husband and wife.

However, the sea is clear have already seemed to be light now loose, not only cry up a mulberry orchid beautiful smartness, also mean her male friend yellow Jian unqualified mulberry orchid, even stick a photograph that the sexy fire explodes girl on the oneself’s blog, emphasize that that girl is a mulberry orchid recommendation.

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